Best Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port, Part 2 - SNESdrunk -

Best Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port, Part 2 – SNESdrunk

SNES drunk
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[0:00] Intro
[0:33] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
[1:04] Guardians: Denjin Makai 2
[1:35] Shadow Force
[1:59] The Outfoxies
[2:40] Monster Maulers
[3:06] Willow
[3:31] Tumblepop
[3:59] Magical Crystals
[4:27] Windjammers
[5:00] Shock Troopers
[5:35] Act-Fancer: Cybernetick Hyper Weapon
[6:04] Aqua Jack
[6:32] G.I. Joe

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  1. Are you aware its SNES not sness as a word its so anything hearing young people say that.

  2. I have only ever seen the GI Joe arcade once at a comic shop when I was young (early-mid 90s) my brother and I would go there every chance we got just to play the game and on occasion buy a comic. Would love to play that again.

  3. Some fun games in here! I agree about G.I. Joe, I bought the arcade board because it's Konami and it didn't emulate well… it was a more expensive board back when i picked it up but I wouldn't want to try and afford it now!

  4. I would also add original Tron that game was very cool

  5. Damn im glad i bought my pandora 11s ( it includes almost all of these and more)

  6. I think most of these games could have worked on SNES if the developers had simply used one of the many add-on chips in the cartridge to push its capabilities just a little further than default, such as the SA-1 chip that we've seen used a lot recently in the homebrew/hacking scene to make old SNES games like Gradius III and Super R-Type that once suffered from major slowdown run smoother as butter, or the FX chip used in Star Fox and Yoshi's Island. With an add-on chip like those, I expect most of these games could have been ported to SNES in a fashion that would have done them justice.

  7. GiJoe on Arcade was probably too hard to port on SNES but it had so much in common with mode 7 games, that most people that saw it on arcade had hopes for a port

  8. GI Joe was one of my arcade favorite games, used to play with friends after school. Snes definitely couldn't handle the game

  9. Cadillacs and dinosaurs sucks. You know you can play that game as well as most these on your phone now a days. Wind jammers is the shit. Im about to buy it right now for ps4 haha

  10. Beat em ups are the best types of games that n boxing games

  11. Beat em ups are the best types of games that n boxing games

  12. One of my oldest extant memories is seeing Shadow Force in an arcade as a child. I was 50% sure I had dreamed it up until coming across while pouring through lists of old arcade games.

  13. Fun fact: windjammers has a competitive scene and was a side tournament at evo along with TMNT tournament fighters for SNES

  14. Correct me if I'm wrong: Shock Troopers looks a LOT like what I remember of Icari Warriors.

  15. windjammers also got a sequel on the switch.

  16. Is it just me or does G I Joe look like Devastators?

  17. tumblepop, willow and windjammers, monster maulers (1 player) could be ported to SNES with less cuts. The others games are too intensive to fit to SNES architecture

  18. The Outfoxies looks more like it inspired Power Stone, or more accurately Power Stone 2. That game had the most amazing stage transitions too, like the one where you start fighting on an airship which breaks apart over time until you're sent plummeting towards the ground, fighting each other in freefall over the insufficient number of parachutes.

  19. Can't wait for Windjammers 2 coming out in a couple weeks. I'm sure it will be good as Dot Emu is making it. Those guys have real passion for their games.

  20. Lots of good stuff here, that could have been on Snes, especially with the added cartrige chips kinda like yoshis island

  21. I wish i had one of those huge tvs to play outfoxies. also, I once found the gijoe game on a cabinet while vacationin in Brazil.

  22. Jeez.. this is a cool video, but I feel like I am setting myself up for disappointment watching it – I want to play some of the games, but can't download them or play them haha

  23. That Willow game looks great, bright, clean and fun! Great movie as well, never understood the hate or indifference that movie gets. "Out of the way peck"

  24. Cadillac and dinosaurs is Mad Max meets Jurassic Park… why isn't it an open world game and or a film!?

  25. Vendetta was my favorite to never get ported. Early 90s gang violence and Badass bosses

  26. I'm late to the party, but Darkstalkers was such a fun Arcade Fighting Game!! I would've loved to have played it on SNES as a kid, given the chance.

  27. outfoxies seems so much like elevator action.

  28. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is getting a Mega Drive port!

  29. Simpsons arcade gane wouldve been up there w tmnt 4

  30. Where are they now. The ps3 could run these games.

  31. 4:27 Windjammers kinda looks like a modern and updated version of the progenitor of every video game ever: Pong

  32. I discover new games in almost all your videos, (and I thought I new a lot) that’s just amazing, thanks!

  33. Outfoxies looks like a really really reaaaaaally early battle royale game. Crazy.

  34. I want on Switch:
    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
    Denjin Makai 2
    Shadow Force
    Monster Maulers

  35. Cadillac & Dinosaurs and Tumblepop were staples of every arcade where I grew up.

  36. I spent so many quarters on Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

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