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Best ARCADE Exclusive Games

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Discover the Best Arcade Exclusive Games you’ve never played! Arcade games you won’t believe never had home ports. The Best Shoot Em Ups, the best platformers, the best beat em ups, the best run n guns from the best developers in the business. Konami, Capcom and Taito were the undisputed kings of arcade, and yet even some of their amazing games like Alien vs Predator never made it into the Capcom Arcade Stadium. Xexex, Dimahoo and more remained exclusive. Toaplan, one of the most prominent Shoot Em Up devs of the time, released almost every game onto the Mega Drive, PC Engine, and later the Sega Saturn. Yet even they had awesome games like Outzone and Dogyuun never make it out of arcades. Even legendary shooters like R-Type had games like R-Type Leo never find a home release. Whether you love shmups, action, or beat em ups, you’ll be amazed how some of these incredible games could remain obscure and never find their way to the west, let alone to the Nintendo Switch, Sony’s Playstation consoles, Xbox, or Arcade Archives. Some never even made it out of Japanese arcades! Join me as I highlight some of my favorite arcade exclusive games, not a Top 10, but the rarest and best arcade hidden gems, and how to play them, whether via emulation through MAME, FPGA like MiSTer, or real arcade hardware via a Supergun and PCB.
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HUGE Thanks to Red Balltop (Marc Marta) for sending me a rare Sigma Supergun to give away for this video to one lucky winner, along with an arcade PCB of Heated Barrell. Watch the video, comment the code and be entered to win!

00:00 – Arcade Games
02:33 – The Best that never made it
04:36 – Outzone by Toaplan
09:01 – The Strider you never played – Cannon Dancer (Osman)
14:32 – Boogie Wings Insanity (The Great Ragtime Show)
19:57 – IREM meets Gradius – XEXEX by Konami
26:00 – Cyvern by Kaneko
29:16 – The Lost R-Type – LEO
31:46 – Aliens and Predators
34:40 – What is a MiSTer?
35:08 – The Raizing Trifecta and Dimahoo
36:05 – Toaplan does Capcom – Dogyuun
36:39 – The King of Fighters of Shmups – Armed Police Batrider
38:09 – We’re gonna need a montage
41:15 – How to use and WIN a SIGMA SUPERGUN!
42:44 – Smoke ’em if ya got ’em

For more awesome Japan Arcade footage, check out this video by Kidshoryuken:

For more gameplay on some of the featured videos, check out the links to these awesome gameplay channels:

Xexex 2-ALL by T4N3: v=P3DDi8yrvCU&t=1009s

R-Type Leo 1CC by Chinopolis:

Dimahoo 1CC by Chinopolis

Dogyuun 1-ALL by Jaimers:

Armed Police Batrider Advanced D.D ALL by Pearl:

Full Review of Armed Police Batrider by The Electric Underground

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  1. Man I wish I had watched this video during the give away! Hey it’s all good! This is another great video!! Thanks again! Now I have more arcade games to look forward to playing… time to turn on my emulator lol

  2. Games like Kaiser Knuckle/Dan Ku Ga (the big reason I got an Egret II Mini), Asura Buster, Breakers, Fighting Layer, Rage of the Dragons, the Rumble Fish 2, Matrimelee, Daemon Bride and Red Earth all should’ve been ported to home consoles back in the day which I’m sure y’all agree with me on as I agree 100% those games should’ve got a home port back in the day but they still have the chance to be released on modern consoles (ahem, legally/officially) thankfully in one way or another. Akatsuki Blitzkampf has the chance to make it to home consoles which I’m asking Subtle Style to death to release it on the PS5.

  3. I feel it’s likely for Dimahoo to get a modern rerelease. Either M2 or Capcom will pick it up for M2 Shot Triggers or Capcom Arcade Stadium 3, my most requested game btw. Either way, I will be very happy.

  4. DUDE where has this list been my whole life? You are a man of taste, I had never heard of XEXEX and I'm blown away by the visuals. Just downloaded Outzone and Boogie Wings to play with the bois tomorrow, thanks for the video! I subbed

  5. Yeah but it didn't matter ..what console you had powerful your computer was..the arcade machine had the better graphics..still to this day..the graphics n the running of the game with no faults is truly amazing..and the reason we let them have our money lol ya goofy m8te from Australia

  6. This is the cringest shit I have watched, what is this robot talking taking big breaks between words

  7. Ah Cyvern that game is freaking fantastic and there's a few versions of raiden fighters raiden fighters aces raiden fighters jet and operation hell dive if im not mistaken raiden fighters aces on xbox 360 is raiden fighters jet on mame

  8. They made Aliens versus Predator arcade for that home arcade double joystick you know what I'm talking the Capcom double joystick16 games on it I got one in Aliens versus Predator arcade is on there 🎮🕹😀👍🏾

  9. You kept coming back for more as a player you love the abuse.

  10. To be honest, I loud never switch my 4k 43inch TV and monster PC + Mad Catz arcade stick for something else to play arcade games. It's just perfect. All though not all emulation works properly.

  11. Thanks for doing this amazing video! TBH I never visited any of these arcade stores and I never played any arcade game on the hardware machines! I just stick playing them on consoles and PC, My childhood was a bummer!

  12. Xexex is pronounced "zek seks", not "zez eks". Nowadays, it's also available digitally for PS4 via PSN.

  13. Love ya, Junkie, but Xexex is not arcade exclusive as it was on Salamander Portable Collection on PSP.

  14. Osman was just ported to consoles, but it's friggin 30 bucks!!! I WOULD pay that much, however, for a solid port of Ninja Baseball Bat Man!!!

  15. 32:12 "Aliens and Predators" also with "Caddilacs and Dinosaurs" are exclusive Arcade games that Capcom never ported into any Consoles because the license problem.

  16. its nice that cannon dancer and xexex are now available on switch

  17. Wow, what a collection of hidden gems!

  18. As a kid, I was always on the lookout for new/different arcade machines at the grocery store, bowling alleys, Circle K, etc. And it's true, when SF2 came out no other machine mattered. When you walked into an arcade, you just listened for Dhalsim's elephants and like a magnet was pulled to that cab.

  19. The graphic style and craziness in Boogie Wings really reminds me of the original Cho Aniki. Are any of those devs involved in Boogie Wings?

  20. Arcade games are really something else, a great video like always !

    also … : #IWANTMYPCB ! 😀

  21. I love the 2020s Eras / I love the 2020s Years

  22. My fav is Golden Axe.. but for the life of me there's another title that I can't remember…. Other than it had similar gameplay and you'd have like a long Flail type chain weapon that you'd whip out towards enemy's. But can't find it or remember enough to be sure

  23. Fanatastic video. You rock. There is always something I was at the arvade eveyday til mom got off work to come get me and I still wasn't ready to leave lol Jam on the PS Classic now!

  24. @9:00 It's 2023 and Cannon Dancer is out now for Switch and PS4… Great video, Junkie — Your excitement is contagious and always makes me go play some cool games.

  25. Boogie Wings!!!
    Thanks, def missed that one, cool game!

  26. I serching for a name of a game simuler to Out Zone , there IS a frog and ninjas liké personnage pliz🙏

  27. If anyone wants to play cannon dancer it’s on the ps5 now it was released this year

  28. Wow, I grew up in the 80s and 90s I played non shooter arcades as they were too challenging for me as a kid growing up.. through your videos I get many aha moments. A sense of nostalgia and an understanding of their art and appeal now.. Also wonder how people managed to not have epileptic seizures all over the arcades too.. that and laser tag.. we where a weird generation lol

  29. outzone was awesome. i played it so much in the arcades growing up. this was available in arcades all over my town in the early 90's

  30. Why is the name of the following game ? : arcade machine I saw on my country 20 years ago … a beat ‘em up game …during the insert coin ( intro ). Show you the Chinese boss talk with a phone look with suit and mafia … you are climbing a ladder on the building and show you yours options “ left or right “ to avoids the bricks 🧱 ,, I am not super sure but you fight with 3 tiger ? Or men’s fireman style …a truck come shooting water and you must stay on the floor by press the button …I never played but I am sure the game is real – I don’t know the name please please help me to find this game NAME

  31. Xexes is on switch and playstation 4 digital download

  32. What is the name of the game being played in the scene at 3:04 of the video?

  33. Seeing out zone playing in the background knew i found a like minded friend ❤ how bout Alien Syndrome

  34. I got a copy of Cannon Dancer Os Man on PS5 physical. So at least that one came home finally.

  35. If I could last longer than 3 minutes on late 70s/early 80s game then that was a good game. Never did continues on later 80s games. Money went to fast that way. Got better when you started from the beginning over and over. Loved the video! Very in depth.

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