Best 90s Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port - SNESdrunk -

Best 90s Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port – SNESdrunk

SNES drunk
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I’m not naive enough to think a SNES port would be the same as the arcade game, but it’s still fun to think about.


[0:00] Intro
[0:40] X-Men
[1:15] The Simpsons
[1:42] The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy
[2:18] Ninja Baseball Bat Man
[2:51] Armored Warriors
[3:13] Metal Slug
[3:41] Elevator Action Returns
[4:11] Nitro Ball
[4:48] Dead Connection
[5:10] X-Men vs. Street Fighter
[5:50] 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge
[6:13] Aero Fighters 2

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  1. A list with "Good ones" too would be useful, cause we know the best , but not everyone know many good ones

  2. the problem with old beat em up is they're all done in the classic square aspect ratios. When they make the characters a third the height of the screen it just makes your field of view too narrow. I bet the genre would actually be fun today if it had a good aspect ratio that was sufficiently zoomed out.

  3. The X-Men arcade game has my favorite line from any X-Men game. Magneto's line of "X Men! Welcome to Die!"

  4. 1:32 "The big appeal of the game was playing as the whole family at once".
    One b-day, when I was… 6? 7?, I had my bash at a local arcade; I got my fam to play with me, each playing their respective role (I took Bart, sis was Lisa, dad Homer and ma Marge). My ma never touched a game in her life, that was an interesting couple of quarters.

  5. You needed to have wrestleFest on this as a Pick.! To bad.!

  6. I always picked Colossus because he was one of my favorite X-Men, and I love going, "Raaaaagh!"

  7. That's because SNES is sucks! Genesis is the Best!

  8. U forgot "Two crude dudes" which was Hella fun

  9. Man, Dead Connection is such a hidden gem. Not enough people talk about it, and that's a shame.

  10. One of my good friends growing up had a arcade machine in his house. Except it wasnt just any ol arcade machine. His mother worked on and repaired them. So his dad and mom built said arcade machine and the games could b removed and a different game put in. They had 100s of the big ol game boards! Cadillacs and dinosaurs The Simpsons Game there 1942 Michael Jackson Moonwalker basically any arcade game that was out in the wild he had a mother board game for the arcade cabinet that is father and mother built. They made the buttons and joy stick so u could put it on your lap lay down or sit in a nice cumphy chair to play. Instead of a controller u had this big ass thing in your lap. But it was really awesome!!!!!

  11. Man brings back some really good memories seeing this

  12. x-men vs. street figher would have looked terrible on the SNES, it has just way too high of graphics and scrolling to work well. It would have been garbage to play.

  13. Hey… I LIKED playing Dazzler. A disco babe with flashing light powers who still beat up the bad guys? Admittedly I didn't have the comic books at the time to know she was the lame one of the sextet at the time, but my point still stands.

  14. Funny I always play as dazzler over everybody else

  15. You're wrong on X-Men vs. Street Fighter. The amount of RAM needed to even run the game far exceeded the SNES…the PS1 was far more powerful than the SNES and struggled big time to even run XSF.

  16. The Simpson arcade game was ported to DOS but badly, unfortunately.

  17. Snes couldn't handle some of these games without massive slowdown. Although I am impressed by the SFA alpha 2 port. They should've done Darkstalkers.

  18. I loved elevator action when I was a kid so now I got the Saturn Japan version on my phone

  19. oh hell! dead connection looks like that older game shoot out,awesome

  20. I never noticed it before, but Storm and Colossus basically have the same outfit in X-Men.

  21. I remember this X-Men game. My mother would give me $2.00 to go play this game. It the first place I went in the arcade. I once found someones wallet on the bus with cash, it had $60 in it. I cashed it all in quarters and finally beat the game. I always remeber this game because we needed a stool to reach it. The game was like 8 ft high. Everyone's first pick was wolverine of course. The odd character out wasn't dazzler at my arcade… it was collosus. Dazzer was nasty….. 8 inch wide explosions from miles away. You could send wolverine in there as the slash character…. then use dazzler to pumble the boss from distance when the boss started acting up. Dazzler was a amazing character. Storm special was amazing of course as well….. collosus just horrible….slow , heavy, bulky…. special always put him at risk.

  22. X-men had a mobile port though. Then it just vanished.

  23. I never even heard of hit the ice
    … I would have been playing that for sure!

  24. I don’t know if I can trust a guy who didn’t like Dazzler.

  25. For real: I ALWAYS played as Dazzler. I just liked to. Her power of throwing a bomb was cool.

  26. Oh man I would have loved to play the 6 player version of xmen

  27. "I always felt bad for whoever got stuck playing dazzler"

    Younger brother squad rise up

  28. I do believe The Simpsons would've been a pretty close arcade conversion on the SNES

  29. The funny thing is a lot of these games did "come to the snes" in a roundabout way thanks to the snes classic.

  30. X-men vs Street Fighter would've never worked on the SNES, it barely ran on the Playstation.

  31. I can imagine that the companies who created these arcade games didn't really want to bother making watered down ports of great games for the SNES or Sega Genesis and at the same time they had the resources to port them to the Neo Geo AES if they wanted to but now you have a new problem, the COST!!!!! It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. No one really could afford the Neo Geo back in the 90s so the money in production costs was going to essentially be money wasted unfortunately so but the hardcore gamers would of invested the money for perfect arcade ports if it meant they could bring the experience home. That was the primary reason the Neo Geo AES was created in the first place.👍😎👌

  32. Reminds me of alien vs. predator for some reason. Great games

  33. if youre playing Simpson's game on a tablet in mame since it's just 1 player when u "insert coin" you're forced to pick Marge only cuz that's how it worked in the arcade,ya couldn't pick on screen who u wanted to be,sucks right?

  34. My local arcade has a copy of Ninja baseball Batman

  35. There should have been a remake of Spy vs. spy…. talking about great games…

  36. I wonder why Simpsons or xmen beat em ups never made it. But we got crap loke Rival Schools or Final Fight 2

  37. back in 2005, my roommates and I discovered Ninja Baseball Batman via mame/roms. We then recorded a rap song tribute about the game.

  38. i have that x-mn onami game on my ps3, its absolute TRASH, mindless button masher, you only have 1 attack button, and 1 special move, lmao piece of trash game

  39. Now that i think about it, when they get a letter in English they're probably like what the hell does this say and let it be translated. So they definitely read yours, I think 😛

  40. It's weird that X-Men didn't get a port. A lot of money was unmade.

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