AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine Overview,Test,First Thoughts -

AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine Overview,Test,First Thoughts

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UPDATE Local streaming is now available using a proprietary AtGames streaming app from Windows so it felt like I had to edit the video and re-upload because I really feel like At-Games is actually trying with this one and I’m personally enjoying this Cab.

In this video I take look at the all-new AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine preloaded with 350 games plus it has the ability to easily add your own. Available at Walmart and Sams Club for around $499 is it with it? Is it better than the Arcade 1Up cabinets? Let’s find out. This is not my full review video this is an initial first look overview test and my thoughts. Review the video coming up soon.

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  1. I have a theory on the hidden chips. Since the Legends Ultimate has been getting uncharacteristic praises for an AtGames product I've been looking for the hidden issue. I believe in the first batch they have better chips that can handle more while they refine what they are trying to do. Once they're platform is number #1 they'll stop the development and updates then change the chips to a lesser quality set. They've done stuff like this before with John Hancock. It was a portable Pacman system I believe. They ran the arcade rom, and John Hancock got an early version and praised them. Then when it was widely released it had a console version of Pacman on it.

  2. SO want to get my first arcade cab, have wanted one for a few years but never pulled the trigger. It probably either this or like an arcade1up golden tee cab, which do you think? This worth the time? I'm also kind of tall and when I saw the 1up cab at costco it felt very short to me on the riser.

    Also, think you could get Golden tee running on this?

    Thanks man, love the channel.

  3. "World's first connected arcade" clearly didn't get the memo from Japan and how they've been doing this for ages 🙁

  4. Did xmen vs street fighter have sound lag? It looked like it was way behind with the effects.

  5. Stop supporting this company. They are cancer.

  6. How can you play Tron on this without the joystick with trigger???

  7. 2:40 that door makes the 1up cabinet look full size. Looks like an arcade for hobbits.

  8. subbed and liked, cool features mame game roms add-on, hdmi/usb inputs and connected to wifi to stream steam games is awesome! i think they redeemed themselves with this gem.

  9. Great Video THX!!! Could you please see if Golden Tee works on the unit. I am really interested in this especially if Golden Tee work. Thx

  10. I would love to see if this can run Cabal with the trackball. I would buy this unit just for that alone.

  11. Ummm…..what does that little door go to?

  12. Does anyone know if you can play dual stick games like Robotron or Food Fight on it?

  13. The games that come with it are pretty obscure and not great – anyone now if there is a good donkey kong mame game? I'd buy it alone for donky kong and pac-man

  14. I want one but it's all sold out.
    Anywhere else I can buy it at ???

  15. it seems to me that some games the spinner might get in the way of using X and A is this a problem?

  16. This seems like quite the solid unit, especially given its price is only a couple hundred more than the typical Arcade1UP unit. Probably the better buy for people that don't mind having a full size cabinet in their homes. AtGames does not have a very good track record with me, but I am liking what I am seeing here.

  17. Seems interesting, but it is 500 dollars; and it seems that most of the electronics is inside the controller area, which makes it hard to convert to a computer setup.
    The positive is that you can just plug a HDMI and USB plug to the top panel, but it is not ideal. Not really interested in any of the services that AtGames offer to be honest.

    Do you know if there is any company that sell just the kit for the arcade cabinet and monitor? Got few computers and a couple of console which would be used more if they were in a proper arcade cabinet to be honest, but I am not planning to spend thousands just to get an arcade cabinet that I use once a week or more, and I do not have skills to build my own. Thanks

  18. I cannot find this thing for sale anywhere online!? Does anybody know a site?
    I am really disappointed with arcade 1up at this point.

  19. I figured time I buy 3 arcade 1 up I Midas well just buy 1 of these for the same price and I can save space I like it can save your games

  20. With all the Atari games on here, why are the good Atari games missing? Also where the hell are the good arcade games? Oh right not in this machine!

  21. i have run into problems with running mame games and button mapping. Certain button on the control panel become non-useable in mame – Y button, Start, Menu, and some others. Anyone else have these problems?

  22. so now we know what ETA Prime looks like…….:)

  23. why no 4 player version? would be a no brainer I think…

  24. The cabinet is decent the games are ass. But with you being able to play and load your own games it maybe worth it if you can get it on discount.

  25. Can you use STEAM to play MAME from your PC after you have added it as a Non-STEAM game?

  26. Can we get an update on this machine since its been a few months since you got it?

  27. the CPU might be a AMD RYZEN Mobile APU you never know and should be plenty fast for your needs.

  28. Sounds great but then it's always great with you guys. My machine worked all of 2 days right out the bloody box. How great is that? And now i have to wait until the second coming for replacement parts. Fantastic company great quality yes…. Make a video about what really happens to blokes who spend their hard earned money and get NOTHING but a bloody 90 pound paper weight.

  29. Right now you can preorder them at gamestop. No other retailer is doing this. $599

  30. hi from where can you download the street fighter and other games you can find on pandora boxes??? thanks

  31. Hello there. Great review. 2 quick Questions. I love Tempest. It needs a good spinner. You said the spinner was great. Did you by any chance try it with tempest ? Last question – I have Mame Roms in an old laptop. If I understand correctly can I put those games on a USB device and play them on this platform? Not sure how that works as with the laptop I had to run Mame in order to see the games within the app. Sorry for pedestrian question. Would love to make it work

  32. How does heavy barrel play? Been wanting to play this again but hard to find something with the correct controls to play it right.

  33. I like your video presentation , can you find out if we can stream from the game console to a bigger tv screen ?

  34. Hi ETA prime …do You know what hapen if have the parents controls on or off ..if something happen how You can get off this cause My always it's on and the machine don't let me do nothing no update and don't let me use USB or see another options please help me

  35. I can't build a cabinet like this for that price. Reservation made.

  36. Is there no way to update the MAME? 2003 is pretty old.

  37. i'd love to see some disney games and star wars games be played on it. What's the most recent/oldest game it came with.

  38. I’ve found that a direct Ethernet cable works best overall for this Cab. The WiFi (for me) doesn’t work well at all. I had to sign in every time I booted and couldn’t use arcade net at all. I spent 2 days feeling I wasted my money.

  39. any tutorials to add Wico joys? I'm a robotron addict

  40. I have the legends gamer pro, can I replace the ball top with a bat top for the toy sticks?

  41. When you add mame games that use spinner or trackball, is it easy to setup controls to make sure they use the spinner/trackball properly?

  42. How do the buttons work for streaming? If there's only 6 buttons how would you play most modern games on it. Does it come up as 2 separate inputs, one for either side/player, and if so, do the top P1 P2 rewind and home buttons come up in the input for player 1 or is that a separate input, like a third device or not usable at all? and finally would you be able to make the entire control deck function as one controller through something like steam big picture? It's all kinda one question.. How is input read when using the control deck on an external device?

  43. Do you know if AtGames intends to release the control unit without the cabinet?

  44. Well it ain't no Recroom Masters but it'll do as an additional multicade to liven up the place a bit. Spinner and trackball look cool.

  45. Good machine but the "front" HDMI/USB is the STUPIDEST idea they've ever come up with. I am going to talk with some people about re-routing the plugs into the rear panel and have a mod made.

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