Arcade1Up's Infinity Game Table: Board games on demand [EXCLUSIVE first look] -

Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table: Board games on demand [EXCLUSIVE first look]

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We get an exclusive first look at Arcade1Up’s prototype for the Infinity Game Table, a touch-screen system for playing digital versions of board games.

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  1. would be nice to implement maps for DnD of some sort

  2. she cant even throw a board game off a table, correctly.

  3. This would be awesome with tabletop simulation type steam workshop so you could add your own games

  4. 1:29 you have hands down the best version of Risk! 2210 is the best! Take the moon!

  5. The original surface table was awesome. Had a card shield that makes your cards visible and dice were real

  6. how much will each game cost though? I doubt it will come with all those games.

  7. Does it have Twilight Imperium? If not… this is meant for children.

  8. Great video!
    Your idea about chess, i played that 30 years ago on my Amiga 500

  9. That chess game she was wishing for is called Archon. It was released on the NES in 1983…

  10. This would be time well spent with my kids. Just make sure that games like chess and backgammon are not too cute, or have an option to remove the cuteness.

  11. This would be interesting to play pen and paper RPG games. Segmenting the screen to allow multiple players and to animate the campaign.

  12. Just make sure Ubisoft doesn't get their classic game-killing paws on this thing.

  13. An off the shelf screen in a coffee table, really. ALL board games are square. Make a square display and I'll buy into your intentions…

  14. you can also put real tokens on it, or at least you should be

  15. I thought about something like that except have it controlled by smartphones of at least 6 players playing a racing game .

  16. They could release game pieces that would be detected by the touchscreen, for that tangible feel.

  17. …what happened to the Microsoft table?

    Cool idea. Probably gonna be too expensive though.

  18. Uh, no. I need a way to knock over all the pieces when I'm losing.

  19. моя идея 20 летней давности

  20. I didn´t know I already have one of those with my HP touch screen all-in-one…

  21. Unfortunately, Arcade1UP will probably build like 50 of these, with half of them going to YouTubers and the other half going for sale on eBay at 2X of retail. It’s still beyond me how these established vendors use Kickstarter to fund product development.

  22. Too bad people didn't like the idea of big tablets. It stopped at 24" with the Nabi BigTab HD (wich I have) too bad it's locked and had custom cable connectors to expand it…

  23. Giant for her maybe . . . . That thing is way to small !

  24. i would want one if there could be any Bots(Players controlled by Artificial Intelligence,aka AI) to play with

    see,players online are most of time rude,bad mannered, disrespectful and salty,ans some may rage quit

    Also,you don't always have someone to play with,not everyone has friends,and not everyone knows how to play the game

    so,Bots,besides of serving a good way to practice,allows you to still play the game,and fill those empty slots if you want,and they will play at any moment,any time,any game mode,any rule supply,and they never,get tired of playing with you,and also make videogames live forever

    that's why i prefer digital versions of board games,because i can play by myself,and still play the game

  25. Board games within the next 20 years will come with a screen like this. RPG board games will benefit the most from this…… games like Gloomhaven with lots of different scenarios. Having to take time to set up the board for each scenario will be a thing of the past. The game would still come with physical things too, like minis and cards and other things. It wouldn't be 100% digital on screen stuff.

    And imagine being able to connect it to the internet, to update it…. to gain new scenarios and stuff.

  26. Much nicer than this crappy TapTop (A/K/A: Playtable) I got. I wish I backed this one instead.

  27. that's pretty cool but not at that price, and I kind of like the physical games.

    I've played electronics games like monopoly, risk.. they do ok but there is a missing element to them imo.

  28. How do you keep your cards/tiles private from other players in games like Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, or Battleship if people are in the same room?

  29. close to 1K for digital board games? It doesn't even look buttery smooth, and the feedback looks horrid. Looks like a rip off to me.

  30. Just let the computer do the counting… nope not dumbing down my kid with this.

  31. Are you able to purchase this in the UK?

  32. If arcade one up gets a dungeons and dragons like app going I'd buy this in a heart beat as hard to play dnd digitally

  33. I would like to know if you have to purchase the games or if they are preloaded

  34. Cool idea but I like the idea of controlling my own dice, particularly with a game like yahtzee, even monopoly.

  35. They should have an add on stand up tablets for card games. Let's you select cards to pick up from the deck and then you can select cards to lay down and flick to discard from your tablet(hand).

  36. Nothing will replace when the lights go out and you got too light candles and play monopoly with the family.

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