Arcade1up MOD Ultimate Emulation Arcade Game Console ! 😏 -

Arcade1up MOD Ultimate Emulation Arcade Game Console ! 😏

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Arcade1up MOD with Pandora’s Box or Raspberry Pi 4 is really cool.
Only using a Intel / Nvidia Gaming Pc will unlock all of your favorite oldschool games.

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Where to find parts to build your machine ?
Encoder Board Xbox 360 –
Pandora’s Games 3D Mainboard –
LCD PCB Board –
Button Kit –
Amplifier –
Bigger Speakers –
Raspberry Pi 4 Kit –

Ali-Express Stores:
Arcade Parts:
Cheap Handhelds:

Naughty Skipping: 😈
0:00 – Introduction
1:55 – Pandora’s Box MOD
3:17 – Raspberry Pi 4 MOD
4:46 – PC I will use
5:50 – Other MODS you need to do !
7:10 – Encoder Boards
9:01 – Audio Upgrade
11:39 – PC Assemble Methode
13:12 – Overview of the new cabinet
15:19 – Launch Box Software
17:08 – Gameplay Testing !
21:53 – Conclusion

—— Disclaimer —–
Product / Products I show in this video have been purchased by myself.
Nobody is paying me for promoting / showing this product.

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  1. How much would you sell those for or how much is it worth to sell. Not that I’m gonna buy it. But where would you put a value on it if you had the ability to mass produce them hypothetically

  2. I wanna get one of these to mod
    I’ve been watching stuff like this for awhile and it’d be a dream come true to own one of these!!

  3. I see you were playing tmnt arcade version is that game on the pandora box

  4. Anyone you can tell me is all the Mortal Kombats for PS2 run smoothe on the pi4?

  5. I know this is an old video wicked but when the steamdeck comes out can you show how to hook us up with using a steamdeck in this? Thatd be amazing

  6. Thank you. This was a great synthesis of your knowledge.

  7. Wauw !! Je brengt me weer op ideeën.. inspireren die je mij zeker !!
    Jou video's van de de aiwo G1000 7 inches en de jxd heeft mij getriggert om hem te kopen uit China.. De jxd natuurlijk!!!
    I love it !! Ik kijk regelmatig nog méér video's en ik ben helemaal weg van de games , consoles en jou durf om deze machine in huis te halen.. 🤩

  8. I was really, really lucky that I bought that SF2 cabinet in discount price at a toy store that went to bankrupt. Right now, my latest project is to add a LCD Marquee to my modded cabinet. I highly recommend to get VSDISPLAY 14.9" LCD monitor with a kit and build a mounting frame for it.

  9. Mate your timing is perfect picking up a Pandora's box arcade machine tomorrow and although I'm really looking forward to it I want to upgrade with my old pc. It's the Same as yours! Hahaha. Everything you mentioned is everything I've been going over myself! Brilliant. This will help no end! And yeah, you can run model 3, PS2, GameCube, Dreamcast and a host of arcade awesomeness with that set up. Have been doing so for years, hence why I never upgraded! Subscribed man. Great videos!

    Ps. Maybe add some Sindel lightguns next eh? 😉

  10. I have my SF2 Arcade 1UP still new here. I might try to rebuild it as something like this. I love the look and the choice of games that are possible.

  11. Wauw, cool! Hoe lang ben je hier wel niet mee bezig en hoeveel kost het om alles te maken 😅

  12. Very nice machine. Have you noticed it's becoming an addiction. I keep wanting to add on and make changes.

  13. To get a couple of the 360 encoders is going to cost me about £60 delivered, any reason why I shouldn’t just get an iPac ultimate for a few quid more ?

  14. I've got a 1992 orignal Street fighter 2 ce cab and Pandora works just fine with the cabs CRT, I've got Pandora dx which supports multiple resolutions over hdmi and vga it also supports 15khz standard res CRT monitors, displays absolutely perfectly on my cab, you will have to adjust the monitors vhold though otherwise the picture will roll out of the box and other fine adjustments on the horizontal and vertical to fill the screen as it displays slightly wider and longer than standard jamma, works good though very happy with my Pandora dx and it supports stereo sound through the audio jack perfect for an amp which my cab is kitted out with 2 speakers and a sub and a Q Sound amp.

  15. Pretty sweet,I’m building my own gaming set up.already installed “Steam”worth to get and more is coming…

  16. Very Nice! Have you played with CoinOPS at all? I used that on my build and it looks pretty sweet.

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