Arcade1Up Midway Legacy Arcade Machine Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Edition -

Arcade1Up Midway Legacy Arcade Machine Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Edition

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FINISH HIM! In celebration of three brutal decades of MORTAL KOMBAT, Arcade1Up introduces for the first time ever LIVE online play in a Midway home arcade machine. Yes, it’s the Midway Legacy Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Edition!


  1. A1up should of made two 30yr anniversary cabs:a MK3 cab with the following games: MK1-UMK3,MK Triology, and MK4. And a MK4 cab with MK4,MKDA,MKD, and MK Armageddon. Instead of the same BS MK2 legacy cab with MK1 artwork cab.

  2. I’m still waiting for a A1up Konami cab that has the following games on it: Contra1,Super Contra, Contra 3(SNES), TMNT 1,TMNT2, and the Simpsons all on that one cabinet

  3. Arcade1UP please please please make a cabinet with MK1 MK2 (All version of 3) MK4/MK 4 Gold and make them arcade perfect then I'll buy it

  4. Can I get Klax added to my Midway Legacy cabinet?

  5. You folks are really knocking it out of the park! I just wish this was still Trumps economy so I could keep buying more cabs. I would replace this with my current MK cab in a heartbeat if I had my 2019 money.

  6. I can't wait to buy this next Christmas when it goes on sale.

  7. Def not the same without Daniel Pesina aka Johnny Cage on the sides of the cabinet. I understand why just for nostalgia purposes not the same for me.

  8. This is so amazing and impressive! bravo bravo you guys are the best!

  9. Can we please have all Mortal Kombat Arcade 30th anniversary collection on PlayStation 5, Xbox series x and Nintendo switch please.😇

  10. They screwed up the freaking bezel…..
    No pesina but you guys got Arnold?
    Now the high ridges on the control deck…why just WHY!!!!

    I like the cab shell going above the screen for once.
    Are all the mk games wifi?

    A basic fixed chat option would be nice.
    I'd have to buy a bezel legit with the green dragons meeting, or the characters and moves.
    Also add johnny cage or mk3 art.
    Mk4 honorable mention.
    If this is midway, were the contra arcade games included?
    Burger time midway?
    Total karnage variation.

  11. Could've added MK4. I already own MK2 legacy cabinet. I cant justify buying this :/
    I'd love for a TEKKEN cabinet with TEKKEN 1, 2 & 3 you'd have my money instantly.
    I'm still waiting for my pre ordered KI cabinet to be shipped. Hopefully that wasn't $700 plus wasted.

  12. If this is priced in the ballpark of the other legacy cabs, I'm interested.

  13. my god my mk2 hasent even shown up yet taking it back for this i guess now what a shame it takes you guys 2 months to ship and you come out with the same product with features the other 2 mortal kombat cbs shoud already have

  14. Looks great, but I'm gonna have to wait a few months to see if a pro version comes out to weigh the pros and cons. Also, why did you not include this new better control panel on the recent KI cab? In the arcades, both MK and KI used the same Midway cabinet, so they should look alike. I just want a matching MK and KI in my arcade room, since those are my two favorite games. You are heading the right direction, but you gotta get your ducks lined up in a row. Continuity is important.

  15. Its a weird game choice… I needed NBA Jam on these MK cabinets, as it would be perfect for the button layout and has mk guest characters.

  16. It's great to see the Midway Competition style cabinet in what looks like a pretty 1:1 representation. My favorite cabinet which is why I built one myself. 👍

  17. ae ed boon, instead of launching arcades, which cost an arm and a leg, because you don't launch a classic collection for consoles and pcs, no one deserves to buy this crazy little machine there from you

  18. I wish they sold the pcb boards so I can just switch it out with the original cab.

  19. Surprised they went with 1 instead of 3 and gave themselves more time to negotiate, oh well.
    Seen other videos on this, its a shape looking machine but again its just not worth the price. I understand that for guys that don't know there's options or have no DIY skills to build your own, this might be your only choice. I'd still get the old one for 150-200 and MOD the heck outta it.

  20. Deveria vir também mk4 mk5 mk6 mk7 mk8 mk9 mk10 mk11.

  21. Looks great! Please consider making some more driving cabinets too. Pole Position and other Atari racer 360 games would be great. A Hard Drivin'/Race Drivin' Pro cabinet would definitely be a must buy for me too.

  22. Bet doesnt even have a VRR monitor so it plays at the correct refresh rate of the arcade. Forget it.

  23. No Mk4 no buy. Put Pesina on the side. It’s not authentic without him there.

  24. This is not what we are waiting for. Try harder for 30 years. Where are these remakes?

  25. Let's see, no MK4, big middle finger to Master Daniel P aka Johnny Cage not being on the cab, and probably over $700, huge pass

  26. Man I’m really disappointed I was hopping for a brand NEW game like MK12

  27. We are definitely going to be destroying the HELL out of each other on this. See you guys again online! I'll be using the following on each one. (Mk1) Lui Kang , sub zero and Raiden. (MK2) same as mk1 lol. (Mk3) Lui Kang , kung Lao, Cyrax.

  28. OPTIMUM CABLE TV says:


  29. "Authentic artwork"
    Its literally different artwork.

  30. What a horrible intro video… ill still buy but at least try a little

  31. Should have paid for Master Daniel Pesina for side art. Also how many versions of the same arcade are being released ? Can we confirm this is last one ? I would have loved if this was kept as mk games only and had mk4 included. It would justify a new purchase for those that already have bought 1 of the many different versions of mk cabs youve released already. P.S make this available in Australia without us being ripped off !

  32. This looks like an AliExpress knock off without Johnny Cage. Hard pass for me

  33. They removed Johnny Cage from the movie AND now from the Arcade Cabinet. This Is blasphemy.

  34. so is your hands going to get smahed in the sides like the Junk legacy version, call me when you have the pro series

  35. Okay, I'm sold after thinking on it for a couple of weeks.

  36. give me a release date and price please 🙁

  37. Is Mortal Kombat 1 the only title we get.
    Got a few variations with the Street Fighter cabinet.

  38. Hate to say it but after how to you did KI with the pro I have to wait. You guys really need to announce 3/4 scale and pro together so we can choose. It’s also shitty if we wait for something that isn’t coming. So it’s best you be clear from the get go on all these.

  39. It's not to my advantage. Can't buy a arcade cabinet. Thought folks was able to download this.

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