Arcade Wheel Hack 🤩 #shorts #caporslap -

Arcade Wheel Hack 🤩 #shorts #caporslap

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  1. Since whale breath air the air will turn to carbon dioxide and try to escape the inside of the air so just explodes

  2. Yeah this is real I did it with my brother before but I found out

  3. You’re on the wrong machine you have to go to the right one

  4. It works well they fixed it I did it on accident I was playing around trying to get 1000 tickets just scrolling up and accidentally pulled it

  5. Well there’s two big issues with the video here first being but that’s not the same machine as the other one just because the pretty colors and lights look the same 🙄 second They fix that to where you can’t do it anymore. The front glass used to slide up and had a lock if you can pick the lock you could open the glass… Are all younger people dumb like this or just you

  6. bro that’s a whole different machine did u even watch the vid

  7. Your playing 2 different types of the game, ones the fishing one and you did the scooby doo one, also you never slapped yourself 💀

  8. art king 2022 attack on Titan and other stuff says:

    You did it different

  9. I actually won the 100 on that game before
    (WITHOUT CHEATING) and it turned out the machine coincidentally was out of tickets
    So I just never got my prize…..dam chucker did me dirty

  10. It’s not a cap I did it once in monkey joes

  11. Have I been to that same arcade, is it near ecu?

  12. Either that machine is broken or he works there or he knows how to open it some of the games we throw the ball into the little hole where you look like you're bowling I forgot what that's called I think Skee-Ball if it doesn't have a net on the last one at the end or a way to stop you can literally take the ball and put into a thousand 400 all the time do you know most arcades if you ask politely if you go to the way you can get the toys and stuff you can literally buy them from them

  13. That is from a different arcade silly that’s why I didn’t work because that one’s different silly Billy

  14. 1000 points actually gives you 4 tickets so it’s the worst one

  15. Its a cap! (Doesent even try to epen the hatch)

  16. You probably have to use the actual machine that he

  17. ӾⱬWɨŧĦɆɍɇđɃłøØĐ:ĐɍɇȺ₥:ⱬӾ says:

    🧢 or 🦊

  18. Fun fact: in the first video, the guy actually stopped it on the 4 and not the 1K.

  19. It's real but you but some other things some other stores has it I mean some arcades other arcades because some arcades have fixed it but some not because they don't give a freak

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