Arcade Warrior VS Brother - Arcade Game Challenge! -

Arcade Warrior VS Brother – Arcade Game Challenge!

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at the Clubhouse Fun Center Arcade in Rochester NY, to challenge Jason, my little brother, cameraman, and fellow YouTuber himself also known as @BlackBeanBoi, at 10 of our favorite arcade ticket games! The rules are simple, we both picked a few games to face off at. We haven’t done an arcade challenge in a long time and it’s definitely due! Who’s going to win… Erik or Jason? Leave a comment down below!

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Arcade Warrior VS Brother – Arcade Game Challenge!


  1. I've been watning to see this challenge for about a couple of years.

  2. Jackie Hiatt (Please give me back 9 subs) says:

    Good video video thanks Erik

  3. Did yall see those tough guys in the thumbnail? Super scary. Wouldn't wanna mess with either of them 😂🤪

  4. do a vs to get the least amount of tickets , so the one who has the least amount of tickets at the end of the video wins , so if u get a jackpot thats gonna make it harder to win

  5. Yooooo I've missed these a lot, thanks for bringing it back!

  6. Dude the way arcade worrier says ahhh when he misses or something makes the laugh so hard I don’t know why love you worrier 💙💙

  7. Awesome video as always, I may rethink about challenging you too basketball 🤔, super cute plushie 🥺💜

  8. Jason is going to take the dub in round two! Also, were they air dusting the bubblegum and cheese puffs out of the carpet? lol!

  9. Been watching every time they come out

  10. Great video bro! Congratulations on winning once again..haha

  11. The arcade warrior wins again 🙂. I'm pretty sure if me and you had a challenge, I would lose. I'm not very good at arcade games, but I sure love to watch. You make it look like arcade games are so easy, but for me, nah. Your awesome bro ✊

  12. Cool video Arcade Warrior Aka Erik keep up the good work man I like watching your videos

  13. Is no one going to talk about how Jason got 14 clowns in a row in down the clown?

  14. Love the VS videos. You need another VS video with Mama Warrior

  15. wow cool brother bond you guys amazing at arcades

  16. Hi Arcade Warrior, A Great Video, You And Jay Rock. It's so Very Cool To Watch You Both Battle It Out With The Games. A Rematch Is Required For Sure. I SMASHED THE LIKE BUTTON !!!! 😎🌞👍

  17. I can’t be the only one who was raised from this man

  18. 1. That was fun, you should do this again.
    2. Congratulations Eric.
    3. The monopoly spin game was my favourite.

  19. Me:That side must be broken, Erick:SoMbOdY aTe ThE bAlL

  20. Awesome guys wow I like how your brother and you do this I think it’s awesome keep it up guys

  21. Love your vids. How often do you go to the Dave and buster's in Henrietta

  22. Oh yes!!! A return of a Erik Vs Jason Battle, I like to see more of these real soon!!!

  23. What's your favourite Ramones track? Will you be playing Halo Fireteam Raven arcade in the future?

  24. Congratulations! You won the challenge of the hardcore video game of the year.

  25. I want a rematch so badly I love your brother he should be in more videos

  26. Yes, I want a rematch over getting a french fry lunch between you two.

  27. Rematch Triple B best 2 outta 3 🖖🤓👍

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