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Dominate the arcade, win the best prizes, impress your friends. Learn the best-kept arcade secrets from a world-famous trick shot artist, who has been crushing arcades for years!

At That’ll Work our goal is to encourage everyone to get up and try something new and challenging. If you come away from our videos entertained and inspired to do just that, we have done our job.You never know, it might just work! 😁

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We are a trick shot and challenge channel whose goal is to glorify God by making your day brighter, encouraging you to try new and difficult things, and inspiring you to NEVER GIVE UP!! We find enjoyment in testing the limits of possible. We are inspired by Dude Perfect, How Ridiculous, and That’s Amazing. Unlike many of those channels, however, you get to see the hard work and perseverance it takes to create these insane videos. Our channel went big in 2021 and we can’t wait to create more amazing videos for you in the future!

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  1. Can I have the ocolus quest 2 pls 😕🤣

  2. Because of your video I won the jackpot on the quick drop 4 times today at Peter pipers Pizza and the first time was actually on my first try


  4. I once threw a consecutive around 70 mph with 32x multiplier for about 2 rounds, pretty proud of that… but the hyper pitch there had a low ticket output.

  5. my arcade is always broken, quick drop sometimes drop 2 balls at a time, and when i won monster drop (extremely inconsistent ball releases) it didn't even register 😩

  6. Monster drop doesn't work like that. It all depends on how fast the ball drop. Sometimes it'll drop late even if you push it on time. So yea not really a secret way to win. Same with the hammer game. That won't work everytime unless you know how to drop it without much power. Quick drop too isn't that easy. It depends on settings. Mines has it set to 5 balls just to win. Do a full raw video without editing too.

  7. This sounds all to familiar
    mark rover flash backs

  8. What is that arcade called, I want to go to it because this is the only arcade that you can literally win an oculus

  9. Oh so you dont just jump on whack and win? that works great for me

  10. How many of those machines have adjustable calibration settings though?
    If they did it would mean each machine could be different wherever you went, also each place could even routinely change-up the settings so you would have to re-learn the tricks each time..

  11. Okay, but what the monster jackpot on the ball drop?

  12. I like how he’s just calm after hitting the jackpot

  13. I will always look back to this video haha

  14. He's teaching us the modern konami codes

  15. I went to an arcade and i got a jackpot based on muscle memory 2 times in a row and won a soccer ball for me and my cousin

  16. Dude, your tricks are great but you are gifted at this stuff.

  17. The second game works like a charm every time I go to the arcade. I'm always walking out with a nice prize or two.

  18. I’m definitely going to try these next time I go to an arcade!

  19. I just got from the arcade and I messed up the ice ball and the one where I have to line it up with the little bracket thing. The ball kept on hitting in the bonus but flying everywhere but I had a good time none the less 😂

  20. Almost none of these will work. Every game you played except Skeeball has adjustable settings available to the arcade that would differ the gameplay for the player.

  21. going to the arcade today, ima see if these work 🤞

  22. The mallet mic drop doesn't work at all arcade. The owner can change the intensity or force required to whatever. I did the mic drop on two different machines at the same arcade and it way overshot

  23. Except most machines are adjustable/rigged so even with precise timing you might miss

  24. Where can I find such an arcade with all these jackpots?

  25. Going to an arcade in 2 days. I'll let you know how it goes

  26. I always wondered who wins those big prizes now I know. The cheaters do. 😂

  27. Bro I want to know were your at to get a oculus

  28. Where is it the claw machine !!!!??????????????

  29. Any hyper pitch machine in Florida will always have a score to beat above 5000 bc everyone here is a college pitching prospect with a 70 grade arm. 😅

  30. Fun fact about whack n win. I remember when this game first came out. The strategy mentioned in the video works of the game is not rigged (and is set to win).

    I remember it vividly because the Dave and Busters in my area forgot to rig it when they first got it. I won the jackpot 32 times in a row that day. Came back the next and it was rigged.

  31. I spent 2 dollars and got 1000 tickets on the power roller

  32. Where's the claw machine one? 😅

  33. What about coin pusher with numbers? How to win?

  34. how much money did you spend at the arcade in this video?

  35. I went to spare time Bristol on Saturday!

  36. Oh yeah… I get it. Thank you for give me the tips and tricks. I really appreciate that.

  37. For the Whack N' Win one, the length of the string varies. What I found useful is to hold the string in place with one hand, adjusting until it can hit the jackpot. Then I just drop from the height. Works like a charm

  38. I also work in sparetime arcade, not this branch but my main game is quikdrop on half off Tuesday’s

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