Arcade Paradise - Kung Fury: Street Rage DLC Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games -

Arcade Paradise – Kung Fury: Street Rage DLC Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

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What happens when the ’90s meets the 80’s?

Kung Fury: Street Rage!

From Nosebleed Interactive In collaboration with award-winning indie studio Hello There Games, creators of the critically acclaimed AVICII Invector comes the very first licensed in-game cabinet available for Arcade Paradise!

The cult hit with score-chasing gamers, Kung Fury: Street Rage marks the very first fully licensed and playable game to be brought into Arcade Paradise and sits alongside over 35 original games created by Nosebleed Interactive.

It’s 1985 and violence is raging in the streets of Miami, it’s gonna take the toughest martial artist cop and 3 hard as nails enforcers from across space AND time to clean them up!

– Choose Your Fighter!
Pick from 4 characters – each with their own unique abilities, playstyles and durability to start taking out the trash as you chase that high score!

– Fight Waves Of Enemies
Use intense two-button arcade action to DEVASTATING bone-crunching effect, easy to pick up – hard to master as the waves get faster and more diverse!

– Go back to the 80s
Authentic retro-arcade gameplay and VHS aesthetics – with a synth soundtrack to beat down to provided by Swedish electro sensations, Mitch Murder and Joel Eriksson.

Bring The Fury to your Arcade!
Turn up the heat with KUNG FURY: STREET RAGE – available as this sweet new cabinet in Arcade Paradise DLC, with new goals, objectives and leaderboards!

Out Now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

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  1. Now on the PS5 sweet such a great game

  2. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy I have been earning $60,000 return from my $9,000 investment every 21 days

  3. You need Arcade Paradise ($20) just to play Kung Fury ($3 dlc). It's a crappy job simulator where you run an arcade doing laundry, picking up garbage, and other chores. Just make Kung Fury a standalone title!

  4. All this stuff was already in the game. It released years ago. Surprised they are advertising it again.

  5. What is the name of the song?

  6. What a coincidence. My brother just reminded me of Kung Fury last week.

  7. River City Girls 2 it is far beyond better than this oldie but ooook!

  8. I purchased this years ago for PS4 – also what’s up with Sony have the right to removed and Block Followers on my YT / Twitch on their behalf?

  9. Weren’t they making a sequel to this movie? Whatever happened to that

  10. They pulled it off steam, and it's still not come back

  11. Red stunt double 2; electric boogaloo says:

    Ok, now I HAVE to play this game

  12. Nice that sony brought us a nextgen console where we can play games that looks like they can run on a commodore 64 pc🤣. Its like having a Ferrari in your garage, but u still take the local bus.🤣

  13. Have they done a season 2nd movie yet?

  14. Dude I gave up hope that I would play this game again! It was free on phones for awhile. But for some reason or another it was taken off the storefront. Will buy this game just for kung fury!

  15. yea this game was pretty fun. playing it on the vita every now and then

  16. From the team who bought you samurai warrior

  17. Was thinking about this game randomly not too long ago, after many years of completely forgetting about it I still see it pop up in my library once in a while

  18. Hey playstation 🖕 that's what you get for banning my account

  19. It's weird that this game used to be a standalone game, before it was removed from various storefronts in 2019. I still play it on my phone occasionally. But I'm glad it's coming back out in some capacity.

  20. So people are meat riding PlayStation but when they have a problem and need support that’s when they’re gonna wanna switch don’t get a PlayStation y’all if you ever lose your account your not getting it back

  21. Still waiting for the sequel but this will do

  22. Sadly this is overdone. This would have been awesome… I can't get behind any of the shown playable characters it's mixed too much 🙁

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