Arcade Machines look WEIRD in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys -

Arcade Machines look WEIRD in Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
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Are you sure you know what you’re looking at when you’re down the arcade?
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Filmed on the Phantom V2511
An Arcade Machine looks Crazy in Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys


  1. You can see exactly the same effect by actually drawing the images on the CRT but slower – osci-render which is a project I've been working on lets you render vector graphics on a CRT oscilloscope, just like this, and it has a frequency control which lets you reduce the frequency well below 1Hz, creating the same frame-tracing effect you see in slow motion 🙂

  2. Lines Is?, Matrix?, Computers Now Is?, Matrix?, Unreal Engine 5 Is Using?, MATRIX!!! SO THE LINES YOUR SEEING ARE NOW BEING FILLED IN BY?,

  3. So basically if you were capable of slowing down your perception of time to this speed you would never be able to enjoy another digital device.

  4. That was wild. How in the heck did people create things like that? That's mind blowing.

  5. I am a subscriber and somehow I didn't get the notification for this video. 🙃 YouTube 😴

  6. So does that mean when I take a photo of a screen it should only appear as one line of visible screen?

  7. I finally understand what makes a vector display different!

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  10. I like this series. Can't wait to see DLP projectors. Hope you can get or rent the different styles.
    Three trip one for each color (Cinema)
    Single chip with 7 segment color wheel
    And the newer LED single chip.
    Shoot throw in a laser projector too

  11. The videos lost quite in quality since Dan is not really there anymore. What happened, didn't he want to participate anymore?

  12. Can you do a video on LED car taillights? They all look like solid red to the untrained eye, but more and more of them are pulsewidth modulated in such a way that they are only illuminated a few percent of the time, and are turned off most of the time. A high speed camera is the best way to document this strange effect!

  13. Seems like a missed opportunity to add more lasers and speed it up to 11 to add color filling, i wonder what that would look like.

  14. Do you have a video on your slowmo sound that's played? I love it and I would enjoy the journey of how you came up with it!

  15. I loved Battle Zone and Star Wars when I was a kid at the arcade. Seeing them here brought back fun memories.

  16. The vector graphics remind me of how an industrial laser would cut through metal.

  17. how about oled qled led mikro led qd-oled qned

  18. Ever consider our brains developed image drawing capabilities to negate sensory overload.

  19. That star wars game was the coolest when I was a kid.

  20. I'm definitely visiting an arcade next chance I get!

  21. Bro what is the slow mo ambiance called in the background?

  22. Awesome video! Would love to have seen the Vectrex console under slow mo as well.

  23. It's 1am and I'm on my bed watching this in darkness 😂 Thank you YouTube suggestions! XD

  24. I’ve always wondered why Battle Zone and Asteroids looked so different. I’m mesmerized by how intensely crisp and bright the shapes are. Thanks for explaining and showing what’s going on!

  25. i know vector displays are pretty cool, but this video takes it to the next level. 😍

  26. I am really sorry to say this, but I've been watching ya'll on & off since 2013 and I just subscribed today.
    happy new year everybody 🎉

  27. I have no idea how they managed to do colour vector graphics. Can anyone explain?

  28. Another key point about vector displays is they can change the brightness by changing how slowly they draw a line or stay on a dot. The bullets in Asteroids are brighter than anything on a raster display because it keeps the beam on one spot for longer.

  29. they just draw everything in ultra hd at any size

  30. I lost a lot of quarters to that machine that's for sure.

  31. I loved playing Tempest. And I was pretty good at it.

  32. Do you take requests? I saw someone toss boiling water into freezing temps and it turned to snow instantly. I need to see that in slomo.

  33. To my uneducated brain, this still seems lightyears ahead of its time.

  34. Dan’s underground tunnel was reported to have made it all the way to directly underneath Austin the last time we heard. When we went over to it to check for potential emergence holes, it became clear that he either made a wrong turn or had some unfinished business to attend to first, as his tunnel continued under Texas towards the city of Las Vegas. Seems as though he’ll potentially work his way back down the tunnel he dug after he’s finished at the roulette table.

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