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Arcade Machine Buyers Guide

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In this awesome guide to arcade machines, we take you through the maze of choices.

We explain about the pros and cons of buying a dedicated machine, whether it be a vintage classic or a newer more recent model.

Multi-game machines are really popular, both in the upright and cocktail formats. We take you through the options available, explaining the key differences and features to look for.

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  1. None of them utilize proper CRT emulation. The games don't look right without it.

  2. I cant seem to find where to buy the Arcane model. Link?

  3. Where are the new machines that have 400-600 games on Jamma Boards or the Retropie cabinets? I would like to find the best manufacturer?

  4. Dont some arcade machines have like 200-400 or higher games?

  5. build my own using an old Mr Do standup machine, now with 2 control sticks 1 track ball and 22 buttons and a HD monitor.

  6. Let's say someone from French orders a cabinet, how does he play the game, because one game costs 25 quarters and the machines only accept American 25 quarters?

  7. I need a guide for Japanese arcade machines.

  8. Dude I have my own company I build em also here in USA New Jersey , I bet my quality is just as good if not better

  9. "He's showing us his skills ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" That's not the only thing he's showing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2:33

  10. i have a arcade machine it has so much games you do not have money you don't need money because of black button you give you coins doesn't know what is nice what are energisedand it's two players and you want to eat your yoghurt

  11. Vesaro simulator prices: £21,762.00 – £49,278!!! Ha ha, dream on! Guess I'll have to stick with my Jamma conversion!

  12. i wanna buy an In The Groove 2 cabinet, but i just can't find one, not even a DDR or Dancing Stage that i can convert with OpenITG…
    My local arcade has one but it's not willing to sell it…

  13. hello nice video i have pagman 20 aniversary do you know how is the cost ? come whit galaga

  14. I just want one to play marvel vs street fighter

  15. I love classic arcade games 🤘🤘🤘🎮🎮🎮

  16. Hello, wondering what is the cheapest arcade machine that plays old game/s (the pacman, 60 games in one, etc.)
    And how much is it?

  17. Does anyone know how much an original atomic runner in original condition and still working is worth. The only thing it doesn't have is the original coin box

  18. Well they are changeable just get a new jamma board

  19. I enjoyed your video on your products…I'll be recommending your YouTube Channel in my Live Streams.
    Mahalo-TBD and Merry Christmas 2018.

  20. i have a question. im 11 and i love pac man and i am feeling like spending all money to have it. does it use alot of voltage that you need to upgrade? is there version for low voltage?

  21. Hi. Thanks you for this video.
    I'm looking into buying a baby pacman arcade game for my home. Considering all the points you listed, how much do you think it might cost in US dollars to buy? And would this specific game hold its value?
    Thank you!

  22. I have a mini arcade machine and it has 200 games

  23. XrisM is the BEST arcade machine builder in the world. He’s the guy that Shaq and Jay Z call when they want an arcade machine. No two machines are alike and there’s like a 2 year waiting list. The guy is an artist. He’s also invented a lot of the stuff arcade machine builders use today. He’s the Elvis of arcade machines builders. THE KING.

  24. Hi can you please tell me the name of the game at 5 mins .I used to play that game all the time when I was. Younger had great fun .Thnk

  25. I'm personally building my own 4 person arcade cabinet with a fully built gaming pc in it and a 4k monitor in it just buying my own shell for it with a vinyl and putting in everything from the buttons to the speakers haha

  26. Hi wants to open a game parlour with all this machine …need guide

  27. Are y'all still here I want the open an arcade

  28. I was thinking of that if i want to buy time crisis 2

  29. mate can u use these in a commercial setting like a shop??? is it legal ?

  30. My Favourite Arcade Games:
    1. Pacman
    2. Space Invaders
    3. Centipede
    4. Qbert
    5. Asteroids
    6. Frogger
    7. Breakout
    8. Joust
    9. Defender
    10. Galaga
    11. Ms. Pacman
    12. Tetris

  31. im specifically interested or in the market of buying a house of the dead dedicated machine for my home

    Any of them works too, wether its the first, second, third, or fourth game doesn't matter!

  32. I want to sell my to games if same one are interested

  33. Does anyone know where the "GamePro 60 Upright" is available for buying?

  34. My MAME system is on an early 2000s 32 bit Windows Vista home PC (yes, I know it's junk but it was free and I managed to get it to work with my limited skills.) I have a SlikStik Classic 2 player arcade console with 2 eight way joysticks, 1 four way joystick, 1 tornado spinner and a large LED illuminated trackball with 24 buttons, projected onto 120" projector screen on my basement wall and a 250 watt sound system…

  35. I have an original Super Pac-Man and an original Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga (Class of 81) with 25" CRT, both full size dedicated uprights. I even keep it on quarters. I bought Super Pac-Man 12 years ago for $999, it's now worth minimum $2500. I just bought Class of '81 for $1000 during COVID, he needed $, I can get $3k for it, but I'll never sell, I love my classics. If you're looking for a classic move fast, CRT's getting hard to find, collectors don't want LCD's.

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