Arcade Longplay [117] The Simpsons Arcade Game -

Arcade Longplay [117] The Simpsons Arcade Game

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Played By: RickyC

Found out about this game and just wanted to run through it. A die a million times but wasn’t a terrible game. Opponents don’t stun as much as I would like and some things in it don’t make sense comparing it to the cartoon though. –
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  1. anyone else feel this game was slightly disturbing in a weird way when you were a kid?

  2. it took me a while a boat load of quaters but i beat it by myself

  3. everybody says that all of the Simpsons videogames are awful.

    Not true at all, the arcade game was a masterpiece and I really liked Escape From Camp Deadly on the Game Boy.

    Hit and Run was good too, but a bit repetitive.

  4. Homer is 35? Oh my god. So I'm Homer's age? That's depressing.

  5. Super fun game to get trophies on, recommend it <3

  6. The arcade I used to go to had this game with generous dip switches. I usually beat this game with $3 worth of quarters.

  7. Oh boy, I remember seeing this in arcades. I'd use to play this a lot.

  8. You had to invest a shit load of money if you wanted to see the ending credits of this game.

  9. Smithers kidnapping Maggie because she has a diamond in her mouth… interesting concept

  10. ah my childhood here (this game that is) and i still haven't beaten it back

  11. Great Game, and Thank Goodness for Mame, Finally got to beat this game only 20 years after I first sacrificed quarters to it, in the arcade.

  12. I used to play this when I was little, always lost to Smithers. I found this arcade game in a pizza place some weeks ago and I had to play it…I barely passed stage 2 hahaha

  13. What would I do now that I got better at this game love it btw just play it

  14. i like ween enemys fall down slooooooooooooooooooooooylyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  15. back when the anti Simpsons hysteria was in full bloom, my mom would not let me eat Butterfingers, and we wouldn't patronize any places with this game. now, she has admitted to enjoying the show.

  16. The lift level I remember a level like that on streets of rage 2 they don't make side scrollers like that anymore

  17. This was one of those games you could get all sweaty playing with a bunch of sweaty strangers at Chuck E. Cheese.

  18. Used to play this at chuckee cheese. Good times

  19. Great fond memories that Simpsons theme when you popped in the quarter awesome! I was obsessed with beating this game this game came out not long after the cartoon came out on Fox i tried to see if all the characters were in the game from the cartoon some were just for game some were from the cartoon like Grizzly Bear Krusty ballon etc. beating this game when i was kid in 1991 age 13 spend over 7 dollars in quarters at local city mall arcade i used bart most of the game " Homer might say hey Marge that picture of Mr Burns I saw the eyes move "lol! then take out burzie hehe and they get to walk home togther as a family again cool happy ending !I'm glad youtube preserved this! 😀

  20. Fun Fact: Marge is actually a rabbit in disguise in this game. It was meant to be like that in the cartoon but they eventually abandoned that idea.

  21. Here's an idea! They should definitely remake The Simpsons Arcade Game the same way they did to Turtles in Time which is "Reshelled." With Cartoonish 3D Graphics, Reprised Voice Acting, a whole lot more. I know they already remastered it on ios, but that idea would be even better.

  22. I have an arcade around where I live where this is old games from the 90s, they have this game. I was just looking it up to see if someone has gameplay from this

  23. 1:27 If Anyone Saw That Poster, It Said "The Simpsons New Game." If Marge Went In The Shop And Played This Game, Would This Game Exist Inside Itself And So On? I'm Totally Confused Now LOL.

  24. The music. Sounds like the Sega director genisis

  25. Blew so much of my holiday money on this when I was a kid

  26. This machine at my local bowling alley ate many of my quarters back in the day. Loved it. I usually played as Homer and sometimes Bart.

  27. yooo how the hell do you play as homer I'm trying to do it on my mame emulator and I can only play as Marge

  28. God dayum this game brings back so many memories. That Krusty Balloon Boss can go to Hell tho.

  29. I only got up to Moes Tavern in the arcade.

  30. Definitely made to hustle players of their money.

  31. if this were released on the amiga with cd technology it would have been just like the arcade

  32. Back when Bart was the coolest member and super hero of the Simpsons by far…

  33. Homer is 35 years old in 1991 when the game was released ??
    Now he come to be 63.

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