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Arcade Longplay [117] The Simpsons Arcade Game

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Played By: RickyC

Found out about this game and just wanted to run through it. A die a million times but wasn’t a terrible game. Opponents don’t stun as much as I would like and some things in it don’t make sense comparing it to the cartoon though. –
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  1. I'm never played these arcade game I'm need play these game is nice and awesome

  2. 400 🌟 from nino 40 🌟 from Simpsons arcade game

  3. the simpsons gastei muita ficha de fliperama para terminar esse jogo.

  4. If you think it's weird that Sideshow Bob is nice and Lisa eats hamburgers in this game, it's because this game was made before Sideshow Bob became Bart's arch nemesis and Lisa became a vegetarian

  5. Most overrated beat em up ever.. Come on guys, besides the art style and humour, the gameplay itself is borderline crap. It is a pure button musher with one two button special move. That's it.

  6. Can't believe Mr. Burns just yeeted Maggie like that. The man truly is a savage.

  7. I look at these longplays and wonder how they make so many newb mistakes in this game. I could get up to Springfield gorge with one quarter as a 9-year-old…why can't this player?

  8. so konami lost the rights to this game? how hard is it to get them back for a re-release or remake?? just ask simpson's creators for approval. they are still around making lame episodes. SO im damn pretty sure they will approve with such classic. cmon, re-release it!!!

  9. Wow, a 100% American show, the Japanese were incredible at capturing the essence of the show into an arcade game, back when Konami was good and no one hated them

  10. The only weird thing in this arcade game is despite the fact that "The Simpsons" show was originally made in America "The Simpsons" arcade game was never released in America.

  11. Guest Star ???? ~Star Allies Go!~
    A. Autobots
    1. Rescue 총몇명 (Motif: Rescue Bots)
    a. Red (Motif: Heat Wave)
    b. Blue (Motif: Chase)
    c. Green (Motif: Boulder)
    d. Yellow (Motif: Blades)
    2. Ninja Gaiden/Ryu (Color: Blue)
    (Motif: (Rescue Bots)Chase)
    3. Mega M-Fighter Krono
    (Dino Mode: Krono Shuma)
    4. King Dedede (Ability: Hammer)
    5. Meta Knight (Ability: Sword)
    6. Bandana Waddle Dee
    7. Rick, Coo, Kine
    8. Gooey (Weapon: Black Beam)
    9. Marx (Weapon: Arrow Arrow)
    10. Adeleine (Ability: Artist), Ribbon
    11. Dark Meta Knight (Ability: Sword)
    12. Daroach (Weapon: Triple Star)
    13. Magolor (Weapon: Ultra Sword)
    14. Taranza (Ability: Spider)
    15. Susie (Hair Color: Pink)
    16. The Three Mage-Sisters
    17. Beetley (Ability: Beetle)
    18. Bio Spark (Ability: Ninja)
    19. Birdon (Ability: Wing)
    20. Blade Knight (Ability: Sword)
    21. Bonkers (Ability: Hammer)
    22. Broom Hatter (Ability: Clean)
    23. Bugzzy (Ability: Suplex)
    24. Burning Leo (Ability: Fire)
    25. Chef Kawasaki (Ability: Cook)
    26. Chilly (Ability: Ice)
    27. Como (Ability: Spider)
    28. Driblee (Ability: Water)
    29. Gim (Ability: Yo-Yo)
    30. Jammerjab (Ability: Staff)
    31. Knuckle Joe (Ability: Fighter)
    32. NESP (Ability: ESP)
    33. Parasol Waddle Dee
    34. Plugg (Ability: Plasma)
    35. Poppy Bros. Jr. (Ability: Bomb)
    36. Rocky (Ability: Stone)
    37. Sir Kibble (Ability: Cutter)
    38. Vividria (Ability: Artist)
    39. Waddle Doo (Ability: Beam)
    40. Wester (Ability: Whip)


    B. Decepticons
    1. Morpho Knight (EX Color: Black)
    (Battle Body: Ocean Emperor)
    2. Mega M-Fighter Tri (Color: Black)
    (Dino Mode: Tri Tanatos)
    3. Gryphinx (Gryphon+Sphinx)
    4. Hyper Condor (Color: Silver)
    5. Mega M-Fighter Pegasus
    6. Mashiro Kurata (Morfonica No.1)
    7. Touko Kirigaya (Morfonica No.2)
    8. Nanami.H (Morfonica No.3)
    9. Tsukushi Futaba (Morfonica No.4)
    10. Rui Yashio (Morfonica No.5)

  12. They really need to bring back 2d platform beat em up arcade games.

  13. well for this game there are some character cameos like, in stage 1 there's Principal Skinner, Martin Prince, either Sherri or Terri?, stage 2 there's Ralph Wiggum, Otto Man, Santa's Little Helper, Dr. Marvin Monroe, Milhouse, Snowball II, nobody in stage 3, in stage 4 there's Princess Kashmir on a poster, Moe Szyslak, Barney Gumble, Bleeding Gums Murphy, in stage 5 there's Nelson Muntz, Blinky the Three Eyed Fish, Sideshow Bob, nobody in stage 6, and in stage 7 there's a Space Mutant.

  14. I like how Konami managed to get the ACTUAL voice actors for the Simpsons from the show to voice in the game. 🙂

  15. I was never ever able to beat the arcade game (never had enough money). I’m glad to have finally seen how this game ended. Thank you for the video.

  16. I hated seeing this game whenever I walked into an arcade with Marge beating people with her vacuum cleaner and the machine making lots of annoying sounds to attract players.

  17. Woah, this was a weird nostalgia hit to find. I remember only ever seeing one physical cabinet of this, this weird sort of four-seater table construction which all had their own seperate coin slots, so complete strangers could join a game mid-play (apparently a version of the machine only released in the UK?), it was in one of the many arcades in Blackpool. Even with a full team of four, never managed to get further than the underground bar place.

    Good times.

  18. Dei kno dei coulda an zhoulda kam out wit diz 4 game zyztem

  19. А гОмер оказывается крут! Я то думал, что это простой пьяный жирный увалень, а он в рукопашке легко завалил бы Тайсона вместе с Холифилдом.

  20. I love how Homer just throws the priceless diamond away at the end without a second thought and none of the rest of the family cares…they don't want anything to do with the thing that almost lost them their baby and endangered all their lives.

  21. Did you switch characters everytime you lose all lives?

  22. You can practically smell the pizza on the floor

  23. I beat this game in the arcades, managed to beat under ten bucks, my mom watched the whole thing happen, i think i was 7 at the Time playing this game at a Bullwinkle's pizza parlor

  24. I love this game one of my all-time favorites. My friends and I pumped so many quarters into this, X-Men and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Good times.

  25. I remember playing this in Butlins, Ayr in Scotland as a very young lad, and random children dropping in and out over the course of the game, with the usual gaggle watching behind. I begged my dad who gave me enough money to basically 'win' my way to the end, but the big group buzz was so much fun.

    I feel sorry for the generations that'll never experience 'Can I take player two?' from a random kid as they fire in their 50p.

  26. All of Springfield (including zombies) want The Simpsons dead while they try to get Maggie back. Mr. Burns must've had some serious money and pull 🤣😬

  27. Esta muy bueno, antes lo tenían en las maquinitas que recuerdos 🙂

  28. This game would be great on Nintendo Switch 😙

  29. That’s actually a pretty badass ending. Never had enough money to bear it as a kid.

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