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[Arcade] Let’s Go Island 3D – All Bosses + Bad Ending + Good Ending

Game Boss Evolution
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Let’s Go Island: Lost On the Island of Tropics is a Sega arcade game that was released in mid-2011. It’s a sequel to Let’s Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice.

Let’s Go Island: Lost on the Island of Tropics is an arcade game developed by Sega. It is the sequel to Let’s Go Jungle! and runs on Sega’s RingWide arcade board. Players take the role of a tourist and tour guide to gun their way through a monster-infested island. It was followed by Let’s Go Island 3D.

00:00 Intro
00:29 School of Sharks
01:33 Boss: Giant Octopus
04:10 Boss: Wasp Queen
06:32 Boss: Giant Octopus #2
08:35 Final Boss: ?? (What should I call him ?)

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– Outro Song: Royalty Free Medieval Music ()
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  1. This game accurately portray Australia

  2. 12:18 Zack saying "Just as soon as you pay me for my extra services, lady!"

  3. So wait… The ending only depends if you hit the final boss or don’t? I thought it was the compatibility relationship!

  4. The final boss is the rock monster

  5. What's that stuck on the octopus' tentacle? Are those baby octopi?

  6. Reminds me of this game that looks exactly the same but in some Asian jungle thing

  7. Lore of [Arcade] Let's Go Island 3D – All Bosses + Bad Ending + Good Ending Momentum 100

  8. The way they depict sharks and dolphins is so inaccurate that if it was slightly realistic it would've been rapist dolphins chasing you with pufferfish

  9. 13:16 well i mean now that youve taken her glasses off…and threw em….. Your gonna have to guide her around for a little while now. Just saying.

  10. 12:19 beth acting like seven year old when they cant get the big nerf gun

  11. This game is best playing with friend. Cause solo is quite hard lack of fire power

  12. Bad ending: you fail to kill the monster, the two hate each other or break up with each other, and sharks make a broken heart
    Good ending: you’ve killed the monster, the two fall in love with each other, and dolphins make a heart

  13. I remember playing this in a Chuck E. Cheese

  14. I just love games like this these over the top on rail shooters from back In the day that u would play in the arcades so amazing and awesome 😂.

  15. i cannot fault any kid for being too scared of this. the whole scale of the monsters, with the awesome cinematics of an arcade machine, was real intimidating to 7 year old me

  16. The final boss should be called Mutated Coral

  17. your life insurance have been yeeted says:

    I just love that game and it's gotta that i was a little kid and actually finished it. The manager saw that and gave a free plushie. And also many of my friends were impressed because by the time we hadn't managed to beat an arcade. It was a really good day.

  18. my idea for the final boss's name is coral golem.

  19. Ive always wanted to win an arcade(?) game so bad but would always lose at about the halfway mark to overwhelming amounts of enemies

  20. Are we gonna ignore that he just chucks her glasses into the water at the end?

  21. Genuinely one of the best games I’ve played in an arcade. Aged very well

  22. The final boss…I call it uh…Coral Beast. Bikini A-troll.

  23. I would name the final boss, Island/Coral Amalgam

  24. Final boss I wanna call it mutant giant octopus monster

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