Arcade Games vs. Console Ports - Pacman Atari 2600, NES Donkey Kong & More! The IRATE Gamer -

Arcade Games vs. Console Ports – Pacman Atari 2600, NES Donkey Kong & More! The IRATE Gamer

Chris NEO – The IRATE Gamer
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Arcade Games vs. their Console Ports – Pacman Atari 2600, NES Donkey Kong & More! The IRATE Gamer

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  1. Hey look at that now that they are friends he puts inspired by AVGN.

  2. That really wrinkles my shit!

    That's a new one that made me laugh

  3. So, about that 2600 Donkey Kong: it was originally released by Coleco, and there was a popular theory at the time that Coleco intentionally made it bad so that the version for their own ColecoVision console (which was decently close to the arcade game, though like the NES version it didn't have the "pie factory" level) would look even better by comparison. Don't know if anyone ever turned up hard evidence for it, or explained why Atari themselves later rereleased this piece of trash.

  4. Pac-Man was called Puck-Man in Japan and had to be changed because cabinets were being defaced to say Fuck-Man.

  5. That is mostly the reason I never review ports that much on my site with some exceptions. Its the reason I only went over the arcade releases like Ghosts N Goblins and Mortal Kombat except for Doom and Ghouls N Ghosts. Now for console ports, it depends on the company and sometimes you get studios like Capcom and Konami who will nail these ports to almost a T. Then you have others who just do the bare minimum and cut corners just to make a quick buck as seen from Captain America and the Avengers on Super NES. I do think its gotten better over time I mean just look at Witcher 3 on Switch and PS4 as proof of that and there are many examples in modern gaming of that.

  6. Pac-Man on the 2600 started my love of gaming. I know in hindsight it’s a shitty port but honestly a lot of 2600 games sucked compared to the real thing. And what difference does a 5 year old know? It was good to me at the time… but, I liked ET as well. I’ll show myself out now.

  7. No wonder pac man got into smash bros

  8. Holy! I thought the internet buried you… Welcome back my friend

  9. Hey puppet Steve bought a Pac-Man arcade machine like that when it first came out.

  10. the NES version of the U.S is actually slower, compared to the PAL/europe version, but the difficulty is, SHIT MYSELF HARD.

    And ur lucky that we didnt get the european version of the SNES dragon,s lair because you can actually die, and even GET STUCK in the password stage.

  11. Actually, the Starwars game was ported on Atari 2600 and in 1 of the Starwars games on the Gamecube

  12. Horrible and bizarre noises for the Atari Pac Man

  13. Donkey Kong for the original atari 🤣🤣

  14. roomer has it that Coleco purpusly butchered the vcs port of donkey kong as a marketing stunt for their own game console.

  15. Are you now ? Is have pacman on faiching cannel f. I like your videos!!!

  16. 4:45 brown vs green, or just my eyes. Where orange witch have best part in wreck it Ralph 1

  17. This video could be considered the close to his History of Video Games series.

  18. Namco is really a talented company of creating good games. From old good Pac-man to Time Crisis and Ace Combat.

  19. Actually Chris, you can do an episode to compare the arcade version of Namco's Time Crisis to the console version, that's a quite successful case of pleasing both arcade players and console players.

  20. and then sega makes this massive unit of a multicade for Japan. Wanted to get that sucker imported for both me and my brother (a sucker for anything sega) just to beat him up at virtua fighter.

  21. the monochrome game boy version of Dragon's lair is a deliteful video game departure. not content with a streight port of the nes game, thelite systems esensially remade one of their older pc games and set it in the dragon's lair universe, with Dirk navagating an amusement park of death to rescue the princess.

  22. You forgot the greatest arcade game of all time. Michael Jackson moonwalker.

  23. The GBC port of Dragon's Lair was very impressive how close it was to the arcade port despite the limitations.

  24. Ninja Gaiden was a ported as well and the NES version is way better and entirely different than its arcade counterpart. I was disappointed when I got my hands on Bad Dudes for the NES because its commercial had fighting sound effects that were not in the actual game. Pac-Man on NES is a descant port but the board is smaller with less pellets than the arcade. Also….shit I forgot.

  25. Your videos are pretty awesome man. Keep it up.

  26. I spent most of my life in a super small town in NW Kansas. Population of 300. Literally the only arcade games I ever got to see and play was whatever the Pizza Hut in the next town would have – and they didn't change them up very often at all. So I didn't learn that a lot of games I grew up loving were arcade ports until my late 20s!

  27. Cool video, but Star Wars Arcade WAS ported by Parker Bros. Also ColecoVision had an extremely respectable Donkey Kong port.

  28. The keychain one was alway broken, the 3 that a bought lol

  29. Very entertaining and informative video as usual for Chris, but I was surprised no mention of "Double Dragon", one of the biggest Arcade Hits of the Decade with tons of very bad to mediocre home conversions.

  30. You forgot to mention coleco vision which was closer in graphics and gameplay. Everyone blames Atari for the crash. Coleco is responsible for making a shitty port of donkey Kong shitty on purpose. They did it for intellivision as well. Check out the fan created games from a few years ago..both are really good for Atari and intellivision.

    Pacman for 2600 was rushed and we all hated it.

  31. One thing you forgot to mention about Mortal Kombat on the Sega CD: The loading times. They were bad. Every time you do a fatality, you have loading at the beginning and end of it. Super annoying.

  32. I think the SNES version of Dragons Lair is based on the cartoon series, not the arcade game.

  33. The first thing i had was the Atari 800 computer, and the first game on it was Pac-Man. That was a real arcade port.
    It was one of my favorite gaming systems in general. HERO, Keystone Capers and the best version of Pitfall 2 (with a second part).

  34. My favorite are port was
    Pac-Man and Galaga on Famicom
    Asteroids, Centipede and Missile Command on Atari 2600
    Outrun on Genesis, Saturn and Master System
    Fantasy Zone on Turbografx-16
    Twinbee on Famicom
    1942 and Commando on NES
    Klax on Turbografx-16 and GBA
    Gyruss and Q*bert on NES
    Elevator Action, Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble and Puzznic on NES
    Spy Hunter on GBA
    And Donkey Kong Jr on NES

  35. I smell a lawsuit if any child playing Atari 2600 Pac Man with flashing Inky,Blinky,Pinky,Clyde had a seizure.

  36. Say what you will about this guy, he knows how to light his videos. I remember him talking something about his previous job, and I feel like that must have involved video production, because he's successfully avoided that "camcorder YouTube" look, that some channels still have (won't mention names).

  37. I had Burger Time for the TI 99 4a and I fucking LOVED it!!!! In fact, the TI 99 4a was the very first gaming console I ever owned, and it was SO much fun!!! Man, that thing brings back so many memories! Burger Time, Q-bert, Munch Man, Moon Mine, Parsec….. Wow!

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