Arcade Games on the Miyoo Mini | MAME 2003 Plus Tutorial | Cheats, Tate Mode, Control Customisation -

Arcade Games on the Miyoo Mini | MAME 2003 Plus Tutorial | Cheats, Tate Mode, Control Customisation

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Learn how to setup MAME 2003 Plus Arcade emulation on your Miyoo Mini! I also cover how to find and identify games, how to set up controls, how to activate Tate mode and how to use cheats.

Arcade Italia:
Cheat.dat file:

0:00 Intro
0:48 Add MAME emulator
01:01 Rename arcade folder
01:17 How to find and identify ROMs
03:30 Copy roms to SD card
04:10 Control customisation
04:54 How to use tate mode
05:46 How to use cheats
07:00 Final notes

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  1. Wow dude… this is really comprehensive. Already gotten a few games going! So much easier than the written notes and those complicated instructions

  2. Thanks for another great tutorial! Now I can enjoy the games much more with cheats enabled.

  3. Excellent video, thankyou for being so detailed and explaining this stuff. My arcade section is a complete mess on my Miyoo Mini.. all kinds of weird files floating around in there and most of them aren't working, so I really appreciate this video.

  4. Liked and subscribed. Good luck with the growth, but I'm sure you'll have no problem with content like this.

  5. love your style of videos, do you think you could do one going over pico 8 for this device? im getting mine soon and its one of the main systems i want to play after hearing about it being in onion os

  6. Another informative video. Thanks RetroBreeze! 👍

  7. Scrolling through the mame gamelist is quite slow. Is there a faster way.

  8. One thing that runs better in the miyoo stock mame emulator vs the retroarch core on onion OS is mortal kombat, the sound and playback is very slow /distorted on os onion, but runs perfectly on the stock with full screen also as opposed to the bars present in onion. I keep an stock os SD card just for this so far. Mortal kombat II runs perfectly though in onion.

  9. Watching this to the end it seems the code and configuration I got on my stock miyoo is a thing to cherish. Full 2003 romset and full. Cps1, 2 & 3 sets configured to utilize the full screen no bars. onion is just Inferior for arcade so far, though ofcourse improved in every other sense for consoles

  10. MAME is where these retro experience becomes special. Like you said anything 2D is basically perfect on Mini. We have the 32X and PS1 for true 3D games. Of course SuperFx chip on SNES and GBA has some decent 3D effects too , pretty good for it's time. MAME can handle minimal 3d like early arcade games but for later games by Sega or Namco allocate them to 32x and PS1 and you're all set.

  11. This was really needed and perfectly executed. Thank you

  12. Another great video! Could you possibly consider doing the same for the Retroid Pocket 2+? Been struggling with that a bit! Congrats on the new viewers!

  13. Great video, it helped me in an indirect way. I’m very familiar with Retroarch and all its inner-workings, but I was driving myself nuts. After anyone upgraded to Onion v3.12, the Mame2003+ rom for Captain America and the Avengers ( will not let you select different characters. I tried different roms, copying older mame2003 cores from original firmware to overwrite onion cores, everything.

    Then I watched your video where you enter the Mame menu for cheats. I decided to poke around the dip settings and switched it from 4 players to 2 and now it functions correctly like on the original firmware. What this means is that the Miyoo guys configured dip settings to make some games run correctly. These dip settings did not make their way into Onion. I hope this helps someone like this video did for me.

  14. thank you so much, very informative. i wanted to add arcade games to my miyoo mini when it arrives. would you be able make a guide for setting up the neo geo as well? i'll be using onion v3 so i am not sure if the process will be different.

  15. The Options menu on Onion 3.11's retroarch must be different. I've got some of the ones I can see in yours, some are in System and others not visible.

  16. You are kill'n it, fella!⭐ Keep this up😊

  17. In my opinion ,with the latest onion version ,v 3.11.2 , the best way to emulate arcade games is final burn alpha 2012 core, because often it supports very well bicubic video interpolation and the video filters,audio is often perfect and overall the games run very well .Mame 2003/2003 plus is an older core and doesn't perform well sometimes.

  18. Great video thanks for your hard work, I was wondering if you would be willing to make a video explaining how current onion OS users can update to the newest version ? I'm not really tech savy and I'm kind of worried about bricking my device

  19. This doesn't relate to this video, but on My miyoo mini i hear sound in menus but not on games. Do you know how to fix it?

  20. As an early sub… no, thank YOU, boss. The most well done and informative Miyoo Mini stuff out there.

  21. Can i play Metal slug 6 on Miyoo?
    I m metal slug fan btw..

  22. I followed your instructions. But of only a few roms I’m using for my miyoo mini arcade they won’t load. They just go back to the game select screen. No message, no error, just won’t load. Is that a missing bios issue? I’m running the latest onion.

  23. Hey there. Thanks for the video
    I’ve gotten my arcade games to work, but once I leave the game (hitting the middle button on the Miyoo Mini) and reselect the game, the game won’t load

    I have to go inside the retroarch menu to reset.

    Aka cannot save/load state. Do you know any solution for this?

  24. Everytime I launch an arcade/mame romset, i get a message something like "illegal distribution of this is bad. stop it" Does everyone get that message? I have tried several different versions of the same romset, and multiple different romsets too. They all have that popup message when I launch the game. Is that normal?

  25. Hi Retro Breeze. Hi have been trying to download the zip file four times now and every time it gets to the end, my download cancels… any ideas why? Thank you

  26. I know that the Miyoo Mini can run MvC through MAME, but can it run MvC2? That’s going to be the selling point for me.

  27. Great video! How about doing one for ScummVM on the mini?

  28. Hi, one question, can the Miyoo Mini V2 run Mortal Kombat 1, 2,3 and Ultimate in MAME with decent FPS?

  29. You have the perfect voice for videos such as this, along with a very well chosen musical-track in the background, without any intrusive changes in tone. Well done.

  30. Hello! Thank you very much for the video. Metal slug games from the pack are not working… 🙁 any idea? Thank you again.

  31. Button reconfiguring doesn't work on Ultimate MK 3. So frustrating, my high punch button is one of the triggers and my block is A. Did exactly what you showed and nothing =(

  32. I' m running Onion 3.11.2. At 4:16 you show a controller profile that's not included with Onion, which has way more options for assignments. Can you share the profile or point out where you got it and how to get it on the Mini? Thanks in advance!

  33. It wont load that site "site cant be reached"..

  34. Doesn't final burn run better on weak devices?

  35. You are a MiYoo mini hero dude, thanks for the awesome videos about Miyoo Mini

  36. What game are you playing at the beginning of this video? The one where a guy runs inside a 2D plane

  37. Thanks for your video, mine load but wont play game once I select a game it loads then go back to game list. Any idea of can it be?

  38. Are you able to get The Outfoxies arcade game to work on the Mini with sound? If so please show us how. What core, romset , etc. Thanks

  39. This actual is a emulator questions. Given we can play arcade games in fba2012/fbneo/mame2003plus, what are the pros and cons of playing a game on let say mame2003+ vs fba2012 vs fba2012neogeo, etc.? I am asking strictly in Miyoo mini situations. Thanks!

  40. Even when I use the right romset, nothing loads, any idea?

  41. ok so im using the sd card that came with the device I can load and play arcade games but when I push the menue button to exit out of the arcade game it dosent and the game just stays up and running cant even turn the device off please help

  42. Dude i downloaded multiple times the cheat.dat from the link you provided yet when using it there's no cheat detected please help this is for mame

  43. Already placed the cheat.dat in mame2003 plus folder and also used the roms from the ones you mentioned but nonetheless still cannot find cheat when executing the display mame. No cheat found

    PLease help

  44. Hey Dude. Great video. Im a bit new to all this having now got a miyoo mini. Followed all your instructions but struggling to get the Roms to load in MAME. Can you help?

  45. Does anyone know if you can play JAKKS pacific TV games on the miyoo mini?

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