Arcade Games in Split & Practice Range 6.07 -

Arcade Games in Split & Practice Range 6.07

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Arcade Games added in Split & Practice Range


  1. If the Riot developed a Story Mode of VALORANT, then it will be Overpowered!

  2. I hope there will be an arcade skin line, imagine every kills sounds like a getting a coin and the sound for ACE is like "level up" or "one up".

  3. Am I the only one who thinks new classes are coming to valorant? (According to sage's message)

  4. id die for a gamemode of agents against maxbot or maxbot would be a more advanced training bot that can use abilities

  5. riots cooking something, i can feel it…

  6. When Omen said "commander" did he refer to Brim?

  7. The training bots do get quirky at night

  8. The maxbot do get a little quirky at night

  9. You know shits serious when omen is getting spooked!

  10. nah maxbot finna turn up in thr headquarters they better scrap him quick 😂

  11. It's giving me the Hanamura vibe from Overwatch and I'm loving it

  12. Imagine if Maxbot was the first prototype sample that lead to the creation of Kayo

  13. i think it was when omen saved sage because the robots were trying to kill sage

  14. it would cool if maxbot become so intelligent that it can be the next new agent

  15. ohhh.. so astra yoru and harbor are not pure radiants… interesting

  16. Imagine having an agent that has a small see through Astra ult as a normal ability that can deflect bullets and
    Even mollies or flashes I think this would be a good sentinel since we only have 4 it would be good to have some more

  17. I have watched it Watch me.

    Alternative. I have watched it watch me while i was watching it watch me

  18. seria garxioso que se pudiera votar para jugar un arcade random entre los 5 o algo asi xdx

  19. bruhhh this is the reason why i have 30fps on my default 60fps game😭😭

  20. How hard could it be for Riot to make that game actually playable… Istg I’d spend hours playing them on ghost mode

  21. Omen when he sees a roomba for the first time

  22. We're getting Juggernaut gamemode I'm guessing from the whole 'Maxbot' topic.

  23. "What are you the cleanup crew?"
    The cleanup crew :

  24. KAYO's brother is coming?
    I mean max bot😅

  25. what's the point if we can't even play the arcade games

  26. That maxbot dialogue actuakly creeped me out thinking of it

  27. Sage mail changes everything we understood about Yoru's ability…. interesting

  28. Could be a teaser to Riot's other under-development fighting game currently called "Project L"?

  29. the finisher on "arcade bundle" could be like the last enemy killed starts to dance xD

  30. Omen having a staring contest with Maxbot.

    Meanwhile Cypher's dead body:
    Cypher: Stop staring at it I have the information you need. But my price! My price hasn't been paid yet.

  31. who tf cares. dude valorant virgins are impressed by every sh1t riot dumps on them

  32. there should be a pve mode where we get to fight maxbot

  33. Imagine adding MaxBot in practice range for a mini game, would be useful to practice abilities

  34. Maxbot probably finding ways to nerf Chamber

  35. Damn we should've known this was the teaser to the new bundle.

  36. oh boy cannot wait at 5 am morning to buy the new bundle

  37. arcade room on split is awesome always wanted to be able to use it

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