Arcade games after CiCi's Pizza - Arcade Fun -

Arcade games after CiCi’s Pizza – Arcade Fun

Plush Time Wins
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We stopped by CiCi’s pizza for lunch and then decided to play some of the games in the arcade. We played a little of everything is this arcade. Let’s see how much luck we can have.

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  1. If the bottom of the key hits the bottom of the thing holding the prize the payout rate is ready

  2. angle when it hits the bottom it means it is usally time to pay out most of the time {sorry for miss splellings

  3. 5:50…started to laugh, as Bad Santa popped in my mind.great vid bro thx

  4. I hate her voice is like a a kid that didn't hit puberty

  5. he broke the high score on the basketball lol

  6. you guys are good arcade games👍👍👍👍😎

  7. i can not handle her voice I'm sorry lol

  8. If it hits the bottom it means that it is ready to payout

  9. blasting these aliens blasting these aliens! blasting! lol she so cute tho, i'm glad u guys had fun!

  10. hi u guys are so cute u melt my heart of joy how much do u usually spend in the arcade and contrac of ur wedding u deserve each over keep it up. from mellisa

  11. My aunts use to work at cicis but cicis closed

  12. ppap ppap ppap ppap ppap ppap ppap ppap ppap

  13. Hey plush time wins i play basketballs in arcades i get higher score than in pepople like my score was ——-> demo <———-

  14. Some scores was its a demo 291>342>354>362>371

  15. I don't understand those rigged claw machines when they are in places like CiCi pizza, it's nice when your customer is happy when they go out with a cheap plush and that your customers come back more often than simply sabotaging them and say no, no, no. As if that little moon costs so much money, I think this is very silly of cici pizza and all the other places that really don't think about the satisfaction of the customers when they win something.

  16. The toy soldier that is at the bowling alley in my town has one and yesterday when I was there, some kid was playing it and I was bowling so in the middle of my game bowling (with my new ball) I had to stop and see if it was ready to payout and he didn’t win. So I put 50 cents in for 1 try and I didn’t win. The kid before me had put about $12.50 in the machine and he didn’t win a single thing. I don’t know what the payout laws are in Illinois but it must be high so, I don’t know. At one point, I think the payout was every other try and I had won a lot back in the summer. I am going back today to bowl more and I will see if anyone’s won. There may be something wrong with the part in the motherboard that controls the payout and it’s not letting you win. I think every time the vendor comes by, he puts new prizes in the machine to make it look like people have won for people to want to play the claw.

  17. Marathon watching 1/28/2020… Cici Pizza 🍕 Games!

  18. My sisters name is cici🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  19. I've been to an arcade in CiCi's Pizza before

  20. You are so good at basketball! I Love this!!

  21. I did not remember these arcade games being out of the room where they first were in that room.
    It was a lot different back in my elementary school year

  22. Jesus loves you and died for you turn to Jesus christ and spread his gospel not forcing

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