Arcade Game: Xevious (1982 Namco) -

Arcade Game: Xevious (1982 Namco)

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A flying vertical shooting game.
This is the first game to have pre-rendered graphics and the first game to have hidden characters.


  1. Mappy, Rally X, and Xevious were my faves. 😭 Throw in Rolling Thunder and Dragon Spirit.

  2. I played this game as a young kid of the early 2000's meticulously this along with the racing one. Haha just looked it up to remember it! gonna play em all too

  3. Remember playing this with my bro on pacman console and this game was hard

  4. Graphics look good for '82. I remember buying this around '89 or '90 for the 7800 and the graphics paled in comparison.

  5. So you somehow got invincibility on the way through?

  6. In 1983 a bowling alley across from the middle school I went too had one of these. Oh the memories.

    Olle Middle school in Alief school district, if you care to know. Emerald bowl was the bowling alley iirc.

  7. Remember being awed by the graphics and sound.

  8. One of the games sampled in Onett's Arcade from Earthbound. I heard Space Invaders too.

  9. This looked and played great for 1982. The bombing was a nice idea

  10. The sounds at 1:57 can be heard in the arcade in Onett in Earthbound

  11. I am 19 now, and this game is one of the first games I have ever played in my life on this planet. My aunt told me that way back in 2004 at 1 years old she would let me play on her plug and play pacman game she got as a kid, and every time I went over there as I grew up it was a tradition to just sit and play that till the batteries went dead. I played Mappy and Xevious the most out of the 5 that were available. As I grew older, the furthest I can remember back to playing this game was when I was 5 trying my hardest to get past that first boss that would show up, I didn't know the name so I called it the destroyer tank. My aunt even tried to help me, I just couldn't get past it until one day I managed to get extremely lucky and got past it. This video just made me go buy the exact same plug and play my aunt has to this day, and I cannot wait until it comes in through the mail.

  12. fun fact: this is an ace combat game in the 1980's XD

    context: it connects to the ugsf timeline from ace combat 3 XD , which people consider ace combat's silver timeline XD

  13. I used to think you have to go really far but I realize it's the same map over and over

  14. I didn't say to the man playing this game ugh arghh, your coordination sucks; your aim is terrible.

  15. nice cheats, i sure do wish my solvalou was invincible.

  16. somehow i was unable to read the title of this game when i was a kid but i remember my entire family trying so hard to play longer than 10 min. i got to this part for sure 28:00

  17. Sumire Heanna and Kinako Sakurakoji's favourite game right here.

  18. I remember playing this and never being able to beat it was I this dumb

  19. What??? You have a cheat on.. you don't die of enemy fire.. LOL

  20. My neighbor, who was an architect, had this arcade game in his backyard. I used to sneak into his backyard as an elementary school kid and played it when he wasn't home. It was glorious when he took extended trips outside of the country. I would bring snacks and play all day long. Then one day, it was gone. I think he gave it to one of his relatives.

  21. If you died before the intro music stopped, you got clowned!

  22. I watched this purely for the music & sounds that I missed – I loved this so much!

  23. you fucking idiot you fucking cheated you fucking dunce learn to play the fucking game before you post it on fucking youtube

  24. 1982 come il Collegio 4 l’edizione di Mario Tricca e Roberta Zacchero

  25. Both Xevious and Twin bee (For the nes) Almost looked alike

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