Arcade Game: Warlords (1980 Atari) -

Arcade Game: Warlords (1980 Atari)

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A game similar to breakout with dungeons and dragon theme.


  1. Someone is running a CHEAT.Played this as a kid -was good so got kicked out of the real bar into the next door arcade. Adults didn't want a kid to beat them. Ditto for Joust. Got good at Wizard of Wor…

  2. You either had a color game or you had the B/W mirror version. Not both.

  3. All these need to be ported to new gen systems with platinum trophies.

  4. In the arcarde hall we played this on a table version, 4 players, so much fun 1980, i was 15.

  5. This game taught me a hard lesson. Some games aren't designed to reward skill. More sill doesn't provide any advantage. You still lose at about the same point in the game no matter what.

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