Arcade Game: Super Pac-Man (1982 Namco) -

Arcade Game: Super Pac-Man (1982 Namco)

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For similar game, watch Jr. Pac-Man here:

A maze sequel to Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, but this time, instead of dots, the maze consists of prizes which are locked away behind gates. There are two ways to acces the prizes. You can eat the keys which open a particular gate, and not always the gate which is closest to that key. Or you can crash through the gate after you eat a super pill and become Super Pac-Man. You are not required to eat all of the keys in order to complete the stage.
Four power pills are in maze and allow Pac-Man to turn the tables on the ghosts and eat them for a short time. When the ghosts begin to flash, time is running out and they will switch back, so beware.
New in this game is the super pill. There are two super pills in the maze which allow Pac-Man to become Super Pac-Man for a limited period of time. While in Super form, Pac-Man can crash through the maze gates, fly over the ghosts and avoid being killed (or eat them when they’re blue), and travel at super speed whenever the player presses and holds the speed button. When the super power is about to run out, Pac-Man flashes white and then returns to his normal form. You can extend the duration of super time by eating a regular power pill. The super time will then be extended by the duration of the ghosts’ blue time.


  1. This and Pac n Pal are so weird but I love playing them anyway

  2. good thing i downloaded the rom for that game when i did, the dmca made them take it down, i dont know why they targeted that game though it was not that popular but it was banned instead of pac-man or ms pac-man !

  3. How come the pac-man go through the ghost monsters without dying?

  4. I love this game I wish I played it in the arcade

  5. Absolutely no skill if you’re just teleporting through the ghosts, 1:35:55 I could do the same thing and get a world record

  6. At 12:27, all of the ghosts quaked at once. I think this happened because Pacman just barely came close to running into the ghost, but he luckily got away.

  7. Never realized it was the same gameplay main sfx as Lock n Chase

  8. I played this on NAMCO MUSEUM VOLUME 2.

  9. I play this on an emulator called mame. There are options change the amount of lives and the point intervals when they occur. I assume he's using an emulator and he turned demo mode on.

  10. My top score is 141k, and I can make it to stage 13 or 14 with no cheats. I played this at a burger joint many years ago. Such an underrated game.

  11. Pacman is one of the favorite games over the world

  12. When Pac-Man will be bigger become super (⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ ͜⁠ʖ⁠ ͡⁠°⁠)

  13. I was born in Seattle in 1973, where I grew up. Japanese-American. From my age, you can tell that I didn't yet have savvy, when it came to video games, when this came out. Even at 50 in 2023, I STILL never figured out, what was the key to getting the "big points," 2000 or 5000, and that "extended bell," when you ate that center star?

  14. 21:25 "Big Pac Man" being chased by a billion colored ghosts. Then, a billion "normal sized" Pac-Men chasing four large, but blue ghosts.

  15. 22:37 The sound when you reach 100,000 points, and get your second "extra man." When younger, when something got to $100,000, that sound came to my mind.

  16. Back when video games were simple for anyone to play and learn

  17. Ngl i think i like the maze more than in the original

  18. yo lo jugué y llegaba hasta el hongo… 😀

  19. If Cookie run kingdom have a Pac-Man collab, Pac-man and ghosts will have each of their own secret skills:

    Pac-Man: super chomping attack

  20. Cheat activated to pass thru the ghosts

  21. I had no idea that this existed until a few minutes ago. I saw a tour of a new arcade, which has 4 variants of Pacman – but not only bloody Gauntlet cabinet.

  22. I think pacman needs to get help, he eats shoes, no one can eat a shoe! Send pacman help

  23. I remember this game. It was my favorite Pac-Man game.

  24. Do yall people know about those spam bots on youtube who tell you to play some kind of "Pac Hero" game?

  25. I played this game like more than 10 years ago when I was kid! And now I have the world record run! I'll try to beat my record on the run! 15 Million

  26. Only tangentially related question but this unfamiliar game made me wonder many things which ultimately lead me to this point, why do many arcade games at boot/startup or similar factory default settings, seem to have a default high-score total point tabulation that is disproportionately easy to eclipse?

    Is it to encourage first finders to bite thinking they can represent their skill, or is it to not discourage less familiar players effectively giving them a sense of accomplishment even if not really actually good?

    What do you think?

  27. 34:08 I am so confused by this game mechanical design and this level. I thought I understood. Yet now I know myself blind.

  28. This is unplayable on Museum Plus. The input lag is horrible

  29. I was really good at this in the arcade, at home in MAME I can get many mazes in (wrap around the fruits at least) but it's really hard even with a tank stick to manage the fast pacman in high speed mode… never got that arcade FEEL at home… in the arcade I could hold down the speed button and navigate the maze without missing edges… but at home… I can get pretty good using the upgraded Tank Stick to XInput mode I think they called it (mode 4) but it's still not 100% like the arcade. I never did adjust the joysticks from 8 way to 4 way as software was supposed to do it… pacman type games are my favorite but I can't truly enjoy them as the controls are not arcade perfect… 🙁 I can still clear about 20'ish levels of pacman/mrs pacman/and super pacman but I could do more in the arcade… (without cheating)… seems you have some cheat enabled in this to pass through the ghosts…

  30. I remember this game making me feel hungry when I use to play it

  31. Bruh you don’t need to get all the keys to finish each level

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