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Arcade Game: Star Trek (1982 Sega)

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A 3D Vector (Wireframe) shooting ’em up game with computerized speech synthesis. The player finds himself the Captain of the Starship Enterprise, his mission being to rid the universe of a number of threats to the United Federation of Planets.
In order to destroy enemies the player may use either of two weapons : Phasers (the Fire button) or Photon Torpedoes. Each has unique properties.
* Phasers are instantaneous, can destroy only one enemy at a time, and are in unlimited energy supply.
* Photon Torpedoes require time to travel, can destroy many enemies, and are in LIMITED supply. Displayed in the Status screen, Photon Torpedo supply appears as a red bar (squares).
The primary enemy is the Klingon Battle Cruiser, which comes in three colors :* Red Klingon – ignores the Enterprise and sets out to destroy a Starbase, after which the Klingon turns purple.
* Purple Klingon – ignores Starbases and attempts to destroy the Enterprise by firing plasma energy balls. Purple Klingons will stop a certain distance away while attacking so as not to risk collision. After a certain period of time (depending on round), purple Klingons turn white.
* White Klingons – sometimes known as Maniac Klingons, these Klingons will move VERY QUICKLY and attempt to ram the Enterprise.


  1. This game, combined with its 3D vector graphics and speech synthesis, made it very advanced for its time.

  2. This is almost identical to the version that was on the Atari 8 bit which I think was mildly better due to graphics. I must admit that I do not remember it in the arcade.

  3. Sulu's voice must have been on audio tape because it does not come up in emulation?

  4. I had the world record high score on the coin-op "cockpit" version of this game…31,054,500 points back in 1983.
    N.B. Occasionally, a purple Klingon will totally ignore the Enterprise, never turn white, and simply fly in a straight line repeatedly, over and over. This gives the player as much of a break as is desired; they may proceed to use the head and have lunch & a smoke if desired. Wasting this Klingon will cause the game to resume right where it left off.

  5. Brings back good ol' memories of being in the arcade back in the 1980's & early 1990's.

  6. Ah, you're not getting hit…cheater. 🙂

  7. You attacked your own base? hint – you defend those. Also that's Nemoy's voice.

  8. Are the controls really confusing or are you just a lousy player?

  9. Anyone here live near Western New York? I have one (stand-up) that I am
    considering selling. It needs a television screen installed instead of
    the vector, but other than that, it works (I also added wheels to the
    bottom for easy maneuvering when necessary).

  10. lol don't kill the starbases…that's how you get points and re-arm. Also judicious usage of photons when the klinks are grouped together is wise.

  11. absolutely cracking arcade game. loved it. tough as hell though.

  12. It's too bad the resolution on the emulator is set so low. It makes this vector game look like a low-rez raster game (which it isn't).

  13. Has anyone found this game on any arcade collections for any console? I have yet to find it other than Mame.

  14. I remember this game and battlezone seemed sooo futuristic to me as kid.

  15. I own this arcade – it's in my basement.

  16. Ever notice that the first half of the rendition of the opening theme is missing the opening four notes (which starts with a high A, and then a lower E, higher G and lower B) before the part that was played on a French horn? The ColecoVision port does restore them.

  17. In addition to what we know already…
    "Be the Captain of the Starship Enterprise" (Scotty)
    "Welcome Aboard, Captain" (Spock)
    "Congratulations: High Score" (Spock – when the game is over)

    There was also…
    "Sector Secured" (Chekov)

  18. Not really the video game Trekkies in 1982 felt like wasting their quarters on

  19. One very curious thing about this game: That blue diamond-shaped object which shows up in some rounds.

    I think it is known as the 'Antimatter Saucer' (or something similar). Whenever the Enterprise moves towards it, it moves away faster. However, whenever the Enterprise moves away from it, it pursues the Enterprise faster.

    If the Enterprise comes in contact with that blue diamond, the latter will suck the warp out of the former. In short, the Enterprise will have no warp.

    (I have played this game loads of times. In fact, this was one of my 3 favorites …)

  20. I used to dominate at this game back in the 80's, got #1 score every time and of course the initials I entered were always "KRK".

  21. Between the "no hits" cheat and the apparent lack of knowledge of docking with starbases, this was too painful to watch.

  22. As of August 2019, the cockpit version of this machine can be played at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas. It's amazing.

  23. One of my favorites back in the day. This player wasn't all that good. Either destroyed the starbases or let them be destroyed. Don't use photon torpedos. They might do something helpful. Good memories though.

  24. I used to play the hell out of this game back in the Arcade rooms in the 80's. I was just posting on Facebook how I missed it and why I was creating a modern version of this game for myself. LOL.

  25. Cheater who also has no clue how the game plays. Thumbs down.

  26. “He’s cheating”
    who the fuck cares?

  27. this game needs to be made for modern game systems

  28. ive been using the "WELCOME ABOARD CAPTAIN" as my text alert sound for years…lol

  29. D-Complex aka Snyper MC ( Live Drum N' Bass mixes) says:

    Was just playing this at the pinball hall of fame in Las Vegas, NV. Very legit game. Never played it before today.

  30. Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It's 5 year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before! Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator The Arcade game from Sega!

  31. Ummm…isn't letting your Starbases get nuked a bad thing? Doesn't the Federation Council look down on that kinda thing?

  32. I love seeing games I played as a kid but not played by a moron.

  33. Anyone know how to play this nowadays? LITERALLY asking for a friend?

  34. Oy… it’s much better when you have somebody who legitimately knows how to play the game.

  35. I have such fond memories of this game. Very old times, but so wonderful.

  36. Sega Star Trek vector like Star Wars!!1982? I thunk

  37. What I don't get, is why this player intentionally wastes Photons & Warp, while intentionally losing Starbases! 🤔

  38. is there a way to play this on pc? not sure what emulator to use

  39. You have to save the space station before they destroy!

  40. I remember the extremely cool sound effects the game had.

  41. I noticed that it gets harder as you go along. Especially when it comes to protecting the star base. 🌟

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