Arcade Game: Spy Hunter (1983 Midway) -

Arcade Game: Spy Hunter (1983 Midway)

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An action/shooting/driving game where you play a role of a driver of a G-6155 CIA Prototype Interceptor sports car. The object of the game is to travel the freeways and waterways, hunting down and destroying as many enemy vehicles as possible, all the while not harming civilian vehicles. Points are scored for driving on the road and for destroying enemy vehicles. There is a lead-in time when the player has an endless supply of cars. After this time expires, the player will lose a life each time the car crashes. Extra cars can be earned with high scores. The first extra car is earned at a default value of 30,000 points, but this value can vary depending on settings.
The player must be careful to avoid harming civilian vehicles on the road. There are three types: blue automobiles, pink automobiles, and motorcycles. Hurting these vehicles causes scoring to stop briefly, during which time the player’s score reads ‘NO POINTS’.
There are six enemies in all, each with their own special characteristic :
Switchblade’ or ‘Never To Be Trusted’ cars have tire slashers. Knives pop out of this car’s tires and can force the player’s car to crash if they touch his tires.
The Road Lord’ or ‘Bulletproof Bully’ cars have bulletproof armor plating; machine guns are ineffective against these cars.
The Enforcer’ or ‘Double Barrel Action’ is a limousine with a shotgun toting thug who shoots at the player’s car.The Mad Bomber’ or ‘Master Of The Sky’ is a helicopter which drops bombs. This enemy can only be destroyed with missiles.
‘Barrel Dumper’ is a boat which drops lethal explosives into the water.
‘Doctor Torpedo’ is a boat which shoots torpedoes at the player’s ship.

Note: Used the Don’t ram other vehicles cheat so I do not hit the good drivers. Also used infinite smokescreen, oil, and missile as well. The game is endless.


  1. I need to find the sit down arcade version

  2. i remember going into arcades and this theme constantly playing over and over again.

  3. Hard but awesome game to play. Only once did I get to the water.

  4. Always loved the music in this game at the arcade

  5. This person plays about as well as I did Back In The Day. Meaning not well. Let's hear it for unlimited play.

  6. This must be emulated. The player doesn't have the real arcade controls. The game is hard without them.

  7. In my memories the graphics are far far better but they are nowhere close to what it actually is

  8. I remember this from when I had the midway collection! I want it again. Decently tough game but you'd never get tired of playing it

  9. The most underrated arcade game of all time.

  10. My best score was just over 3 million. I’ve done 2 million a couple times. To get 3 million it took me about 3 hours. I was good. When you get to a million the music get more intense. Changes tone in the song, also these funny white flag images start to appear as you go to long with the same car.

  11. In 1985, I got addicted to this game as an 18 year old Navy sailor. The laundromat on base was my hangout on payday (too young to get into bars) and I'd spend hours pumping quarters into that machine while I did my laundry! I couldn't get that song out of head. Great memories.

  12. Seems like he's got hacks on…I clearly see him glitching through the cars. Still cool to watch though.

  13. I guess he's playing with collisions off 😉

  14. the vehicle sprites look quite nice for 1983

  15. Spy Hunter was my number 1 Favorite Midway Arcade Game of All-Time I play ports was GBA and Midway Arcade Treasures on Gamecube and then I play awesome cabinet and steering wheel at Galloping Ghost Arcade

  16. Loved this game! Maybe it’s because of Spy Hunter that I am now an amazing driver!

  17. Enemy: This is the Enemies Mayhem! You're under arrest in the name of the evil world of experience!

    Player: YOU NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!! (Gun Shot at the enemy and the evil army are starting to chase after him!)

  18. I wanted to see here something deep, but game very primitive, i thing zx spectrum version has more advanced mechanics, lets you shot in different directions… But seems bump'n'jump i like more, and motor road for TurboGrafx16

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