Arcade Game Prices - IS IT WORTH IT?!!! In-Depth Discussion of Video Game Pricing -

Arcade Game Prices – IS IT WORTH IT?!!! In-Depth Discussion of Video Game Pricing

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Arcade Game Prices – IS IT WORTH IT?!!! In-Depth Discussion of Video Game Pricing. Today I discuss why the mainstream method of evaluating a game’s monetary value is flawed and misleading, especially for shmups and arcade games.


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  1. The older I get, the less and less patience I have for a 40 hour game. Which is why shoot em ups have become my favorite and go to genre. When I'm really feelin it, I can put a 3 or 4 hours into one in one sitting, or I can play for 20 minutes on other days. I personally would pay $100 on the M2 stuff and still feel I got my moneys worth. On the other hand, I don't play many AAA games anymore and am out of touch with them, but when I have got the mainstream stuff, I've usually felt like I was ripped off.

  2. My philosophy is $1 an hour. If I can get 10 hours out of a $10 game or 60 out of a $60, I am happy. Most arcade games I can get more than $1 an hour.

  3. Game time isn't important but the number of hours worth of entertainment is. I will often compare the price of a game compared to drinks on a night out or a meal in a restaurant. Then games can start to look like reasonable value.

  4. The return on investment of money and time absolutely is a valid metric with which to assign value to anything from products to activities to even some types of relationships.

    Regarding games, for most people that value does not come from raw replayability of content with a limited amount of discernable variety (regardless of how deep that replayability is) but the amount of content in the initial time spent and the enjoyment factor of that content. And it's during the first 30 mins that a game has to really hook the player, especially if it's not a single-player experience (in which seeing the playthrough to it's conclusion IS the hook).

    That's why so many non-story games use story, in-game progression/unlockables, and other forms of extrinsic reward to hook players and justify the price. It's simply necessary in the modern gaming landscape, and there's really nothing we can do about it. Genres in which the flagship series' don't do those things are simply doomed to remain niche.

    It's why NRS games and Smash sell the highest and have the most presence in the general public. They offer more varied content that appeals to more than just the hardcore niche and is worth more money to more types of people.
    It's why the shmups with the broadest appeal are indies like ZeroRanger, which offer more to players than just replay value in the form of repetitively playing the same few levels for higher scores, and rouge-likes that guarantee multiple runs don't feel repetitive or samey. But because they're indies and not the frontrunners for the genre, they can't increase the appeal of the genre as a whole.

    And in both the fighting and shmup genres, I've noticed that there's a good chunk of the niche who are resistant against new releases being designed to have more mainstream appeal.
    But what those people fail to see (or choose to ignore) is the fact that "a rising tide lifts all boats".
    If the flagship titles that represent the genre to outsiders become more appealing to outsiders, more people will be able to assign higher levels of value and there will always be a portion of the newcomers who will be curious and look into the more niche offerings of the genre. And that will always be more than would get curious about the genre of things stay the same and never evolve/adapt to the changing gaming landscape.

  5. I’m glad people are going to these lengths to keep the original hardware and boards alive but I personally like to stick with emulation and ports due to cost and space.

  6. For me, its not so much about the price point, its just the question if i really want to play a game or not. Sometimes a specific collection can be really tempting as well. The limited edition of SDOJ is the most expensive game i have ever bought (270 bucks). I could have gone with the digital version for 20 or 30 bucks, and maybe i should have, but as a collectors item, high prices are fine, i think.

  7. I was bit late to joining the PCB party
    And currently I own "Detana Twinbee". I dunno if I should say "Oh thank god. No one play this game, so I only payed 250 dollars for that thing" or "Oh god.. This PCB market got so crazy over time".

    But seriously all the Cave PCBs are just insane. Also the fact that these PCB can break for no reason. So you have to be very careful with it too.

  8. not related, but, is there a way to install shmuparch on linux? (ubuntu)

  9. Personally, aside from the games that I need to have day 1, most games I’m picking up closer to the $20 mark; AAA or otherwise. The sales these days are often insane and because of that my backlog has exploded to a point where most things I get just sit there and go untouched.

  10. The same people who complain about a $40-$60 shmup will turn around and drop $120+ on Call of Duty and a season pass and then drop more money on cosmetic items 🤔🤔🤔

  11. I think the prices are blown out of proportion. To me it seems like a gold rush where the people buying at these high prices think they are making an investment without realizing that the barrier of entry to play these games is getting lower every year. That, or they are simply too passionate about some games and feel they have to spend mucho money on them to feel like they have the right to play…

    Either way, I strongly encourage everyone to maximize the bang for their bucks. There are too many good games to end up stuck paying 300$+ for a single game's version.

  12. There are many times which I bought a standalone SHMUP or arcade style game on sale and then I wish that I bought it full price due to its quality and replayability.

    Also sometimes if I like the game so much I end up buying it twice (digitally & physically). I did that with EspRaDe… including SOUNDTRACK lol

  13. I stumbled into some hardcore pcb enthusiast on accident. I posted a 2all of Sorcer Striker on ShmupRedit awhile back and got my post taken down for using emulation. I tried talking to the moderator on there but he didn't want to discuss the issues in any detail. I got the impression that it was more of an elitist thing than a piracy issue with that particular moderator.

  14. I think pricing games purely by how much time you CAN get from a game is tricky.
    Ultimately you could do this with every single game if you take into account speedrunners and the amount of hours they can milk from a title.
    While I could personally justify paying AAA price for a shmup, I don't think the amount of time most players (casuals) will sink into the title can justify £60. A high price point for something a good chunk of players will only sink a few hours into just ends up limiting the amount of players who do take up the genre.

    Realistically (sadly) they should top out at £20, digitally.

  15. If you want the original game and it is scarce and many people wants it, you pay.

    It's not ridiculous.

    Like with any other kind of collectibles/arts market

  16. You don't buy 12 PS5 games over the course of 6 months and you buy a ketsui PCB. Easy.

  17. I can´t afford arcade cabinets and PCB:s but I would love to have some. The feeling of playing, for example Battle Garegga, on a big CRT monitor in original aspect ratio definitely beats the PS4 port I think. If you want to practice the game PS4 of course is best but I understand why you would want to spend so much if you have it.

  18. Good video, interesting subjects. Makes me think…I absolutely loved Bloodborne. Even got a platinum trophy on it. But I reached a point where I simply can't bring myself to play it anymore…I had my share. Guwange on the other hand…never played for longer than one hour in one sitting. But man, I'm still playing this damn thing…since 2001:-)
    I wish they'd port it to Steam, M2 style…

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