Arcade Game Prices - IS IT WORTH IT?!!! In-Depth Discussion of Video Game Pricing -

Arcade Game Prices – IS IT WORTH IT?!!! In-Depth Discussion of Video Game Pricing

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Arcade Game Prices – IS IT WORTH IT?!!! In-Depth Discussion of Video Game Pricing. Today I discuss why the mainstream method of evaluating a game’s monetary value is flawed and misleading, especially for shmups and arcade games.


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  1. For me, its not so much about the price point, its just the question if i really want to play a game or not. Sometimes a specific collection can be really tempting as well. The limited edition of SDOJ is the most expensive game i have ever bought (270 bucks). I could have gone with the digital version for 20 or 30 bucks, and maybe i should have, but as a collectors item, high prices are fine, i think.

  2. This emulation is wrong discussion is very stupid, when you drop a 1000 dollars on that Ketsui PCB, Cave isn't getting that money, they are still only getting by with their gacha and console ports, those are the ones people should buy

  3. You used to talk more about paid DLC as a potential avenue for profit, did you change your mind? I do think it's probably the best way of moving forward, because it allows developers to keep low base prices which I think ultimately helps shmups since they're really hard to get into. On the other hand, 20 bux for a fully featured shmup seems like a very fair price to me, not sure how more casual fans will feel though. I think everyone can agree that prices of games like CCWI are just ridiculous, no matter how casual of a fan they are.

  4. 40-50 no more, do they think we're made of money the swines 😑

  5. If you appreciate and care about shoot em ups then you must purchase them at full price. The developers and small projects need fan support to survive. These games will disappear. They need the money to keep the lights on. You seem to be one of the only reviewers or Youtube video makers who gets it.
    Cotton Reboot just came out and it's awesome. Same "is it worth it" review nonsense again. M2 Shot Triggers appears to have stopped releasing games in North America like GG Aleste 3, ESP Ra De, and Mahou Daisakusen (Sorcer Striker). After M2 released incredible, definitive versions of Ketsui, Battle Garegga and Dangun Feveron and all these reviews, every time, say shoot em up games are not worth it, too expensive, you can beat the game in 20 minutes, a slim package etc. Very counter productive and absolutely ridiculous.
    I'm unfortunately hesitant about the new M2 Shot Triggers Kyukyoku Tiger (Twin Cobra) + Tiger Heli coming out later this year (there is a trailer up). I will need some convincing on that one. 1985 and 1987 is a bit too old? They must have historical importance in Japan. I don't know. And there is a beat em up included?

  6. let me know next time you do a giveaway lol

  7. I think what compounds this issue is what people may personally look for in a specific shmup too. You'll have the tourists who will blast through it with continues and never play again, people who want to aim for 1CCs or other self imposed challenges and people who will grind out scores. This ability to play shmups (and arcade games in general) in a variety of different ways is a genuine strength of the genre that often gets overlooked, but it's also probably the primary reason why there's so much discourse over how much they're "worth". Even if you're a fan of shmups, you'll probably think some games under the umbrella of the same developer you love are "worth" more than others because of how you engage with their systems, art direction, setting, music and so on – subjective qualities that are likely the biggest driving factors behind whether you dump tens, hundreds or a thousand hours into a specific game.

  8. I picked up an Atomiswave SD candy cabinet and have been buying PCB's for it. It's not for everyone to be sure, I just picked up In the Hunt and Hyperduel.

  9. I have no problem with prices in this genre for exactly the time reasons you mentioned. Even Radiant Silvergun at $250 isn't a bad buy compared to a movie blu ray. The waters get muddied because of FTP FPSes that people can play for hundreds of hours with little to no outlay. Then there's the Hamster ACA stuff – online leaderboards, save state (singular), caravan modes, multiple region versions…for like $5. And there's tons of it. But even still, I paid ~$80 a piece to import the ShotTriggers titles, and would happily do it again.

  10. I love shmups and arcade games in general and I disagree with everything you said. Arcade games don't exist in a separate bubble, they coexist with other "normal" games and they can and should be compared against them and their standards. A game with 1h of unique content shouldn't cost the same as a 100h game of comparable quality, and no, playing that 1h game for 50h doesn't mean it has 50h of content (yes, I'm talking about Ketsui), you're just replaying the same content over and over again. ANY game can be replayed ad infinitum if you so desire. Seems both players and reviewers agree with this.

    Also it's worth noting that arcade games are inherently worse products because unlike normal games they're emulated. And we both know that even the best releases aren't 100% perfect.

    I also disagree with the gameplay density concept. Gameplay is gameplay whether you're flying around shooting stuff or just running around gathering plants in an rpg or survival game. Neither type is better or worse, some people may prefer frantic, condensed action, others may have as much fun running around talking to NPCs and exploring environments in a 3D game.

    What I'm ultimately trying to say is that shmups/arcade games should be priced like any other game – accordingly to the quality AND amount of their content, and 99% of them are way overpriced (which I bet is one of the main reasons they sell so poorly), I always wait for deep sales before buying them. Just look at your favorite shmup, R-Type F2, it costs the same as Horizon Zero Dawn (one of PS4 best exclusives) or premium edition of GTAV – a triple A game made by a full team of over 1000 people across 3 full years…
    I agree about Crimzon Clover being undervalued but it's their own fault, they were officially selling it for 2$ barely 10 months after Steam release.

  11. It comes down to form factor. Game devs aren't concerned with how rare or collective their games will get. Only selling the maximum units to fund the next project. People are so concerned about resale than they are experiencing the medium. The absurd high prices are the reasons to champion digital and reproductions.

    Collectors that shame others for not shelling out 10x over asking price are a joke. It's not like the original devs are going to see a penny from the resale.

  12. For me JRPGs and Shmups are worth more than most other games, I don't mind plopping down $80-$100 for some if I have to and I live in a low income country where the average person makes $500 a month. A month ago or so I paid around over $80 for Macross Scrambled Valkyrie on SNES and don't regret it one bit. On Monday I paid around the same price for Fast Striker on Vita because I somehow missed there was a physical release of the game for Vita and I REALLY wanted to own it physically.

  13. What was the Shmup you were playing at the end of this video?
    🙏 Thanks 😁

  14. You are right, shmups are undervalued…same with beat em ups ..for me they are worth it for sure, I'll pay $60 for a good arcade game in a good package, like all M2 Shottriggers etc. Mark – You are already doing an excellent job re-educating people about the value of the arcade games and the nature of arcade gameplay in general.
    It's only a matter of time until the mainstream audience will become more open for these kind of experiences again….Ubi Soft open world snoozefests, the same Call Of Duty loops year in, year out.

  15. The $3000 price tag of Batrider D:

    Buy incredible game, or food for a year?

    I had a chance to buy Sorcer Striker(Mahou Daisakusen) for $1200 and someone bought it while I was procrastinating… Probably a fair price tbh

  16. Get a MiSTer. More convenient and same accuracy. Playing CPS 2 and Cave boards.

  17. Arcade game prices go up, but so do many retro game prices too. I am fortunate to have start collecting in 1993 and I built a good collection over the years. I wanted to buy PCBs in 2005-2014 and cabs, but thought they were pricy as I was a student and didn't had room at my parent's house.

    But when I bought my house, had a good job and most of all, decided to sold many games from my collection that rose in price, I was able to pay for these items I was longing for years.

    5 years later, I have 10 cabs, 150 arcade games (16 Cave among them).

    I always was in the genre (since Axelay when I was a kid) and I think I always will be.

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