Arcade Game: Popeye (1982 Nintendo) -

Arcade Game: Popeye (1982 Nintendo)

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A platform/run and jump game featuring characters from the famous King Features Syndicate cartoon show of the same name. The aim of the game is to rescue Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oyl. This is achieved by catching a set number of objects thrown down by Olive from the top of the screen; such as hearts, letters and musical notes. Popeye is constantly pursued in his quest by love rival, Bluto (a.k.a. Brutus). Popeye must either run away from Bluto or grab some spinach and punch him off the screen (he will, of course, return).
Should any of Olive Oyl’s items fail to be caught, they will fall into the water at the bottom of the screen. Popeye will then have only a few seconds to retrieve the object or a life is lost. Several other Popeye characters also make an appearance in the game; namely Wimpy, Sweet-pea, the Sea Hag and her Vulture, whose name is Bernard. The game’s three levels are the dock scene, the street scene and the shipboard scene. These repeat with increasing difficulty.

Note: This time No cheat used. Only save states were used throughout the game.

After the game was beaten, it endlessly repeats level 1 over and over. Level 10 becomes Level A and Level 11 becomes Level B and so on. The game is endless.


  1. Now I look back and realized how simple people were back then 😐

  2. Wow, 512×448? How come only the sprites are in 512×448 resolution, though?

    This is actually opposite from how the SNES would handle 512×448 a decade later, where 512×448 was restricted to backgrounds and sprites were stuck with either 256×448 or 256×224.

  3. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times… Fuck Bluto.

  4. The spritework in this game is so good, especially for '82.

  5. I remember we had a condo in Orlando and when we vacationed there, I would literally run to the arcade room to play this game. I think I was around 7 yrs old. I loved the 80's and wish I could go back

  6. The person playing the game in this video is really good. I remember this being a very difficult game.

  7. This game's graphics are weird. The character sprites are quite detailed for 1982, but then the backgrounds are really basic stuff that looks like it belongs on the 2600. It's as if it's running at two different resolutions at once. Also, this game makes great use of the Popeye license!

  8. Used to play this Whit my father when i was little

  9. This game is better than ALL 8bit Mario games, only losers disagree with that comment.

  10. Wow completely forgot about this game, it's literally been 30+ years since the last time I've seen it/played it, only played it a few times but thought it was super cool.

  11. Playing it in 2021 and it’s still freakin hard!

  12. Family computer I was 6 or 7 years old that time this console was expensive "some families can afford this'but my family can't afford to buy 'i play this to my friend house 🏠 it's a wonderful childhood memories

  13. Alguien sabe quien tocaba el tema original del gameplay?

  14. I found the nes version already hard but the arcade is really as hard as a son of a fucking bitch,

  15. Sherlock hound the arcade game
    ©️1992 TMS, Nintendo,Konami

  16. I remember playing this at Topsail Beach at the patio playground. Simple but great fun at the beach with family.

  17. You’re really good at playing this! This was one of my favorite games back then!

  18. The characters are dead on. A rarity for the time.
    I wish Miyamoto and Nintendo would do some new Mario style games, in 2D and/or 3D, based on Popeye.
    That would be very cool.

  19. I made it to level 3 but never made it to level 4

  20. Popeye is the ultimate chad, first of all look at that perfect jawline, secondly he can go through a wall and and walk across the entire earth in a fraction of a second and come out the other side.

  21. This is originally what Donkey Kong was meant to be, but they couldn't get the Bluto sprite
    to look good so they made Mario and Donkey Kong sprites. I guess this is them proving they could do it later.

  22. The best soundtrack of any video game of its era.

  23. Was is there an actual ending To this game or do you continue playing until you lose all your lives

  24. How is he still alive after level 4?
    The game turns into a total s***show after level 3. 😲
    I counted like 10 near misses that would have killed me. Until he finally died at 16:49.
    Very impressed.

  25. One of my favorite games in the eighties I spent costless hours in the arcade on

  26. Perfect game i love it so much I play in my childhood. Tks !

  27. Wow the sprite work in this game is incredible. Very impressive.

  28. On level 2 I used to get a kick out of trapping bluto in the bottom when I got the spinach…his reaction was hilarious the closer you to him in the corner

  29. This game is better than the nintendo switch version

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