Arcade Game: Ponpoko (1982 Sigma Enterprises Inc.) -

Arcade Game: Ponpoko (1982 Sigma Enterprises Inc.)

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A platform/run ‘n jump game.

Note: Used Invincibility cheat when down to last life. The game is endless.


  1. How do you cheat? Mame engine allows for it?

  2. Used to play this at the pier arcade at the beach in my youth. Such memories.

  3. i heard that this game used to be popular in korea

  4. 5:28 how did you double jump? 17:35 how did you run through an enemy? Just curious!

  5. Ah, played this up at Dorney Park, in Pennsylvania. Think it was the only time I ever saw it.

  6. Saw this game once and the way the player character jumps really ruined this unplayable game.

  7. it Can't be real. just can't be. on on on on on.

  8. Huh, this game is on Pac-Man hardware but they didn't change any of the palettes from Pac-Man

  9. Uno de mis videojuegos favoritos de cuando yo era un niño.

  10. This was the only Sigma Enterprises game to use the Namco WSG sound chip.

  11. この主バカ過ぎる

  12. I used to be a video game tech in Iowa working for some shady management. I used play this till sun came up. Obviously free, but addictive it was.

  13. The game is endless… get to the beer and that's it. One of my favorites.

  14. You got so lazy in the invincible mode. 🤣 After 3 rounds of beer…is that why invincible stopped?! 🤣

  15. doesn't use short jumps, but plays well only with long jumps, amazing

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