Arcade Game Pickup - Sinistar - Scariest Arcade Game?! -

Arcade Game Pickup – Sinistar – Scariest Arcade Game?!

Retro Ralph
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In this video, we take a look at what might be the scariest arcade game of the ’80s. Sinistar developed and manufactured by Williams Electronics is a multidirectional arcade shooter.

Sinistar was the first game to use stereo sound (in the sit-down version), with two independent front and back soundboards for this purpose. It was also used a 49-way optical joystick that Williams produced specifically for this game.

The voice of Sinistar was recorded by radio personality John Doremus and played through an HC-55516 CVSD decoder.


note: You will need to select “defender” as your “color” option.

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  1. There might be an adjustment to slow it down.

  2. Played that game as a teenager was not scary

  3. I don't really care too much because I'm really just screwing around on YouTube and down a hole, but there was about 45sec of sinistar footage in this and about 6mins of arcade builder nerdage

  4. My record is blowing up two Sinistars on one coin. I felt so pleased with myself.

  5. Whoa man, just like most, could not get far and a bunch of WTF moments… why did I try to play again !?!?

  6. I played Sinistar at a local fair around 1984-1985 and I never got a chance to blow up that monster. I finally destroyed it in a arcade in Montréal, around 1996-1997. It's the only time I did it in my whole life.

  7. I was never any good at it but it didn’t stop me from pumping quarters in to it as Round Table Pizza

  8. Loved this game….dropped entire paychecks on this

  9. Scariest arcade game I've played was Carn-Evil

  10. Ye me too. I was little and that one scared me

  11. I loved that game. I used to break out in a cold sweat.

  12. the first time I heard sinistar scream i got full body chills. horrifying!

  13. Couldn't agree more but loved to play it. The other game that had a memorable audio was Star Castle. That audio was a little intimidating.

  14. I remember playing a cockpit version of Sinistar back in the 80s. When that roar bellowed out of the rear speakers for the first time, I practically dove out of the machine. Lost my other two lives in the process as I laughed it off.

  15. You have the most alpha jawline I've ever seen.

  16. The game that freaked me out not wanting to play was Chiller. i still don't want to play it and wonder if the designer is in a penitentiary.

  17. Its almost the perfect game, up there with Robotron. But it's impossible to emulate without that specific joystick. An 8-way or even 16-way joystick will get you killed very fast.
    But on the original machine the gameplay is a force of nature. I've beaten several levels, but only in "the zone."

  18. Sensitivity is a little off and doesn't play as well. Just like my unconsentually cut Johnson.

  19. I was born in 1974. My hair would stand on end when I heard "RAWWWRRR!" At the arcade.

  20. I heard a story that the guys at Williams referred to this game as Ron Howard. If you’ve played it, you’ll understand. All of the Williams games on this platform are awesome!

  21. I remember when Dark Souls first came out and players were getting so frustrated with it. They obviously had never been toughened up by old arcade games like this.

  22. This game was included in a bundle on a CD for my computer. No game play instructions were included for any of the games. I spent so many hours playing this game with no idea of how to win.

  23. Used to be a personal favorite. That and Spy Hunter.

  24. Now I see where the inspiration for The Bishop Of Battle came from.

  25. Cody Rhodes’ neck tattoo looks just like Sinistar.

  26. "One game so scary…I wouldn't go near it…"

    🐞 !!!

  27. There was a table top version at a family restaurant my dad would take me to in the late ‘80s

  28. Never played this one. But being as how I sucked at Asteroids I would've probably hated it.


  30. I was good at this game as a teen never thought it was scary though.

  31. Thanks for the Sinistar game tutorial. I recently got the Defender partycade and had no clue on how to play the game. I'm now enjoying the game since you shed some light on the rules.

  32. Yes! This was THE bad ass game that was hard as fuck to play took all my quarters from my paper route and the couch cushions as kid in the 80s.

  33. Yeap..I remember playing it in the arcade oh so long ago.

  34. 8 year old me walks into arcade with smile on face.
    Sinistar: BEWARE! I LIVE!
    Me: Runs right dafuq out!

  35. Bruce Campbell for president 12 gauge double barrel says:

    U must have been a nervous child .

  36. Sinistar was frightening just like home alone for the nes when Harry or Marv got close

  37. I remember this at Chuckee Cheese, it was to hard so I played Golden Axe instead.

  38. Please do a video on the Baby Pacman! if haven't done one yet 🙂

  39. Playing This Game As A Kid I Remember The Anxiety I Got Hearing That Voice Knowing Sinistar Would Show Up Soon! 😳😰🤯

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