Arcade Game: Pac-Man (1980 Namco (Midway License for US release)) -

Arcade Game: Pac-Man (1980 Namco (Midway License for US release))

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For similar game. watch Jr. Pac-Man

A all-time classic arcade game that one should like. Influenced many maze games in later years. Cheats were used in this game since the game gotten really hard as it progressed and controls did not feel right on an emulator.. I did it to show you some of the cut scenes and the items that pac-man eats. Known as puckman in Japan. Originally released by namco. License to midway for western release.


  1. When I was kid, we visited NYC. My brother and I stepped into an arcade
    (several, actually) and virtually all of the Pac-Man and Donkey Kong
    games were obvious bootlegs. In fact, the DKs were called "Krazy Kong"
    and the colors were way off. The Pac-Man games used the bell icon from
    the eleventh level as the actual Pac dude. It didn't have a moving mouth
    or anything. If felt very NY mob knock-off at the time. Incidentally,
    my brother and I used to think that the seventh/"lime" level was a hand

  2. I just got the Pac Man sheets. So I came here for the soundterack to play wiht my GF crawled in bed. LOL

  3. Cheata!!! How arent you ashame to put this up?

  4. I remember my old dentist had a packman arcade game.

  5. Guatafac, el juego oficial de La Grasa 😱

  6. HACKS THATS CAP HE HACKIN no bc ghost are see through and cannot touch

  7. Why is this man trying to avoid the ghost like he isn’t invincible

  8. I was born in 2001 I use to play the wii board and the wii sports mario sonic and pac-man I even

  9. What kind of cheats were used to enable Pac-Man immune from attacks? No such cheats exist on the GameFaqs website.

  10. Questo gioco Valeria mi ricorda mio cugino di Ravenna che ci giocava in camera sua nell'appartamento dove vivevano i miei zii e i miei cugini di Ravenna circa 30 anni fa

  11. Brings back so many wonderful memories. Just subbed, keep up the great retro content my friend!

  12. Blinky, the red ghost represents as the leader of the ghosts and is the most aggressive ghost who always chases Pacman directly.
    Pinky, the pink ghost represents as the only female ghost and is the most beautiful ghost who tries to ambush Pacman in front of her.
    Inky, the cyan Ghost is the bashful ghost who scares easily. He sometimes chases Pacman aggressively like Blinky.
    Clyde, the orange ghost is the most stupid ghost who moves in any random directions. He typically retreats when he sees Pacman.

  13. This is a masterpiece of a game. Doesn't get any better than this

  14. this is not pac man i played when I was young in the arcade, anyone please knows the name of pac man that when you finish a stage the dot color and UI change

  15. I was v much born in the 2000s but can I play this game like a champ😤

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