Arcade Game: Pac-Man (1980 Namco (Midway License for US release)) -

Arcade Game: Pac-Man (1980 Namco (Midway License for US release))

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For similar game. watch Jr. Pac-Man

A all-time classic arcade game that one should like. Influenced many maze games in later years. Cheats were used in this game since the game gotten really hard as it progressed and controls did not feel right on an emulator.. I did it to show you some of the cut scenes and the items that pac-man eats. Known as puckman in Japan. Originally released by namco. License to midway for western release.


  1. I miss this game I remember playing it at the Dentist

  2. Didn't the original Pac Man arcade game have a lemon, grape, Pineapple, and watermelon as one of the fruits in the first 5 mazes? I know there was a lemon.

  3. Hey man whether you cheat or not, I always love your arcade gameplays. I mean games were meant to be play for fun and all, so yeah! Keep it up my dude your doing one hell of a job!😎👍🤗

  4. akaniminakaGPPWMJTADdocomowhichphotography

  5. Fun fact: Clyde and inky was noob ghosts and make pac man alive

  6. PAC – Program & Control… endlessly consuming with no way out of the maze… welcome to the desert of the real.

  7. This dude is moving through the ghost like crazy, how is he not getting killed by them

  8. Our old Fountain video game had this except it was called Spiders Web.
    You were a spider going around eating butterflies while being chased by ghosts.

  9. This is amazing, I've never seen pac-man actually go right thru the ghost till now🤔

  10. One of the most addictive games ever ❤️

  11. Im gonna tell my friends that this is Dark Deception Chapter 4.

  12. Great game👍everyone got fat🍩🍩

  13. how does he keep going through them in level 3

  14. Pac man is a great game back in the 80s I can't believe it was one of the most popular arcade

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