Arcade Game: Mappy (1983 Namco) -

Arcade Game: Mappy (1983 Namco)

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A platform/run ‘n jump game where Mappy’ the mouse is to retrieve all of the stolen treasure from the Meowky cat gang. They’ve stashed all of the loot in their leader’s mansion which contains several floors, and numerous trampolines that the Meowkies like to use to travel between stories. Mappy must keep away from the cats and collect all items in the house before moving on to the next house. If Mappy is caught by a cat, he loses a life. Mappy also loses a life if he crashes to the floor by breaking through a trampoline or falling into a pitfall. When all of Mappy’s lives are lost, the game is over.

Note: Used Invincibility cheat after down to last life. The game is endless.


  1. So you complete the level by collecting all the stolen computers.

  2. The gameplay music gives me inspector gadget vibes

  3. I learned so many things from watching this, like I had no idea you could close doors on the pink guys or push yourself into them to knock them out for a little bit! I could probably beat the game now with this insider knowledge

  4. I made it to Round 12 with a maximum of 79,320 points.

  5. Mappy is virtually impossible to beat!! No wonder nobody liked it!!!

  6. The soundtrack is too nostalgic 😄😄😄

  7. I guess mappy Mr driller and dig dug also live in Pac-Man's world. As well as bravo man. Who else?

  8. I hated this game at fist as a kid but it's pretty fun once you get the hang of it. Sadly there are not a lot of Mappy arcade cabs I've seen, the only real one I've ever encountered is in Funspot's Aracade Museum in Laconia.

  9. I’d never heard of this game until a car in ridge racer was called “pink mappy” 🐁

  10. Lame, no perfekt bonus. I made every time the perfect bonus. 22:07 the song from hall of fame one of the best song from Arcade.

  11. Does anyone remember a game where a mouse jumped up or fell down through holes in each level, to the music 'Popcorn'? I've spent years trying to remember what it was called. Thanks

  12. why sometimes when u face pink ones u die and sometimes u dont

  13. This majestic arcade legend just turned 40 today, equivalent to the cuteness of Trina Nishimura.

    Happy 40th Anniversary.

  14. I used to be terrified of this game when I was a kid and I have no idea why 💀

  15. I was finally able to find the name of the game, I was going to cry and curse google, but now I thank this one😄😄

  16. When will the micro police step up their war on the criminal likes of Goro Boss the Big Bit, and the Meowky Naughty Folks?😡😡😡😡😡

  17. Such a charming little game. You can feel a bit of Super Mario in this game even though this came out 2 years before

  18. Bruh, no wonder why I struggled with this game, it's made by the same people that made dark souls 😂 Loved this game as a kid, though I could only get to like the 6th level, shit was hard.

  19. Someone at Disney Interactive must've LOVED Mappy, because there was a Mappy clone in the Toy Story 2 Activity Center called "Toy Shelf Showdown". Although, they kind of combined the doors and collectables into a single item that dropped vertically instead of attacking horizontally, which could crush enemies like in Dig-Dug, while the projectile attack was Buzz's wrist laser, which would immobilize enemies for a few seconds.

  20. The mouse seems to run through the cats a few times after 7:30

  21. I spent many after school days either playing or watching others play this at the arcade in NYC's Penn Station in the late 1970s. Love the music!

  22. If it wasn't for Pac-Man's Up B i would never knew the existence of this game

  23. Today's games may be superior in graphics and gameplay etc but there just something about the 80s that cannot be replicated

  24. The one I played has a little pac man like blob character instead of the mouse

  25. Hell nah this game would’ve been over with but I used to have the joy stick with ms pac man and etc

  26. POV: You owned a Namco 5-in-1 plug and play in the mid 2000s

  27. Back in 2020, I went through a phase of playing nostalgic old games from my childhood, and I came across the old Ms. Pac-Man Plug N Play with Mappy on it. I played the best first round of Mappy I could, and then saw the high score board. One of my cousins on the opposite coast still had the high score. I got a little emotional and took a picture. 😭

  28. Wow that mappy naughty with police in meowkies

  29. Pac-man: Yo, Mappy, can I borrow this trampoline thing?
    Mappy: Yeah, sure, go ahead.

  30. On my Game Box i have Mappy Game

  31. I didn't like it when they converted it to a console. The actual arcade game was way more fun

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