Arcade Game: Joust (1982 Williams) -

Arcade Game: Joust (1982 Williams)

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A classic arcade platform/run and jump game where you are a gladiator riding on a bird flying to battle other gladiators by dismounting them off their birds. When you attack them, they turn into eggs. You must retreive the eggs or they will hatch into more persistant antagonist foes and the birds they rode on will come back and pick them up. The gladiator that scores the most is the winner.

Note: Used Invincibility cheat. The game is endless with 255 levels. I killed myself after seeing the levels are repeating.


  1. I came here for the first Challenge Anorak.

  2. That initial test graphic is a stereogram. If you stare at it long enough, you'll see a 3D rendering of your wasted youth.

  3. Imma put my quarters right here bro, I got next.

  4. It’s a lot more enjoyable to watch somebody who can actually play the game and not rely on cheating.

  5. As an avid gamer today, I am truly impressed. I loved this game for it's SFX and how unique it was. I never understood the mechanics until now 🤣

  6. Rather than waste 2 minutes of my life watching the intro and seeing high score rankings. Can you just get to straight to game play.

  7. Nice cheat lol! What did you do to activate the cheat? Cause you died a bunch of times before you became invincible and even the lava was covered to prevent dying that way either. haha. funny 🙂

  8. That was one of my favorite arcade games! Been looking for it in a retro app for years..

  9. Imagine playing this game against a lich in an online mmo for some golden egg

  10. Let's all be honest – We all learned about Joust from Ready Player One

  11. i'm now imaging parzival and the lich hunched over playing this

  12. Oh my goodness the memories!!God bless the 80’s and God bless YouTube for allowing us a glimpse into our past to see how glorious it was. Salute to you for posting this!

  13. I'm here because I'm reading " Ready player one" 😅

  14. I had the 2-in-1 gameboy port of this + defender as a kid around 1999 or so and I never knew how old the original was until today

  15. Miss all the 80s games.. should have live and die in the 80s

  16. This was one of my go to's on an a Arcade visit – wish Arcade Archives or someone else would put oiut the Williams games officialy.

  17. The person who created this game is very detailed (sound effects of the bird walking and skidding to a stop 😂😂). Reminds me of myself. Love it😃. Probably contributed to the games success. Impressive technology for early 80s.

  18. Literal vine por ready player one

  19. the machine i first played it on was broken so the joystick would only move in one direction, good times

  20. What's up with the lava? I was always falling in there. 😬

  21. how come the guy doesnt die when knights strike him from above?

  22. A quarterback in 82 = 75 cents nowadays with inflation. I never understood why my parents would get so mad when I asked for change for games. Well there it is. And it was always a dollar I asked for.

  23. I loved this game. It was a rare one… I don't remember seeing more than two.

  24. In the front of Winn-Dixie, 1983.
    Charlotte NC. AnP had Pole Position

  25. Even with the limited amount of k of memory in the game, those are really great graphics.

  26. 🤣You got a "NO Death Cheat Code"! Loved Joust. Thanks for sharing. Great memories.

  27. this is rubbish. much better ballon fight

  28. This game refers to famous Shang Tsung Friendship from MK3. How they could know about MK3 in 1982? Unbelievable!

  29. I used AI to find this information, but AI tends to be very inaccurate. So please, may you clarify the following information?

    The number FF06B5 is a hexadecimal value that represents the green dragon's character data in the game's memory. When you press the buttons on your controller, the game reads the input and changes the value of the character data to FF06B5. This tells the game to load the green dragon's character model and animations into memory.

    The combination of buttons is a specific sequence that the game's developers chose to use to trigger the cheat code. The buttons are pressed in a specific order because the game's memory is organized in a specific way. When the game reads the input from the controller, it looks for a specific pattern of button presses in a specific order. If it finds the pattern, it knows to change the value of the character data to FF06B5.

    It's important to note that the number FF06B5 and the combination of buttons are specific to the original Joust arcade game.

  30. Is it me or this is actully NES's "Balloon Fight"?

  31. I've always thought this game should be remade. Can you imagine how fun it would be flying around on dragons in a 3D world that looks like Avatar. It could be a multiplayer arena style game. Everybody has to fly above the bot controlled birds to kill them, but you are also at risk of other human players taking you out. Such a simple concept, but It would be an intense game play experience.

  32. Love the way these old games loaded. I was almost always first waiting on my local bar to open when I was in my early teens and remember waiting in the 2 games to load when switched on

  33. Why nobody comment about the video sound is way too loud? geez man my eardrums hurts

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