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Arcade Game: Journey (1983 Midway)

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A maze/platform game where 5 rock musicians travel through the galaxy to retrieve their musical instruments from 5 planets. After they have been retrieved, they perform their hit song at the concert.
1st PLANET – Microphone : Steve Perry must pass between the turnstiles without touching them, get his microphone, and shoot his way back to the Scarab. The background song for this scene is ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.
2nd PLANET – Bass : Here, Ross Valory must leap onto the elevating pedestals, timing his assent to grab his bass as it passes by him at the top of the screen, and shoot his way back to the Scarab. The song played in the background here is ‘Keep On Running’.
3rd PLANET – Keyboard : Here, Jonathan Cain must leap the moving conveyor belt ridges without being touched to reach his keyboard and then must shoot his way back to the Scarab. The background song here is ‘Stone in Love’.
4th PLANET – Guitar : With his jet pack, Neal Schon must traverse the dangerous passages in this cavern to finally retrieve his guitar and then fight his way back to the Scarab. ‘Chain Reaction’ plays in the background here.
5th PLANET – Drums : Steve Smith must jump from drum-head to drum-head, landing on all of them at least once in order to reach his drums. He then must shoot his way back to the Scarab. ‘Wheel in the Sky’ is the background song here.

This was the world’s first commercial video game to have graphics using photographs of people known as digitized sprites. The band members’ pictures were taken by Ralph Baer (a father of home video game console who released magnovoxx odyssey, the world’s first game console).

Journey, the arcade game is not nearly as good as other arcade game with musicians such as Aerosmith’s Revolution X or Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. I prefer to play those arcade games than this.


  1. Awww, no "game completed" demonstration? I wanted to see what happens if "Herbie" can keep the crowd away from the stage, and for how long (an entire Journey song? And which song? Is it different each time? Wiki says it's their "hit song" but does not specify which hit). I could never complete a single level of this game – its easy in theory but near impossible in execution – the controls were so sensitive on the one machine I ever played ; the slightest tap sent the character flying across the screen at full speed – no prayer of getting anywhere. So I certainly have no idea if this game ever has a formal conclusion and ends, or if it just repeats on increasing difficulty (LOL! good lord what must THAT look like??) til all "lives" are expired?

  2. an embarrassingly horrid game. how this passed playtesting is beyond me.

  3. i see you muted the tune, but that's OK. it's not important. Just don't stop believing!

  4. I didn't even know they had an arcade game. Strange.

  5. Where is the audio? Half the greatness of this game is the music by Journey

  6. The reason why the music at the bonus stage is muted is due to a hardware limitation of on the arcade emulation.

    Cite from KLOV entry on Journey:
    "Most of the game's sounds and music is generated by two AY-3-8910 chips. During the bonus round, a cassette player inside the machine plays a loop tape of Separate Ways Worlds Apart. Electronic Journey songs include: Chain Reaction, Do not Stop Believin', Lights, Still They Ride, Stone In Love and Wheel In The Sky."

  7. Wow, I barely remember this game – I can't remember if I played it, but I'm pretty sure I did.

  8. these games look like they're straight out of an animutation or something, with the cut-and-paste heads

  9. Steve Perry is the big one! Go Steve Perry!

  10. At the conclusion of all five challenges, the arcade version would play a cassette recording of seperate ways while you blocked out the crowd. Unfortunately, there is no recording put in for the mame version. However, i got around that by using a journey's greatest hits CD and just played that when i got to this stage.

  11. Best game of the century, i never saw this in arcade hall. 8:00 play astro invaders.

  12. Copyright notices given to simple entertaining videos has ruined alot of great YouTube channels I used to like

  13. For those of you wondering what all of the Journey songs are in this game for each of the levels, they are:
    Steve Perry – Don’t Stop Believin’
    Neal Schon – Chain Reaction
    Ross Valory – Keep On Runnin’
    Jonathan Cain – Stone In Love
    Steve Smith – Wheel In The Sky
    Planet Select Screen – Frontiers
    Losing a Life – Who’s Crying Now
    Planet Clear – Lights

  14. Is this the first videogame based on a band? There's not many of them so I imagine it is

  15. Weird, In my mind the game had real music playing all those years ago. I always played the drum planet first because Wheel in the Sky was my fav song.

  16. There’s just something about the music in the game that’s just so unique considering it’s just mostly tracks made by Journey themselves.

  17. The bonus stage is now a boss fight with the entire band vs. Neal Schon 🤣

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