Arcade Game Hack -

Arcade Game Hack

Cheeky Boyos
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Try this at any Arcade to Win. Easy


  1. that’s a lit ass Chuck E. Cheese with those big prices 💀

  2. “Why did we get kicked out again officer?”

    “Because you are two full grown men fucking with all the machines and games”

  3. Bruh how did he get in a claw machine 💀

  4. You should of added a "why I got kicked out

  5. Go to a restaurant and say u didn’t like the food but have all of it eaten 🍱🤣

  6. After the first clip its dave and busters not chuck E cheese

  7. Instructions unclear currently sentenced to 5 months of community service

  8. Speedrunning being banded from earth

  9. As a arcade tech you piss me off but as a person who knows the arcade that’s great 😂

  10. the worker: “w h y d o i l i v e j u s t t o s u f f e r

  11. I wonder why you got kicked out
    People these days 🤦‍♀️

  12. He should try to spend the night at Chuck E. Cheese

  13. Idk why u got kicked out, you didn't do anything wrong

  14. What you mean kicked out I do this all the time and have never been kicked out the secret is to run and leave before they can kick you out I mean there is now a wanted posted in every chuck e cheese within 5 cities but potato potato

  15. Thanks for the cheating list now ima getting more tickets

  16. Go to Walmart and start dancing and then run

  17. Like this hasn't crossed my mind ever! lol

  18. The first clip was a real Chuck E. Cheese the rest were
    Daven busters

  19. Low key kinda feels illegal to do this stuff ngl

  20. I don’t understand what you guys did wrong?

  21. Imma be real i don’t see what they did wrong /:

  22. I’m surprised most of the arcade games don’t have cheat detectors and alarms

  23. don't do this people. you will be kicked out

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