ARCADE game Gun.Smoke ROUND 10 FINAL -

ARCADE game Gun.Smoke ROUND 10 FINAL

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A vertically scrolling shoot-em-up set in the Wild West, in which the player takes the role of a Billy; a young Sheriff charged with hunting down and killing a number of infamous ‘Wanted’ outlaws.
Each level is packed with gun-toting bandits and the Sheriff must shoot his way through the stage, before finally taking on the wanted outlaw ‘boss’ character at the end. Each outlaw wields a special weapon unique to them, such as a Winchester rifle, knives, darts or boomerangs.
Shooting the barrels that litter the levels reveals power-ups such as boots (for extra speed), rifles (for increased range) and bullets (for rapid fire). The game’s 3 directional fire buttons (for firing left, right or ahead) can be combined (pressed Simultaneously) to create a total of 8 different firing directions.

Gun.Smoke is not based on the old famous T.V. series of the same name, the first TV broadcast was on 10th September 1955, and it ran until 31st March 1975. A total of 633 episodes were aired over the 20 seasons – only the last nine seasons being made in colour.

Jaime Guzman holds the official record for this game with 1, 465, 250 points.

Alfa Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Capcom Game Music – 28XA-94) on 25/08/1986.

CHARACTERS (source wikipedia) :
Wingate Family, Machine Gun & Rifle Round 10 boss(es). They are a family of criminals consisting of a father and two sons. (I would say they are brothers) They are said to be the most dangerous of the 10 villains because the sons are ace shots with their rifles and their father carries a huge Minigun that spreads bullets wider than a shotgun. Like Master, Pa Wingate will crawl on the ground when hit to avoid Billy’s shots. The Wingate sons are dressed in black (blue) and Pa Wingate is dressed in red with a belt of bullets strapped across his chest. $80,000

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1. Gun.Smoke (1985)
2. Desperado 2 (1989, Amstrad CPC)


Consoles :
Nintendo Famicom (jan.1988)
Nintendo Famicom Disk (1988)
Nintendo NES (jan.1988) [USA]
Nintendo NES (feb.1989) [EUR]
Sony PlayStation (1998, “Capcom Generation 4”)
Sony PlayStation (1998, “Capcom Generations – Blazing Guns”)
Sega Saturn (1998, “Capcom Generation 4”)
Sony PlayStation 2 ps (2005, “Capcom Classics Collection”)
Microsoft XBOX (2005, “Capcom Classics Collection”)
Sony PSP (2006, “Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded”)

Computers :
Commodore C64 (1987)
Amstrad CPC (1987, “Desperado – Gun.Smoke”)
Sinclair Spectrum (1988)
PC [CD-ROM] (2003, “Capcom Arcade Hits 3”)
neo geo


  1. I remember beating this game on one quarter45 minutes. Was one of the greatest feelings ever.. I spent much time at the local round table. And they all knew it when I hit it.

  2. @Masher7777
    hi! I used to play this game in late 80' in arcade room ,
    and i have spend a lot of money for it. To beat this game you
    have to practice a lot, learn certain patterns in the game
    (to know when and where enemy comes). Kill them before they even shoot.
    You can beat this game in time.
    Good luck

  3. My best strategy for dealing with Pa Wingate is hug the upper right corner of the screen after taking out one of the sons… though I usually hope none of those fucking gunmen (the standard moving ones, that is) wander in and kill me by running into me.

  4. i cant believe they can make such a remake of commando
    it's ridicolous.

  5. I`ve seen a few players complete this game but they always have an invulnerable cheat on, so it`s with amazement i see a player who has the skills to finish the game without cheating or using continues.

    I never knew there was a blind spot at the end of level 10, as i always used to loiter at the bottom of the screen & take ages to finish off the boss.

    As i know how hard this game was for me to beat, i salute you sir! 🙂

  6. @Jammyfish
    Thank you , It has been possible because a lot of practice mainly

  7. @Jammyfish I beat this game when I was about 12. We played the old arcade console version at the store across the street from my house,ergo,no cheats. This is one of the best shoot'em up video games of all time. And you're right,this guy playing is, for lack of a better term,AWESOME!!!!!!

  8. this is the hardest game i have completed. I only have beaten the game one time and I own one in my basement. they shoulda made a sequal. how come the one i played when i was a kid had the indian in round three and the ninja in six?

  9. Why was playing this in Japan a "criminal act?" Anyone know?

  10. where can i buy this game when i was young this is my favorite game but when i grow older i forgot it but now i saw it here in you tube i want to experience again this game so please someone help me?thanks in advance!nice play malmeda2………

    You can play this game on PC
    You need to download (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) and rom for this game

    Game is also included in Capcom Classics Collection for play station 2
    You can buy it off the ebay

  13. @KURTYZHY Yes the same or very similar this one is world version there is more versions of this game Japan version U.S. version 1 and U.S. version 2
    I recomend world version

  14. I own a full upright archade gunsmoke game….its for sale 😉

  15. I own a full upright archade gunsmoke game….its for sale 😉

  16. goddamn. This game would have given me an aneurysm if i was crazy enough to play it

  17. @Jammyfish So true. I remember playing it when I was a kid, I could reach the boss at level 10 without dying once, but I never managed to kill it. My compliments to malmeda2 for making it. 🙂

  18. This game was insanely hard on the xbox. Took forever to beat it.

  19. malmeda2 vs. the REAL Billy the Kid…who would win? My money's on malmeda2.

  20. A single credit run with no cheats.

    Somewhere out there, John Wayne and Gary Copper are giving a slow clap.

  21. Thank you Malmeda2 for revealing the myth of the final stages, I spent a lot of hours (and money) when I was a child of 11 years old.. I tried again a couple of years ago, in MAME, with no success. Now I can rest in peace. 😀

  22. This looks a lot easier to play than the PSP version, which is an absolute trainwreck.

  23. I didn't know that there is golden spot for the last fight. 😀 good work.

  24. very hard to go through these rounds i play sometimes it is hard.

  25. I have a multi arcade game system and this is one of them, but i can't get passed round 1 :'(

  26. I was trying to learn this game with a multiple-continue run today, and I found the most disgusting glitch ever: I got to the boss fight (thanks to you I could clear level 9, I swear) Killed the left brother, approached the one to the right, he walked down to the bottom of the screen, I walked up through his bridge while he was down, and when I reached the top of the screen, THE FUCKING GAME RESETS itself. I'm do angry, I was playing for hours to get there D:

    Major props to you for yous skills

  27. Wow, I thought I was badass for beating this on the NES. The fact that there's a constant stream of enemies coming from behind is frustrating, but it's nothing compared to the madness that's going on in the arcade version. Good job, sir.

  28. go to and u get emulators and games for nes, snes, playstation, n64 and more…awesome…playing gun smoke atm=) jsut need help with the boss

  29. It wasn't banned in Japan There were various versions of this arcade machine, japanese version allowed exclusively in Japan, u.s. version and world version

  30. I was able to get TO here, but could never beat all 3.  But now, thanks to this vid., I've learned of the sweet spot in that bottom right area.  And I still have my Capcom Classics Collection and my PS2.  There is hope.  One day…

  31. It was on Xbox?! Darn I missed it, when I was a kid I couldn't pass the ninja.

  32. In my neighborhood there was two of my buddies that were the top players of video games, we played at liquor stores, laundromats, & mexican bakeries, saw these guys beat all boses, the golden age of video games

  33. come fare a scaricare il gioco in questione troppo bello chi mi puo aiutare grazie

  34. I have a copy version of this on my computer this is nuts i can't pass the 2 level.

  35. Oh yes this game brings back memories I love playing this game the ending maybe shity but the gameplay was always fun and yeah I still have this game at capcom's Greatest Hits on my PS2 when I still play it I still got it favorite character was Roy knife and the hardest character was a pain in the ass to me what's the Indian wolf Chief and the Three Brothers the Wingate family but other than that I love it I love this game arcade when I was 12 asking was out can't stop playing it

  36. this is my favorite game when I was high school..

  37. this coin-up was insane hard!!! i never reached the last boss(es) :'(

  38. Why does it say at the end that its illegal to play in Japan???

  39. What a nice message at the end. They're so thankful.

    Enter player name… A.. S… S

  40. Que gran juego,uno de mis favoritos de los arcades con el que tengo una relacion amor odio ya que le meti muchas horas y nunca fuy capaz de pasarme todas las pantallas y de echo no vi a nadie finalizar el juego,era imposible solo apto para super cracks.

  41. Tylko przejdź na prostym strzelanie fajnnie

  42. To nie PlayStation że każdy ma z automatu celowanie

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