Arcade Game Addiction / Hello Jadoo -

Arcade Game Addiction / Hello Jadoo

Hello Jadoo
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Minji takes Jadoo to play arcade games at the local stationary store, and Jadoo becomes almost addicted to the game. She goes through the trash can to get money to play the game, and her hands start shaking when she doesn’t play the game. It becomes so unbearable that she goes to the local police station to ask them to lock her up. Jadoo’s mom tries to stop her, but when she realizes that she must intervene, she makes a very important decision.


  1. 13 : 05 PHIM Gỡ rối tơ lòng Tập 3503/11/2019

  2. Lincoln is my former father and he treats his house like a boot camp 7:32

  3. The animation for Jadoo when the camera's pointed at the arcade machines is so unholy. 💀

  4. Better if it is in Korean. Still loved it though

  5. 매우 위험한 중독성이다.사망을 부르는 중독이다.

  6. This is literally my childhood show I've watched for 3 years

  7. This is me playing too much fucking crazy kong every day

  8. Maigr chthonian giddy Yukssam dghhb vrhjbz

  9. I hear sound effects from Galaga:1:43 – Alien flying sound.2:57 – Game start sound

  10. Muito bom para aprender inglês 😃Thanks 😉

  11. 아니근데왜캐릭터들이하는말은영어인데왜가계간판이름은한국어예요?

  12. 3:12 Jadoo telling Cricket Green and Chiro the Youngest Chick what to say when their Angel and Devil are Fighting

  13. Jadoo playing Bubble Bobble! She sure loves the Track 'n Field Arcade game!

  14. Im Playing World Of Warcraft if anyone wants to watch gameplay videos I made a lot

  15. 안녕하세요~ 유튜브 계정에 관해서 물어볼게 있어 댓글 남깁니다. '대한민국 놀이'라는 유튜브 링크를 누르면 이 계정으로 연결이 되는데 혹시 '대한민국 놀이' 라는 계정이 바뀐건가요? 혹시 바뀐거라면 '대한민국 놀이'라는 계정을 관리하시던 분의 연락처를 알 수 있을까요?

  16. Games is already to be a part of the life.

  17. Manifesting for more english episodes of Jadoo! This show always makes my day!

  18. All episodes of Hello jadoo are always fun and really cool 🥰👍

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