Apple Arcade - Story Time Game! -

Apple Arcade – Story Time Game!

Simon’s Cat
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SIMON’S CAT: STORY TIME is OUT NOW! Play exclusively on Apple Arcade with 1 month free trial and access to 180+ ad-free games!

Tactile Games and Apple Arcade present: Simon’s Cat – Story Time, a purrfect match – 3 game! Simon and Simon’s Cat face their biggest challenge yet. When the tranquility of suburban life is threatened by a huge building site, they mobilize the neighbors to help restore the mysterious wasteland before the diggers destroy it all.

As the clock ticks down, players will solve challenging match-3 puzzles to help rebuild the gardens. By completing puzzles, players will earn stars to unlock the next phase of the story and win coins to purchase game boosts to help complete difficult levels.

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  1. Паставь мне сердечко

  2. Привет кот саймона

  3. JCTOT the happy tree friends fanatic says:

    It’s similar to gardenscapes

  4. I played this game before I this I’m on chapter 3

  5. Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowoowowowo omg 😱

  6. Awesome game, played this for 3 weeks in a row

  7. Omg yay😄💖💖💖🐈Also miss watching these.☺️💗🌺🌸🐈

  8. We need an full blown series for either AppleTV or HBO Max

  9. I’m slightly addicted to this. I want to restore the park completely!!! And I want to know what happens to the cat (multiple cats 🐈‍⬛)

  10. I want to know when this'll be available to download from android

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