Animation vs Arcade Games! (Reaction) -

Animation vs Arcade Games! (Reaction)

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Animation vs Arcade Games! (Reaction)

Original Video:
Alan Becker – Animation vs. Arcade Games (official)

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  1. Those stick figures are dream son at video games 🙂

  2. Rage makes our day better when he uploads

  3. That orange thing that ate the arcade machine is named "Q-bert" he's from a movie called pixels

  4. Hey watch video orange and green fight the youtuve

  5. Rage if you watch the pixel movie you will know what that thing that eat thing that hame long lip

  6. dear Rage why not donated Alan Becker that he can continued is works for is season 3 animation vs minecraft

  7. U don't even know that qbert is an arcade game and also it's language is NOT swearing cuz his language is CORRUPTED

  8. rage the new episode just come out react to it plssss

  9. Rage react to ep 27 animation vs Minecraft

  10. That swearing thing looks like from wreck it Ralph

  11. Red = God of pets
    Blue: Plants
    Green: Music
    Orange: God of stick figures
    Yellow: Engineer

  12. Bro your so nice 😘☺️😘☺️☺️😘☺️😘☺️😘😘☺️

  13. Animation vs Arcade Games! [Reaction] 30 YouTube Rage

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