Animation vs. Arcade Games (official) | AvG Reacts! -

Animation vs. Arcade Games (official) | AvG Reacts!

Animators VS Games
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Animation vs. Arcade Games (official) | AvG Reacts!

Animators vs Games is
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  1. I like it how DJ is complaining about how Qbert kept swearing everytime he talks
    When HE'S the one in the AVG videos swearing 🤣

  2. 09:59 is my ear really strong? i can someone's calling alan on the phone

  3. i love how orange is like "OMG SOOOO cute" when he sees the baby qberts

  4. ##-$#-$-#$$$&$_-&+$(_+#($/$($)(_)&+$)_+_%%£€€¢×€|{€{€∆|{€=`×`°`

  5. Has anyone ever tried to humanize the stick figures?

  6. Yo alan and dj there is a fnf have your mod in it, wait a minute are you the one who made that mod

  7. lol i cant believe alan has a beard now, i havent really checked on avg for a while

  8. oh my god………ThEy GrOw Up sO fAsT!

  9. Green in reaction: Tetris is easy.

  10. Plot twist: Q*Bert is every game's final boss.

  11. These guys saying qbert is more powerful than kirby aka the being of infinite power who is related to the very fabric of what makes up the most powerful creatures in the universe

    Jesus kirby lore is complicated

  12. I noticed that the stickmen are basically a rainbow. Just without indigo or violet

  13. why the beard why i know you removed in your future vids but…you do not fit a beard of any kind

  14. woah, I just realized how meta this is — Yellow's relationship with Q-Bert is just like Alan's relationship with the stick figures.

  15. alan are you old or is that just fake beard and fake mustache???

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    Nenê @ sxs Assis Calebe Lacerda base susshshs sabe Aysa

  17. Alan had a beard now hows the feel having a beard alan?

  18. Oh jeez, it's so weird seeing Alan with a beard!

  19. Olá tudo de boas? Eo singuinte caros youtubers façam um vídeo de vcs reagindo o video chamado de animação vs arcade dublado no português br certo? (hello, how are you? It's the singuin dear youtubers make a video called animation vs arcade dubbed in portuguese right?)

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