Animation vs. Arcade Games (official) | AvG Reacts! -

Animation vs. Arcade Games (official) | AvG Reacts!

Animators VS Games
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Animation vs. Arcade Games (official) | AvG Reacts!

Animators vs Games is
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  1. Qxbert talks suprisingly less than DJ. Who talks TOO much.

  2. It took so long for Alan to realize Dj said "super saiyan juice"

    Edited: Alan got da merch in his backround at the beggining

  3. pac man was my favorite game once I first played it. yellow: what the heck is happening to this arcade game qubert:I’m gonna destroy you:) orange:oh heck naw I will get you >:( blue:this is a bad idea yellow yellow:shut up blue>:( this is like animation vs YouTube it was my favorite.

  4. What does it feel like petting a 8-bit character?

  5. Which PAC-MAN game makes it so that the ghost don’t stay scared for less than ten seconds?

  6. 5:07 I’m guessing he missed Yellow getting hit just before that 😂

  7. I never knew you now have a mustache and a beard, you look better!

  8. Alan reacts at his videos, does this is normal—legal

  9. The Qbert is so savage bro he can even control the all game

  10. imagine animation vs stick fight

  11. Qbert is kinda like Kirby but I wanna point out that Kirby canonically killed a god so idk about Qbert being stronger

  12. 9:07 i searched it up and the show doesn't exist, i maybe got too interested on what the yellow centric show is

  13. I guess yellow stickman is good at coding

  14. Alan has a beard………..

    Feel old yet?

  15. So Uh Alan Becker I Like Your Stick Figures I Wish I
    Had Stick Figures Like Them

  16. The 5 stick man if you're Pro

  17. Alan please make one more Animators vs Minecraft please!

  18. Yellow has a computer inside of Alan's computer inside of your computer inside of my computer

  19. Alan make the video why Alan watching it again?

  20. Ayo is Alan a man now?!?!? Bruhhhh I thought he was teen

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