An Evening with Capcom Home Arcade Games -

An Evening with Capcom Home Arcade Games

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Audi and John are joined by Ben Jones to play some Capcom games on the Home Arcade while talking about Capcom history, the changes to this particular stick and more. Just a casual hangout on a Friday, come join us.

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  1. They need to release these games on Steam.

  2. It’s 2021 and we’ve spent a year working at home. How is it possible to have such a terrible mic set up??

  3. I'd get this, if it could also be used as a stand alone fighting stick as well!!

  4. Listening to this guest tell a story is like being drugged…he could put a rock to sleep.

  5. they play the sports game for 8 minutes before even mentioning what they're playing. can't they just talk about the game's they're playing instead of all the other bullshit they chat about?

  6. Love my CHA.
    Hardware feels great and the 16 games out of the box are actually a very good selection.

    The chokko hack opens it up really well with the right pack. Majority of all CPS1 & 2 library runs perfectly, and have a dual boot for SNK games.

  7. Witness, Audi's stratospheric rise from "purveyor of terrible PS2 games" to "officially employed purveyor of terrible PS2 games". Solid hire.

  8. Thank you Ben for seeing this project through. It is so cool to own AvP2, plus the device hardware is very high quality!

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