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An Evening with Capcom Home Arcade Games

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Audi and John are joined by Ben Jones to play some Capcom games on the Home Arcade while talking about Capcom history, the changes to this particular stick and more. Just a casual hangout on a Friday, come join us.

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  1. I find it crazy that ProGear came out in 2001 when the CPS2 came out in 1993

  2. Where the heck can you buy this stupid thing?

  3. If the controls on this weren’t so BAD .. I’d probably enjoy this .. especially with Ghosts N goblins etc

  4. I forgot this was a thing coming from Capcom.

  5. Ever wonder why you don't see many journalists presenting tv shows? Content is good, presenters are wrong for the format

  6. Guest is a nice enough guy, but should’ve got more shit for the capcom logo design and game selection. This could’ve been a pretty great product

  7. As someone who’s put a thousand hours into Final Fight and Street Fighter II, that was a tough watch. 😂

  8. everyone should invest in a good arcade stick with sanwa joystick and buttons, even if you arent into fighting games

  9. Well now I finally have an answer to the question, “Who bought this?”

  10. I hate to say this, but I don’t like this format at times. I like the idea of it, but Jon shouldn’t be the one playing the games. You are too distracted to stay engaged with the conversation. Most people watching this video are here to see you, Jon. Let someone else play the game while you engage with the guest and the audience. Just my take.

  11. This is fascinating. Getting your project that you've sunk time and other investments into REJECTED by Capcom because buttons are obscuring the logo — surely Capcom could have handled that better; seen the work that was done and rather than outright rejecting it find a way to work with such a passionate creative partner to make it better. I think the design is wonderful, of course large scale printing of each button would be expensive and time consuming but there it is, it's quite special.

    The other stuff too, working around the limitations of the low power hardware to get it to display a lower resolution correctly on a high resolution display, reworking the hardware to make it better based on John's DF review of it, the ease of having the licenses they felt fit best, what companies they might like to work with in the future, all great stuff!

  12. Why is it on the developer to contact a license holder? Surely Capcom could have talked with Cadillac about Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, what a weird business

  13. 1:18:21
    The name of this FPGA guru is "jotego" for anybody interested. I had a heck of a time looking it up because I kept spelling it wrong

  14. I remember the bat stick very well in the UK. The 10p Sf2 Champion Edition sit-down cabinet in Brighton had it, and that's where I cut my teeth. I even swapped my madcatz sf4 fight stick from ball to bat.

  15. Would buy it but £200 is a lot to games that should be on and could be on the likes of PSN Xbox live and even Switch store they seriously could do it and they all will sell

  16. Ben's audio would greatly benefit from a dedicated microphone or headset. Sounds like a low bit rate phone call and I had to really focus to understand what he was saying unfortunately.

  17. That was cool. I have been a happy Patreon sub for about a year, worth every penny for what you guys at DF do. Thanks !

  18. Can you guys to a video on the performance of Capcom Arcade Stadium for the Switch? The games suffer from fps drops and stuttering. Capcom has not even addressed if they will fix it and a video from you guys would bring more attention to this as it is unacceptable for a compilation of games (many repeats from previous compilations on the Switch); to have these issues in 2021.

  19. Audi is awesome, especially on these streams. A fountain of knowledge and always has interesting points to make. Keep up the good work guys 👍

  20. It's difficult to hear Ben. His volume is much lower and a bit muffled.

  21. I like that the video output on the Capcom stick seems to have gamma adjustments out-of-the-box. Looks to be in the 2.4-2.55 range which IMO is optimal for Capcom arcade games around this period.

  22. Just get a Pandora's box, there cheaper and have more games than just Capcom

  23. Love the idea for a video or series of videos on input devices/controllers, with a contrast of best and worst.

  24. Love to see a light gun home arcade compilation

  25. Dear DF,
    We need a video on PlantsVsZombies: Battle for Neighborville on Nintendo Switch.

  26. You're forgetting that mini devices from neogeo like the arcade stick pro as well as almost all atgames products can be offically patched/updated as well not just this Capcom product. It's just really ashame that Capcom hasn't officially released this stateside to the U.S. based costumer/fan like other companies have done with their similar products.

  27. I swear, sometimes you guys don't seem to realize not everyone can afford to own all the consoles. You'd think part of the value of the type of coverage you do–not all of the value, but part of it–would be to help those who do have to pick to be able to make an informed decision.

  28. Really enjoy these streams but do wish John wouldn't interrupt the guests so much and instead let them finish their stories. Maybe he's distracted by also playing and reading chat.

  29. Puzzle Fighter came out on Dreamcast in Japan only, with online play (Matching Service).

  30. They need to add much more games to this for it to be a worthwhile purchase….and only sf2 hyper fighting….lame 🤣

  31. Capcom Home Arcade is a great console. I got one and I'm super happy with it. Great value for the money. Looks awesome too.

  32. John doesn't have that European English accent, I think he can pass by an American if he wanted to like many English actors can…unless he's not English…lol.

  33. My favorite wrestling game was the one on N64 by THQ

  34. I love the console but apart from AVP the game selection is regular they should of put Red Earth on it or give you the option to put more games on it would of been perfect imo

  35. Why no Tom, he loved this when he reviewed it?

  36. Have to say about the design. I have the CHA sitting on my mattress at the middle of my living room and those who visit at my house (and are not gamers) are like "what the f***'s that thing"? So yes, at least it's different "looking decoration object" at home, compared to anything else.

  37. You can tell he's trying to lead people to the conclusion of "go to Reddit and you can figure out how to add your own ROMs" without actually saying anything.

  38. Finally got this thing modded to play CPS1 & 2 games stored without usb. Capcom under one option and SNK under another-complete with SNK interface. Sanwa parts included are the cherry on top. Love this device👌

  39. Loved the video great listening to everyone talk about these games. Really would love to see Power Stone get remastered or a new game and a Darkstalkers collection on Switch.

  40. Looks like Koch and Capcom have abandoned this. It needs one more update to bring it into line with Capcom Arcade Stadium where Capcom have managed to tighten their original offering into what it is now. There is no noticeable input latency issue and all games are full customizable. The Home Arcade needs and deserves the same treatment. All buttons need to be mappable with auto-fire options on all games and there is still noticeable lag on all games. Come on Capcom. This is a giant Capcom logo and it's needs work. For some of the games you require 2 shot buttons. One for auto-fire and another for single shot. This needs to be addressed. I can't recommend it. Just buy Arcade Stadium for now.

  41. I'd love to get mine hands on one of these but alas I am in Canada. Anyone one here selling one or know of where to get one for a reasonable price? Message me. Thanks

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