Altered Beast Arcade Gameplay Playthrough Longplay -

Altered Beast Arcade Gameplay Playthrough Longplay

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Full walkthrough of the arcade version of Altered Beast by Sega


  1. I have an early memory of playing this game at stand in Sears when this was new

  2. gay furries were shaking when this came out iktr

  3. The pack in cartridge with the Sega Genesis

  4. i loved the ending of this game, which showed everything in the game was a stage play or tv show as a joke. This was awesome early trolling!

  5. This game is a mess. The monsters are haphazard. The attacks are awkward. The hit box detection is confusing. The stages are ridiculously short. But it is so stylish and weird that I have to love it.

  6. This game review
    +protagonist kicks enemies like ronaldinho
    +cool graphics
    +very cool ending
    -looks like furcon

  7. I played this in a college campus student center while a kid in 1988. Almost 35 years ago! It's a marvel to behold in person.

  8. It seem like yesterday like I was 11 now I’m 43 cheers who plays this game got a good taste . Wow I’m just saying

  9. "Just cheat and be the Dragon in the final stage, and just shock the rhino guy to death." – Me, in 88'

  10. Dude is so swole, sets crazy body expectations for men. Time to cancel this game all over social media to make me feel better.

  11. i think that in the last level you are fighting the same species than the protagonist, and that neff show you his true form not only to defeat you but to try to convince you to join him since both of you are the same (beastmans). Also that could mean that the reason why neff attacked the gods in the first place is because he is a beastman that survived being sealed and now is seeking revenge with the remaining beastman that also survived (the goats, boars and unicorns) or helping his people (possibly the reason why he turned athena into a bird is to turn her into a beastman too) while zeus manipulated us and basically used fire to fight fire.

  12. Wish the altered beast in sonic mega collection had the continue play on forward like in streets of rage!

    But sadly it is what it is!

  13. The Neff's Palace shaould be musicalized by a darker track

  14. lo estoy jugando en nintendo switch con el emulador de sega, pero aqui se ve mucho mejor que emulador es?

  15. The final boss is actually easy stay crouched while spamming punch

  16. Honestly? Alerted beast is a very weird game based on theme alone. All of the religious and death elements in it are bizarre. That being said however, this is one of the most "video game" video games ever. Dude turns into animals and fights skeletons and monsters in great side scrolling action lol. It's something so simple yet so iconic.

  17. I grew up super poor below the poverty line with a single dad and we would play this sometimes and when the main character guy would say "POWER UP!" my Dad would mimic his voice and say "RENT UP!" because we had a shitty landlord that was always increasing the rent.

  18. Dont remember this game being that easy… my fam gave me lots of $ for arcade gaming. I basically would go sponsor the local kid was really good cuz i just wanted to see him beat the game.

  19. Lol! So the easiest game in history to beat! Kudos!

  20. I had this old PSP cartridge that had a bunch of Sega games on it, i think it was called the "Sega collection" or something like that. This was by far my favorite game I was just so bad it it tho

  21. Even if Im older, that alteration process cinematic still scares me.

  22. I'm glad they let us know that all the actors got along great behind the scenes.

  23. I only had 3 games on my Sega Genesis and I couldn't remember the name of them because it was over 30 years ago and I was like 8.

  24. How long are you going to wear those stupid ass masks that don't work, are you mental or it's a new fetish?

  25. Ahhh, the good ol days. 😊To be 15 again😂

  26. Anybody else notice that the wolf howl they use when you transform is the one used in An American Werewolf in London?

    Edit: and the dragon in level 2 is a mash-up of an early Godzilla roar and Gamera's roar.

  27. Kick 'em in the balls. Get strong steal testosterone.

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