All Your Favorite Arcade Games On The Raspberry Pi 4 -

All Your Favorite Arcade Games On The Raspberry Pi 4

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Checking out this 128gb image arcade only biuld with sega model 3, mupen, openbor, mame, neo geo, naomi, atomiswave, dafne and more. Even comes with a rom installer for systems

What you need:
Raspberry Pie 4 1.5GHZ KIT |
128gb micro sd |
Controller |

Name of build: “[128gb]-Diablos.Arcade.RPi4-RetroDevils” on

Facebook group:

–Preferred Amazon products–

— Preferred Pi Products —
Raspberry Pie 4 1.5GHZ KIT |
Raspberry Pie 3 B+ 1.4GHZ KIT |
Raspberry Pie 3 1.2GHZ KIT |
Raspberry Pie Zero W KIT |
512gb micro sd |
400gb micro sd |
256gb micro sd |
128gb micro sd |
64gb micro sd |
32gb micro sd |

— Preferred Pi Controllers —
8BitDo Flagship |
Do Everything Wireless Controller |
Classic SNES Style |
Slick Controller Wi U |
Serious Contender |
I’m broke but wanna game |
Most Compatible |

Capture Card |
Computer |
WebCam |
Headset |
Mic |
Tripod |
Good light:
Headset |
Nice SLR Camera |
Nice SLR Camera Lens |
Keyboard |
Mouse |
Backdrop support |
Green Screen |

**This video is for educational purposes-


  1. Devils Box got a update this week please update for newest stuff .Sega 3 lightgun support can be added with one command

  2. Love seeing these images, as always great job 👍

    And yes!! Depository as opposed to Suppository 😳

  3. Looks neat, but hopefully the pi 5 runs model 2 & model 3 full speed

  4. Looks neat but hopefully the pi5 runs model 2 & model 3 full speed

  5. Looks great…I never can download these. Too complicated for this guy unfort

  6. Might be a dumb question but can you use an image like this to build your own ROM library and the use those on things like coinops?

  7. Can you inbox me on install this to my raspberry pi4

  8. Find a bit lazy when it comes to the box art. There's no reason why you can't just put screen captures in for systems that don't have box art. It just makes the front end look incomplete. When the amount of work that was probably put in to getting configurations all set up solid. Just a bit odd that the box art was ignored to make it look like a more rounded package.

  9. But how can you download a full pack? Is there any space left in the 128gb SD card in the first place?

  10. Is this not available with the pi 3b+? Where can I buy this already loaded on a card ?

  11. 1) ???What emulator is he using to play Tekken games on arcade section? It seems i had no luck so far using a lot of rom versions and different emulators as well.

  12. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into making these images. But I do not understand why they contain games that don't work. Would love to see an image that only contains games that work on the raspberry pi 4

  13. Image is rubbish. Emulation station is unstable. Ports error comes up loads of missing samples ,waste of time,Mugen is a waste of time

  14. can you make a only sega model 3 and 2 image pi4? tks

  15. Do you know if this image will work with a Raspberry Pi 400? Thanks 👍

  16. Metal slug 6 won't load on Rpi4 b+ 8GB ram.

  17. This is exactly the image I've been looking for to play arcade games not yet available on the MiSTer

  18. How can I config controller for the lost world jurassic park arcade on model 3?

  19. Can someone help. How do I enable RetroArch menu on MAME games? I can't fit the life of me. Updated RetroArch config and everything. But when I open SF or MK only mame menu opens. No RetroArch.

  20. Can you please test out capcom vs snk 2. Do you mind doing a video of gameplay thanks

  21. Thanks for this, especially the arcade stuff.

  22. Does anyone have a favorite controller for the arcade games?

  23. Can I set up a wiimote and dolphin bar for gun games on this image? Steering wheels for Daytona? Multi player? Multi screen? Like can I set up Daytona on 4 tvs to play 4 players?

  24. Can you please make a tutorial on how to upload this onto raspberry pi? im having trouble getting my raspberry pi reading custom images with games.. keeps giving me a message saying to update raspberry pi which i have done countless times..

  25. I build an arcade cabinet this week and use this image it works great
    . Adding full Rom packs is easy to do. It's very exciting and interesting to me cause I'm a absolute noob on arcade emulation stuff.
    Thanks a lot
    Works fine for me
    I can do it everybody else can for sure

  26. lets go ahead and jump into it plays 3 really weird and slow intro screens 😂

  27. Cool build butt the pie is so weak. People need to move on from retropie

  28. So awesome I’m sold! All my favorite arcade games on there as a kid Narc,Spider-Man arcade game,robocop,double dragon to name a few

  29. Going to buy one from Amazon what site do I go to to install all these games on the sd card??? I want to play Spider-Man arcade game,robocop,narc,double dragon,WWF wrestle fest, to name a few where do I download all those games thanks

  30. Where should I download games on the SD card??

  31. Dude no way it can play Mugen 😮 and what was the name of that 3D beat em up game ?

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