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All Sega Naomi Arcade Games

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Fighting Games:


  1. Wat, beach spikers is naomi 2, and what is you playing this on that it said "this game is unplayable"

  2. ⵉⴼⵔⵉⵇⵉ ⵏ ⵜⵉⴷⴻⵜ says:

    naomi you are beautiful

  3. I’ve got a lot of these working on my IPad.

  4. Excellent video buddy i enjoyed this 🙂 Im going to sub to your channel and check out more of your stuff.

  5. Q pc se.necesita para q funcione este emulador?

  6. For those looking for Sega Naomi roms, to to TPB and look for "Sega Naomi" There is a pretty complete pack including Atomiswave roms. Pack is compatible with Retroarch and Reicast Emulator.

  7. I came here only to find out that the Sega Naomi was an arcade engine!

  8. neo geo is heavy on the graphics?
    sega naomi : hold our waifus.

  9. I was looking into this because of the 2D fighting games but now I feel the Dreamcast versions run better.

  10. Lots of games that don't work or play badly. It's still aberrant I find at the price where they sell their systems … It's Hyperspin, is that it?

  11. If you know others 31khz system (than naomi,atomis,Y2),thanks.
    I looking for news games..shmup..versus..beat em up..

  12. i got my naomi coming in the mail i’m gonna netboot the shit out of it

  13. Great video! I noticed that several NAOMI games were missing, including: Air Trix, Brave FireFighters, Dinosaur King, Extreme Hunting 1&2, Giant Tetris, Manic Panic Ghost, Oshare Majo: Love and Berry, Planet Harriers, Sega Bass Fishing Challenge, Star Wars Racer Arcade, The King of Route 66, and Virtua Tennis, among many other Japan-only and 3rd-party games.

  14. I hope they could port the full game list to dreamcast, as they are doing with atomiswave games…

  15. I hope there's an arcade cabinet out their that can play all these games.

  16. Which theme was this? It's cool, probably dated by now.

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