All M.A.M.E. Arcade Games A to Z - Part 1 -

All M.A.M.E. Arcade Games A to Z – Part 1

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Over 500 new snaps, updated to 0.189. (0.188 parent rom database) Whats missing? A big boring section of Player’s Edge Plus Games & mature or adult games (I’m not a fan of them & try to filter them out) Like, Share, Subscribe, Tell Us Your Favorite Game. Media can be found at Emumovie’s & HyperSpin.
Setup HyperSpin & RocketLauncher + M.A.M.E. Arcade Setup:

M.A.M.E. Cheat Plug-in Setup, Bezels & RocketLauncher Settings:

Sega Genesis Setup for RocketLauncher & HyperSpin – FusionEmu:

Setting Up HyperXMLspin – Hyperspin Arcade – Game Database:

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Fighting Games:
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  1. And Die Hard Arcade From Sega Saturn? that's a classic.

  2. Can you help me find a beat'em up games (which I'm not sure it a SNES game or maybe other platforms) that have 4-5 characters, include a green ninja (special skill is turning into a log, like ninja's substitution skill and kill enemies), a red commando (special skill is smoking a pipe that shoot bullet / bomb) and a fighter (special skill is punching super fast and finish with a upper-cut). Many thanks!!!!

  3. I'm looking for a game in Mame where you were sent on a mission to search something in a moon base or something in space, where it had many floors and you could get weapons from the floor and stuff like that (Not Xybots, it was a platform game)

  4. 2:20:10 Whoa, is this a train simulation game? There sure are some unique games here, thanks for the upload!

  5. Thanks M.A.M.E. team for all these years of hard work and making all these gems available to us mere mortals.

  6. I'm on my second hour of watching. Cant stop. Thanks for sharing. Very awesome.

  7. make the videos longer more extensive


  8. Incredible work gone into this ….HUGE thanks

  9. Gostaria de saber, como faço para ver os nomes ?

  10. amazing, all the up votes in the world should be here

  11. Thanks a lot . It's very useful for me , I am old school gaming lover

  12. Who know name of old ninja game when warrior do miracle say hoba

  13. That reminds me. MAME version 2.10 was just released, gotta download that shit

  14. knuckle joe! that was the game i couldn't find since ages and i didn't know its name. Thanks

  15. 4:39:48 Hmmm… I don't remember a Romulan D'Deridex Class Warbird in Judge Dread… or visa versa.

  16. Does anyone remember a japanese game that when you solve puzzles like spot the difference japanese women appears as a reward??

  17. Damn! There's a game i'm looking for but i'm lazy to watch the whole video and i don't even remember the name

  18. Thanks so much for this… For years I been trying to remember the name of this game I played when I was a little guy. It was a game where you are a fighter and each hit you take you lose armor. Such a fun game, well thanks to you now I know it's gladiator. Oh my God thanks!

  19. heyy bro do you have links to download the fullset Mame please ??

  20. What's wrong with dragon bowl? It violated copyright at least two times: one for DB, one for ninja gaiden

  21. Man writing emulators for what must be hundreds of systems, crazy, hats off to these guys

  22. Some of my favorites are

    Simpsons Arcade
    Battle Bakraid
    Armed Batrider
    R Type Leo
    Raiden Fighters

  23. I was looking for the Game hard head's name couldnt remember the name I thank you

  24. Woow no one on youtube make like this video, and it +7H , thanks to show as all this

  25. Could you timestamp each game in the description so we could jump to individual games? Thanks XD

  26. I would rather see adult games then those shitty card games 😀

  27. Hello, where I can individually download the video snaps that you used for this video. thanks

  28. Guy's can you help me?I try change the options on easy mode and i can not
    On Mortal Kombat specifically

  29. Many Many Thanks for this hard work , you made it easy for all of us. Thank you so much.

  30. Hi i''m looking for a vertical shooter, years 87-90 about, spaceships, cities on background, First or second boss had a rhomboidal shape, do you know the name?

  31. 7 hours of video how many days for editing all this? Maybe years

  32. the video is long I recommend to play it in speed 1.75 ~ 2.0 do not lose anything

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