All M.A.M.E. Arcade Games A to Z - Part 1 -

All M.A.M.E. Arcade Games A to Z – Part 1

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Over 500 new snaps, updated to 0.189. (0.188 parent rom database) Whats missing? A big boring section of Player’s Edge Plus Games & mature or adult games (I’m not a fan of them & try to filter them out) Like, Share, Subscribe, Tell Us Your Favorite Game. Media can be found at Emumovie’s & HyperSpin.
Setup HyperSpin & RocketLauncher + M.A.M.E. Arcade Setup:

M.A.M.E. Cheat Plug-in Setup, Bezels & RocketLauncher Settings:

Sega Genesis Setup for RocketLauncher & HyperSpin – FusionEmu:

Setting Up HyperXMLspin – Hyperspin Arcade – Game Database:

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Fighting Games:
PCGames AtoZ:


  1. Amazing video!!!! thank you!, i'm looking for two games that i don't remember their names, i hope i'll found them.

  2. AMAZING !!! This is helping me build my Mame 0.221 Romset. I watch this and go through my Notepad on PC and make notes what I want and don't. So far I have 282 games just looking for a few more plus did you know Primal Rage 2 is playable now. Dude just reformed 0.221 MAME4RAGE is what its called.

  3. Sheet, that was hard. I watched it through on 2x mostly. Feel like I have an obsession for finding what I think looks like my style. Dear me, one more video to go

  4. Faltan juegos: Gals panic, pipi and bibi, dunk dream 95 etc….

  5. Can you make list game in description please?

  6. Hi guys! I need help…im looking an arcade game but i dont remember the title…It was an astraunaut with his spaceship and you could choose in wich planet wanna go,there you shooting some creatures and aliens…Any help?

  7. anyone else searching the whole video just to find their favourite game they forgot the name of?
    Thank you for this
    couldn't find "Nightmare in the dark" any other way!
    And many other of course!

  8. there was a game about 2 rabbits 1 pink and one yellow whats their name? is like 2 players competitive funny game

  9. if you are looking for an specific game…right arrow key is very useful.

  10. Does anybody know the name of an arcade game where you shrink yourself down and somehow try and cure ailments in the human body

  11. Can someone tell me the name of the game that there was 2 guys watching TV snd all of a. Sudden something happens and they had 2 pets 1 crow/bird and a dog so there faces got changed like guys had animal faces and so on and the game had jumping mechanic or something

  12. 1:41:50 CHINA GATE! I've been searching for the name of that Goddamn game for the last 30 years! THANK YOU

  13. I can't find one game it's made 1989 or 1986 im not sure which year he's a red robot that has a bagpipe weapon

  14. anyone pls help , i cant find my childhood game , as i remember it's a fighter game like chinese martial , in game character , shaolin , a man with one leg , a sword man

  15. Thanks! Found a game I’ve been looking for for YEARS! Awesome that people like you make things like this.

  16. Thanks for this just got my first gaming pc so I can install make can play these games again

  17. Alien Sector!! Maaann.. I've been looking for the name and also a vid clip to this game for aaages.. Thnx for the upload my bro 👍

  18. I used to have 10,000 mame roms. Now I got 37,875

  19. hey bro do you know game chicken or duck use tomato kill monster? that game is adventure~~ before i play it in Arcade Machine

  20. thanks a lot…i guess we will never have system 23 and konami viper emulated. no good document for them. lethal enforcers 3 is really good.

  21. I want to play these amazing games again… But I can't find any link to:(

  22. Help me find the name of a game, the dog pushes the wheel, hits the stone, hits the ice to pass another level

  23. I admire your effort of compiling all of these

  24. Congratulations, wonder work👋👋👋👋

  25. I find myself playing more games like these gems than I do new games. They are more fun to me for some reason.

  26. This is an awesome video…Nobody would give a complete list and I could not find one anywhere. I can't believe some people are asking for timestamps…this already probably took so much time that timestamps would double or even triple the workload… I appreciate what you have done here. I say that if you want to find something bad enough you can put in the work to find it

  27. Good job , download this is all game mame ?

  28. This is a list of games I might play next year :> still working on new games, but have a hankering for retro games I never played or beat from all the systems. Now to find balance between new games, backlog and retro :>

  29. one big thing this video is teaching me is…how many poker arcade games there are heh.

  30. slowly still making my way through :> yesterday downloaded the entire name and chd compatibility list :> I will have a ton of new games to play soon.

    Is there a list of any games that have come out in the last 4 years compatible or is it enough to worry about?

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