All 17 'Johnny Turbo's Arcade' Games on Nintendo Switch -

All 17 ‘Johnny Turbo’s Arcade’ Games on Nintendo Switch

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Who’s Johnny Turbo? Well, he wasn’t always promoting awesome Data East games. Johnny Turbo went from Turbo Duo mascot to hypeman for some cool arcade games on Nintendo Switch. They had.a recent sale so I figured we’d take a look at every game available.

This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Johnny Turbo or Data East via G-Mode. I did this because I wanted to.

Games Featured:
Heavy Burger
Night Slashers
Caveman Ninja (Joe & Mac)
Joe & Mac Returns
Nitro Ball
Gate of Doom
Wizard Fire
Sly Spy (Secret Agent)
Super Burger Time
Two Crude (Crude Buster / Two Crude Dudes)
Express Raider
Shoot Out
SRD (Super Real Darwin)
Fighter’s History
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
Heavy Barrel
Break Thru




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  1. In that rail car there was a lot of dudes hidden in there shooting at you. It's what I would call a regular hotdog cart per Beerfest.

  2. I've had bad dudes for 2 years now and still not beat the first level

  3. Many games are being released for the Switch only, I don't get it. We are not talking about games which have to use something the Switch has the other consoles or PC can't do. It doesn't make any sense to me.

  4. As we all know, airplanes/spaceships number one threat that must be dealt with by bombing them, lizards.

  5. I wish you would show few more seconds of gameplay of each game. It gives me anxiety how quickly you go through them and talk about them. Slow down! Good video though.

  6. I love Sly Spy and Bad Dudes, I always remember them Robocop putting Officer Duffy's head through a Bad Dudes arcade screen in Robocop 2. LOL

  7. I played the port of that Darwin shooter on the Mega Drive. I remember it being pretty fun and interesting, because evolving your ship does not just bring you advantages like more shooting power, but also disadvantages since your ship might get bigger, thus being easier to hit. iirc, there were even different evolution paths for your ship and the DNA that you collect lets you start with more power-ups after geting shot down. So the game does not set you back completely like Gradius did.

  8. Huh, I thought Johnny Turbo was the mascot for the Turbo Grafx 16 and the Turbo CD. I wonder when he made the jump to Data East?

  9. A lot of these are part of the Data East Arcade Classics collection on the Wii; my lady and I played through that on New Year's Eve one year, and a lot of these are solid. Express Raider was the one that kept us up until 2 am, so I'd say that's the best of the bunch, but 2 Crude Dudes/2 Crude/Crude Buster was another great one. Great to see Super BurgerTime here, though; that wasn't on the compilation.

    Am I missing something, though? Wasn't Johnny Turbo affiliated with the TurboGrafx-16? What's the connection to Data East?

  10. Great video! These games are great but i hate that Johnny turbo disabled the dip switches knocking the replay vaule of the games really really low. Like how novice fighters are going to get use to the brutal difficulty of fighters history?

  11. I asked Johnny Turbo, if he someday could release Data East games Robocop, Midnight Resistant, Cobra Command and Road Avengers (Last 2 are Laserdisc games like Dragon’s Lair) their is a Dragon’s Lair Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch, so it could be possible.

  12. Lol, with that beard and hair, Riggs looks almost identical to one of my old friends minus the glasses though. This is great!

  13. Alot of these did not age well. Loved bad dudes when I was a kid. Not so much now.

  14. This is awesome!! Thank you for this. I wanted to get a review on some of these since they weren't at my local arcade when Iw as a kid. Are you going to do any of the other classics? Like the Neo Geo games? I'm still debating whether I get that Neo Geo horse racing game

  15. Heavy barrel was the sequel to Ikari Warriors 🙂

  16. I love Heavy Burger! I picked it up on a sale sometime last year and it's a lot of fun.

  17. Part of me kinda wants the Turbo Arcade to do a crossover fighting game. Imagine a Turbo vs SNK or a Turbo vs Konami and the like. 😆

  18. great video John! You're the first youtuber I've seen cover them all. I only have a few of them: Express Raider, Sly Spy, and Heavy Barrel. They're not bad overall, especially Sly Spy

  19. I did learn while playing "Super Burger Time" that if you are on top of the food, you can press I believe down and action and he will stomp the food down, as opposed to jumping. And yes you can make the chef stomp faster.

  20. They're re-releasing these games again as retro bundles., but I have no idea what people have to say about them, because I searched on Youtube and found nothing.

  21. These all came built in with my Atgames Legends Ultimate arcade. Well, except Heavy Burger, which I just play on Steam through ALU’s BYOG tab.

  22. Is this a physical copy of the game if so please let me know because am a game GREATEST HITS collecter of game companies

  23. Wizard's Fire is my favorite out of this batch. It's a fun enough game, and lots of characters means it's more replayable than a lot of the games here – but what really puts it over the top is the wonderful horrible wonderful voice acting in the cut scenes. Pure uncut 90s cheese at its cheesiest.

  24. Night Slasher need to be remade awesome beat'em up.

  25. Thank you, just the video I was looking for 🙂

  26. Wait, how do you remap the controls in these? I didn't see an option to do it.

  27. For Fighters History, how do you activate the second player?

  28. Hey John, I walked by you at PRGE 2019 and said "You're the man, John Riggs" and you pounded my knucks and I kept walking. I do not regret that interaction at all, for you are – in fact – the man. Thanks for always keeping it real, keeping it light-hearted, and having fun with these vids!

  29. Had to get them all during the new sale. The new sale ends on Friday for anyone that is reading the comments for this week!

  30. There are some really awesome arcade games on the Switch. The problem is the Pro Switch controller D pad sucks and the analog controller is not really appropriate for those types of games. Can anyone recommend a good controller for these types of game?

  31. Heavy Burger just launched for the PlayStation 4. I've been playing the game on my PlayStation 5 and it is pretty fun. Caveman Ninja/ Joe and Mac is also on the PlayStation 4 but I don't own it yet.

  32. Thanks I was looking for the name of that game SRD super real darwin. I remember it as a kid

  33. WARNING ABOUT THE VERTICLE/TATE MODE – I have Nitro-Ball and it has a Tate mode, but it only rotates the screen in one direction and its the opposite of how the Flip Grip orientates the screen. Ive never seen any other games with a Tate mode do that, they always let you turn the screen left or right. I havent played it in a while, hopefully they ve fixed it and it lets turn it either way.

    The Flip Grip is great, definitely worth the like $15 bucks I got it for. Hopefully they re still for sale.

  34. Two Crude with a couple small tweaks could of easily been a licensed WWF game with The Nasty Boys. The main characters were clearly "inspired" by Knobbs and Sags.

  35. What's cool is that these are always on sale for 3.99 each. I couldn't resist… I have them all!

  36. Are these games added to a volume as you buy them, or are they individual games on your switch menu?

  37. Is Johnny Turbo’s Arcade available in the UK?! I can’t remember seeing it? 😖

  38. sometimes i would travel from Seattle to Yakima because a friend would play at the Sportsman. Back when I ate meat, they had the best pork chops. That Sportsman sign is super cool. I really liked that place. and that 50's diner too, we ate breakfast there.

  39. i have a couple of these on my switch… i think i have almost all of them on coin ops x5

  40. Wow…how did I miss this?! Is this available on any of the other consoles? We have a Switch, as a matter of fact it's in my right front pocket as I type this (playing Paper Mario right now) but I want Achievement and/or Trophies. We have both the Xbox Series X and PS5 so either machine would be great.

    Addendum- "He's the American James Bond…" That's okay, the real James Bond wasn't British either. The real Bond was of Yugoslavian decent and his name was Dusko Popov.

  41. I'm all for arcade games as long as they have a high score mode. It gets kind of boring playing a game with unlimited lives

  42. Thanks for the info on the screen settings. Most earlier arcade games were designed for a 4:3 screen aspect hence a rotate screen option is really nice.

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